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18 Best Boxing Gifts: Amazing Gifts for Boxers in 2023

Looking for boxing gifts and ideas? Look no further! Everybody is looking for those Birthday, Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving gifts! Sometimes the problem isn’t finding the gift, it’s finding the right one. This can be hard enough with any person but finding the right boxing gift ideas can be even harder! Whether you want ideas for a boxer, a fan or enthusiast, or even a coach/instructor, we have a gift for everybody! We have reviewed boxing gifts across all price ranges, and you cannot go wrong with any of these if the person you are gifting is a boxer or a fan

Best Boxing gifts for any boxer or fan

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Best Tshirt

T-Shirt with Quote


This Right Hook - Loading Please Wait t-shirt is a fun apparel for boxing aficionados. Available in solid colors and can be machine washed. Makes a great gift for any boxer.

T-shirts are more often than not a safe bet for pretty much anyone. Particularly a fighter! And this fun red hook boxing t-shirt is the perfect example of why. Sure to gain some laughs as well as respect, this shirt is a cut above the rest in its simple design that speaks loud and clear! Available in a few different color options and tons of sizing, this tee is perfect for any boxer or any skill level.

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05/22/2023 10:59 pm GMT

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Best Wearable
Hysko Punch Tracker

The Hykso Punch Trackers assist in monitoring punch output in real time, while also helping you analyze and break down your combos.

Fighters will be able to monitor speed and intensity during each training or sparring session and compare data to better monitor their progress.

The Hykso Punch Tracker includes capabilities such as Punch Speed, Punch Count and Intensity score.

A punch tracker helps in measurement and improvement, thus making it a perfect boxing gift and equipment, regardless of boxing skill level. If the Hykso punch tracker is too expensive, check out other boxing tracking options here

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2nd Best Tracker
Corner Boxing Trackers

Punch trackers are an important accessory for any boxer. Every boxer strives to improve their game, but you cannot improve what you cannot measure. This is where Corner's tracking technology comes in, you can track your speed, power, total punches, intensity, and your top combinations in real time. The app is also quite slick and can be setup seamlessly on several devices. It has large widgets that you can see from a distance and is easy to use. While this is not our first choice for punch trackers, its widely available and does not go out of stock throughout the year. It is a great gift for any boxer at any level and will be cherished.

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05/22/2023 10:39 pm GMT

Best Gift for Boxers
Best Boxing Gloves
Every boxer needs a good pair of gloves. These gloves from Hayabusa are one of the best gloves in the market and is a dream gift for any boxer. These look amazing and are sure to turn heads at the gym but don't make the mistake of assuming they are just a great looking pair of gloves, these are a seriously solid pair of boxing gloves. They offer best in class protection for your wrists and knuckles. They have extra padding and feel light on the hands therefore improving punch speed while providing protection. Hayabusa is a trusted brand and have consistently churned out best in class boxing products. So go ahead and gift these gloves to your loved ones this holiday season. There are some great deals on these gloves during thanksgiving, Blackfriday and Christmas. This is a gift that they will remember for a long long time.
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05/23/2023 01:30 am GMT

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Best Futuristic Gift
Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB
$674.99 $625.86

This is a game changer! Introduce your loved ones to the world of VR with this amazing Oculus All-in-one gaming headset. The experience of wearing and boxing with this headset is surreal. games like supernatural boxing make the journey of learning fun and exciting. The technology is great, and it is only going to get better. While this may appear to be a nerdy device, it is making waves in the boxing community as it allows boxers to punch in some serious practice hours from the comfort of their homes. It is such a wonderful and future looking gift for your loved ones.

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05/22/2023 10:34 pm GMT
Best Boxing Game : XBOX
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions - Xbox One
$39.99 $26.88

This gifting idea is unique in so many ways. Most boxers we know love movies about boxing, and some are serious gamers as well. This gift brings together all three: movies, boxing and gaming. Step into the ring as Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa or choose from 18 other iconic characters from the Creed and Rocky universe. The experience is very real and immersive. It is not your regular boxing game.

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05/22/2023 10:34 pm GMT
Best Boxing Shoes
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes
$154.99 $108.49
If you are sure about the size, there's no better gift for a boxing enthusiast than a pair of great boxing shoes.The Venum Elite range has a more flamboyant appearance, with black trim and various shiny, colorful accents. This shoe was designed with a tight fit and enough ankle and arch support and is available in multiple colors. The shoe provides lightness, strength, stability, and grip. It also provides explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly, offering comfort and protection to the boxer. Venum Elite sneakers will set you back a little more than standard boxing footwear. Rubber outsoles and glued insoles help to keep you from slipping. Although this is a recent product, it was developed with the help of professional boxers Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt.
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05/22/2023 11:24 pm GMT

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Fun Gift
Tabletop Stress buster (Mini Punching bag)
$29.95 $22.95

RELIEVE STRESS FROM YOUR DESK The mini punching bag desk toy can attach to any surface to give you instant stress relief right at your fingertips, perfect as stress relief office funny gifts for coworkers, and great gag gift idea for those men women who have everything. Some boxers simply can't get their minds off boxing, and this is a perfect gift for them - Boxing plus stress relief is a great combo gift idea.

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05/22/2023 10:59 pm GMT

Best Gift for Kids

Jumbo Boxing Gloves

Jumbo gloves are the perfect gift for kids. Measuring about 2 ft. in diameter, they are a super fun option for some live-action boxing fun in the home. These novelty gloves allow for safe bouts with all the fun fighting benefits while ensuring to get a laugh out of anyone who chooses to put them on. Different brands now have jumbo boxing gloves; Title and Revgear are the popular ones.

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Thoughtful Gift
Protective Headgear (Venum)
Boxing is a dangerous sport but with the right protective gear you can reduce the risk of injury. For added protection, choose the Venum elite iron headgear, it is reinforced with a high-density foam. The elite iron headgear has been specially designed to ensure a proper fit. It consists of tightening laces on top and Velcro tightening at the back for a perfect fit. Comfortable, lightweight, strong and efficient: the elite iron headgear is the best headgear offered by the brand. The high-density foam for optimum shock absorption. This headgear is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to serious or amateur boxers. Get great deals on this boxing headgear this Blackfriday.
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05/22/2023 10:54 pm GMT

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Daily Motivation
Motivational Boxing Poster

Muhammad Ali needs no introduction. He is an undisputed king of boxing and boxers around the world love him. This motivational poster acts as a constant reminder for boxers to never give up and keep punching up!

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05/22/2023 10:54 pm GMT

Simple and Inexpensive
Protective Mouth Guard (Shock Doctor)
The Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is great protective gear for all boxers and boxing aficionados. When buying a gift for somebody new to the sport, protective equipment should be the first item on your list. A gum shield or mouth guard might not be the most fun gift but is definitely the most useful
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05/22/2023 10:49 pm GMT

Best Gift for Serious Boxers
Heavy Boxing Bag (Fitven)
$189.99 $179.99
Training equipment is something we all want to have. The main reasons we don’t are usually space and the cost of the equipment. Maybe you know a boxing lover that doesn’t have a space issue or even a coach with their gym. The free standing punching bag is a great gift for boxers of all expert levels.
  • Durable and reliable
  • Profession protection
  • Silencing layer provides silent workouts
  • Works for everyone above 7 years
  • Fill with sand for for stability
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05/22/2023 10:49 pm GMT

American Fist Reflex Ball
If you’re following boxing, you would have seen viral videos of professional fighters training with reflex balls, a.k.a tennis ball technique. Trust me, it’s not as easy as the experts make it look but it’s definitely as fun and super satisfying once you start getting better and better at it. This set has 4 Difficulty Level Training Balls On String, Punching Fight React Head Ball with Headband - a perfect boxing gift for Adults and Kids to improve their hand eye reaction and coordination
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05/23/2023 05:04 am GMT
Best Book Gift
The Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told: Thirty-Six Incredible Tales From The Ring

In THE GREATEST BOXING STORIES EVER TOLD, editor Jeff Silverman delivers a knockout collection of not only the best writing ever penned on the subject of "the sweet science," but also stories that relate to the larger human issues the brutal sport has come to embody. Whether the story is about the triumph of a heroic champion, a tragic death in the ring, the shady tactics of fight promoters, or victories against seemingly impossible odds, each story in this varied collection connects powerfully with the reader. The Greatest Boxing Stories Ever Told is the perfect gift for fight fans and non-fight fans alike, and with its all-star lineup of "contenders" throwing "haymakers" and "uppercuts" in every round, it stands as the definitive volume of short stories about this enduring pugilistic pastime.

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Imitation Championship Belts
Make the person you're buying for feel special by awarding them their very own championship belt. After all, everybody wants to be a champ at some time! You can get imitation belts all over the net, with Amazon being a great place to look for them.You can customize these and make it a perfect gift!
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05/22/2023 10:44 pm GMT
Miniature Boxing Gloves
$6.99 $6.00
These mini boxing gloves are great inexpensive gifts that can be used for home decoration or as a souvenir for your family and friends
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05/22/2023 10:44 pm GMT
Best Key Chain
Title Boxing Fashion Boxing Glove Keyring, Gold

For those people whose life revolves around boxing, they love having things that reminds of the sport all day and all night. This smart looking key chain is a great gift. It is unique because of the detailing from the shape of the gloves to the laces.

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Summary: The Best Boxing Gifts are

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