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5 meilleurs shorts de boxe pour femmes : bilan 2023

Step into the ring with style and comfort! In this post, we explore a range of boxing shorts designed specifically for women, offering the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and fashion. Women’s boxing dates back to the 18th century, but it gained popularity in the 1950s when well-known women fighters started holding sanctioned matches. The importance of making boxing shorts specifically designed for women became apparent at this point.

Boxing shorts should allow you to move easily, stay cool, and be flexible when boxing. To perform at their best, women should choose shorts with elastic waists, light-weight fabrics, and moisture control.
There aren’t many boxing shorts made specifically for women that we could find while looking for the best boxing shorts. However, there were a few excellent boxing shorts that were advertised as being unisex and suitable for both men and women.

Our Top Picks For The Best Boxing Shorts For Women

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Boxing Shorts For Women

Meilleur dans l'ensemble : Ringside Women’s Boxing Trunks

Meilleur dans l'ensemble
Ringside Youth Pro-Style Boxing Trunks Black, Small
$29.99 $24.99

The Ringside Women's Boxing Trunks are what you need if you want to dress like the pros do. These boxing shorts for women are some of the best available. These boxing shorts in pro style are made to be worn during workouts or matches. They come in 4 sizes and 4 colors.

Because they are composed of extremely thick satin, these boxing trunks are both incredibly comfortable and strong. These boxer shorts have two professional-style embroidery accents on the waistband and left leg.

  • Convenient embroidered logos
  • Fabrication of super-thick satin
Les inconvénients:
  • The shorts run a bit small
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10/04/2023 04:40 am GMT

Idéal pour le confort : Tuff Sport Women’s Boxing Shorts

Idéal pour le confort
Tuff Muay Thai Shorts TUF-MS618-WHT-L

The Tuff Sport Women's Boxing Shorts are perfect if all you want to do is find something nice to work out in. They are sweat-free, light-weight, and rapid drying for a comfortable fit. They are colorful and striking. They do not ride up and aren't too short to display much.

The stitching is strong and of high quality. For a personalized fit, there is an inside drawstring fastening. These boxing shorts are made of microfibre and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Best for training
  • Eye-catching shorts
Les inconvénients:
  • The logo is cumbersome and uneasy
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10/04/2023 04:40 am GMT

Best for Mobility: Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Shorts

Best for Mobility
Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Shorts, Men Women, Knee Length Boxing Trunks - Black & Grey - Medium

The Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Shorts offer an unmatched blend of excellence, affordability, fashion, and performance. If you want greater movement, get these light-weight boxing shorts with side slits. Stretchy waistline and an internal drawstring come with these shorts.

The inseam measures 7 inches. For people of average height, these shorts come to just above the knee. The logos are completely stitched and will never peel or fracture. For pleasant and long-lasting use, they are made of tear-resistant microfibre. They are available in numerous solid or two-tone hues.

  • Confortable à porter
  • Nice quality
Les inconvénients:
  • The sizing isn’t entirely accurate
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10/04/2023 04:45 am GMT

Best for Money Back Guarantee: Farabi Sports Boxing Shorts

Best for Money Back Guarantee
Farabi Sports Boxing Shorts for Training Punching, Sparring Fitness Gym Kickboxing Shorts (White, Small)

One of the greatest women's boxing shorts available in the market is the Farabi Sports Boxing Shorts. These shorts are both comfortable and long-lasting thanks to the nano satin polyester fabric used in their construction.

These shorts are made to match the requirements of boxing competitions, so you might potentially compete in them. Due to the C-wide extreme waistband that is a feature of these boxing shorts, your back will always be covered. In other words, the waist provides the best support by conforming to your back.

By providing a money-back guarantee, Farabi Sports makes sure that you will be happy with your purchase of these shorts. Over 7 sizes and 4 color options are available for these shorts.

  • Stretchable G-Net System
  • Money Back Guarantee
Les inconvénients:
  • No strings to tighten the shorts
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10/04/2023 12:40 pm GMT

Meilleur sous le budget : FLKKY Classic Boxing Shorts

Best under Budget
FLKKY Muay Thai Shorts for Men and Women,Gym Boxing Kickboxing Shorts. (F08-Green, 3XL)

The FLKKY Classic Boxing Shorts are made with a deep leg side split stretch that gives you full flexibility and maximum kick motions. The shorts won't fall off thanks to the drawstring and sturdy elastic waistband that secures around your waist.

100% ultra-high-grade polyester satin is used to make these shorts. They are soft, silky, and light-weight. It is breathable and cozy to wear thanks to the moisture-wicking technology.

  • Excellent ajustement
  • Abordable
Les inconvénients:
  • The stitching of the patch may come out
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10/04/2023 04:49 am GMT

Are Women’s Boxing Shorts Important?

Women’s boxing shorts are just as crucial as any other piece of boxing equipment. They are one of the necessary components of women’s boxing equipment, along with gants de boxe, hand wraps, mouth guards, boxing shoes, and many other items.

Typically, women’s hips are wider by nature than men’s, which are narrower. Some men’s sizes of boxing shorts are difficult for women to wear because they are excessively snug around the hips. Women’s boxing shorts should fit a female boxer’s frame well and not impede their movement.

Women’s boxing shorts come in a variety of fits and lengths, but the semi-slim leg style with a length just above the knee is the most popular. In the fast-paced boxing battle, they provide you with the ability to move rapidly in various postures.


A good pair of boxing shorts should be breathable, moisture-wicking, and light-weight. Because it offers all of these qualities, microfiber is often the best choice.
Your shorts should not be too short that they are uncomfortable or too long that they are baggy. For durability, the stitching needs to be strengthened to prevent ripping when you make quick motions.
Le Ringside Women’s Boxing Trunks are our top choice. They are supple and secure, as well as being breathable and incredibly light. They also come in a wide range of colors and sizes, which makes picking from them very easy.
Another excellent suggestion would be the Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Shorts because Anthem Athletics has recently experienced significant growth and many customers enjoy their items.

Looking for other boxing gear designed specifically for women? Please read our review of the meilleurs gants de boxe for women in the article below

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Questions fréquemment posées

What do women who box should wear?

Shorts or a skirt will be acceptable for female attire. If they so choose, they may also wear a breast protector and a pubic protector, provided that the breast protector does not cover any target areas of the body, such as the breastbone.

How should a woman pick her boxing shorts?

At the point where your shorts typically sit, wrap a measuring tape around your waist. No one enjoys donning constricted boxing shorts, so put a finger between your waist to make sure you have a comfortable fit. If you wear slimmer or more fitted shorts, a smaller size is ideal. Go one size higher if you like a looser fit.

Boxing shorts or briefs—which one is preferable?

Compared to briefs, boxing shorts are looser and offer less support. Up to half of your thigh is covered by boxing shorts, which are also more breathable thanks to their loose fit.

What changes does boxing make in a woman’s body?

Women can develop their functional strength through boxing. The various training methods employed help to enhance strength and physical capability that may be applied outside of the gym, as well as muscular endurance and lifespan.

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