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Best Title Boxing Products: 2024 Review

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest and best-known sports, and it is becoming more popular around the world. There are a lot of boxing competitions and matches held all over the world every year to find the best boxing champion.
Regular boxing workouts are needed to get the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic activity. This is important if you want to become a professional boxer and beat your opponents. The fitness regimen of the boxers will undoubtedly improve their physical condition.
Title is a well-known brand in the boxing world, and over the years it has made many different boxing products. The Title brand is linked to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, and by continuing to use the moniker “Ali” for their products, they pay homage to the Greatest of All Time Boxer.
The needs of every boxer, including beginners and experienced users, are met by Title products. For instance, Title boxing gloves were rated as the best on the market due to their cutting-edge technology.


Pour vos mains

Pour votre tête

Pour vos pieds

Pour la salle de sport

Detailed Reviews Of Title Products


Titre Boxe Gants

Les gants de boxe sont une pièce d'équipement essentielle pour le sport de la boxe. Ils protègent les mains du boxeur contre les blessures et protègent également leurs adversaires contre les coups trop violents. Les gants de boxe sont conçus pour absorber l'impact des coups de poing et répartir la force uniformément sur la surface du gant. Cela aide à prévenir les blessures telles que les fractures, les coupures et les ecchymoses. En plus de fournir une protection, les gants de boxe contribuent également à améliorer les performances des boxeurs en leur permettant de frapper plus fort et avec plus de précision. Dans l'ensemble, l'utilisation de gants de boxe est cruciale pour la sécurité et l'efficacité du sport de la boxe.

Meilleurs gants de boxe : Title Boxing Pro-Style Leather Training Gloves 3.0

Meilleurs gants de boxe
Title Pro Style Leather Training Gloves 3.0

The Title Pro-Style Training Gloves 3.0 have been excitingly recreated with even more new features and advantages. Full-grain leather, which was used to make it, is very strong and lasts a long time, so it will keep working well round after round.

In these high-quality training gloves, high- and low-density multi-layer shock-absorbing foams are provided across the fist and back of the hand for all the coverage and power you need.

A wrist strap with a hook-and-loop closure that goes all the way around the wrist is the best in terms of fit, safety, and performance. A silky nylon hand compartment lining helps keep the gloves fresher between wears by preventing the buildup of moisture.

  • Great for boxing training
  • Ajustement confortable sur la main
Les inconvénients:
  • Might not be as flexible as some of the other gloves in the category
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02/18/2024 07:54 pm GMT

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Best Title MMA Gloves: Title MMA Command Training Gloves

Meilleurs gants MMA
Title MMA Command Training Gloves

Superior protection for athletes is provided by the Title MMA Training Gloves. The best wrist protection is provided by the encased D-ring and reinforced hook and loop clasp.

For the comfort and durability of athletes, individual finger loops are designed. The thumb cushioning with segments provides additional safety for the athletes. A new synthetic cover enables maximum durability and simple washing. The one-inch injected foam provides the best wrist support and protection. While training, an extended aerovent mesh palm helps to keep the glove dry and the hands cool.

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Bon rapport qualité prix
Les inconvénients:
  • Graphics might come off if not maintained well
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02/18/2024 04:00 pm GMT

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Best Bag Gloves: Gants de sac Title Gel World

Best Bag Gloves
Gants de sac Title Gel World

In the realm of super bag gloves, there is a new champion: the Title World Bag Gloves. For the ultimate design, protection, performance, and power, the gloves' interior features multiple layers of foam cushioning and an innovative gel-enforced lining.

The gel lining offers an unrivaled layer of impact resistance and precise fit. Once you get accustomed to these gloves, you won't go back to ordinary bag gloves ever again.

For dry, cool, and pleasant wear, the hand compartment has a special lining that is made of leather. The wonderful wraparound wrist strap that is adjustable has a hook and loop fastening and a D-ring for a tight fit. The weight is about 16 ounces.

  • Idéal pour les débutants
  • Provides great protection
Les inconvénients:
  • Plus cher
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Best Title Boxing Hand Wraps

For support and protection during boxing practice and sparring, boxers wear hand wraps, which are thin strips of fabric wrapped around the wrist and hand. They are a necessary piece of gear for any boxer because they lower the possibility of hand injuries such as sprains, fractures, and dislocations. Additionally, hand wraps assist in stabilizing the hand and supporting the wrist, which can increase a boxer’s punching accuracy and force. Hand wraps not only offer defense and support but also aid in sweat absorption and dryness, which can help a boxer maintain a better grip on the boxing gloves. Some boxers also use hand wraps to ensure a better fit if the gloves are slightly bigger for their hand size. Overall, the use of boxing hand wraps is essential for boxers’ performance and safety. They are cheap and we highly recommending good hand wraps to enhance your boxing experience

Meilleurs bandages pour les mains de boxe : Title Boxing Mexican-Style Hand Wraps

Meilleurs bandages pour les mains de boxe
Title Boxing Mexican Style Hand Wraps (Single Pair)

A super-blended material made of elasticized spandex and polyester that expertly molds every part of the fist and hand to give each athlete a personalized form fit.

The semi-stretch elastic provides a comfortable, tailored fit and additional support. The 180-inch thicker cut provides excellent coverage and protection.

For a tight, secure fit during workouts and training, there is a reinforced starter thumb loop and extra wide hook-and-loop security.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Provides support
Les inconvénients:
  • Moins de durabilité
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02/18/2024 07:30 pm GMT

Best Hand Wraps for Competition (Amateur): Title Boxing Velpeau

Best Beginner Hand Wraps
Title Boxing Velpeau Amateur Competition Hand Wraps, Mexico

The USA Boxing and IABA Boxing-approved Title Boxing Amateur Competition Hand Wraps provide athletes with a safe, protective, and perfect-fitting wrap with a safe hook and loop closure. It also has an initial thumb loop that is excellent while training. All officially recognized amateur competitions must use a full 177" x 2.25" dimension hand wrap, which is exactly what the Title hand wraps offer.

  • Great for beginner use
  • Provides support and protection
Les inconvénients:
  • Pas idéal pour une utilisation régulière
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02/18/2024 07:25 pm GMT

Best Title Boxing Headgear

Boxers wear couvre-chef de boxe as an essential component of safety gear while practicing and sparring. Its main purpose is to shield the head and face from harm, including concussions, wounds, and bruising. Headgear also lessens the force of punches, which can help avoid permanent brain damage. Boxing headgear can enhance a boxer’s performance in addition to protecting them by enhancing their vision and assisting them in focusing on their opponent. Overall, wearing boxing headgear is necessary for boxers’ safety and wellbeing and is a crucial piece of their training gear.

Meilleur couvre-chef : Title Boxing Leather Sparring Headgear

Meilleur couvre-chef
Title Boxing Leather Sparring Headgear, Black, Regular

Made from 100% soft, genuine leather, the Title Boxing Headgear feels wonderful from the moment you put it on. Your chin, cheekbones, and nose are further protected by one-inch-thick, extra-padded cheek guards.

For the most adjustable fit, use the lace-up back and top closure, steel buckle, and leather chin strap. The headgear's interior is lined with plush suede, which avoids slippage and increases comfort.

  • Comfortable and protective
  • Variety in color
Les inconvénients:
  • The sides may start coming loose with excessive use
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02/18/2024 07:44 pm GMT

Meilleur couvre-chef intégral : Title Platinum Premier Full Training Headgear 2.0

Meilleur couvre-chef intégral
Title Platinum Premier Full Training Headgear 2.0

The innovative Title Platinum Full Training Headgear is made with 3D embossed impact-resistant cushioned foam at the cheeks and forehead, medium density F85 shock-absorbing platinum light foam, and extra coverage foams on the sides, over the ears, in the back, and under the chin to make a top-notch training headgear.

The headgear is made of 100% real leather, so it will protect serious athletes for a long time. The anti-slip interior lining and quick-drying technology help keep athletes dry and cool during sparring and training by wicking away moisture.

A secure, no-slip fit is guaranteed every time you wear it thanks to the fully adjustable hook-and-loop top back and head closure. You can learn more about the Platinum Advantage, which offers the highest level of quality and performance, on the Title website.

  • Idéal à des fins de formation
  • Léger et souple
Les inconvénients:
  • Size availability is a challenge with this brand
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02/18/2024 07:34 pm GMT


Les chaussures de boxe sont une catégorie unique de chaussures de sport créées spécialement pour la boxe. Ils ont souvent un style échancré pour une mobilité optimale et sont fabriqués à partir de matériaux respirants et légers comme le cuir véritable ou le cuir synthétique. Les chaussures de boxe peuvent également comporter un soutien ou un rembourrage supplémentaire au niveau de la cheville et du talon pour éviter les blessures. Ils ont également une semelle plate et antidérapante pour la stabilité et la traction dans le ring de boxe.
Regular shoes, on the other hand, are usually not optimized for athletic performance and are instead made for everyday usage. They might be constructed from heavier, more resilient fabrics like canvas or denim, and their soles might be higher profile or cushier for comfort. Regular shoes may not offer the same level of support, stability, or traction in the boxing ring as they are not made specifically with boxers’ needs in mind

Meilleures chaussures de boxe : Title Speed-Flex Encore Tall Boxing Shoes Size

Meilleures chaussures de boxe
Title Speed-Flex Encore Tall Boxing Shoes Size 8 Black

The Title Encore Boxing Shoes are built for speed and fast feet. Full synthetic leather uppers with a very tight woven nylon fill are placed on top of the soles.

These shoes are made specifically for boxing out of sculpted polyurethane. The stunning embroidery can enhance any style. The ideal height is around 12 inches.

  • Great for boxing training
  • Très robuste
Les inconvénients:
  • Less variety in color
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02/18/2024 07:39 pm GMT

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Sacs de sport

Every boxer needs 4-5 accessories that he or she needs to carry to the gym to have an effective training session. Training gear, such as gloves, hand wraps, headgear, shorts, mitts are basic necessities for any boxer. While these can be carried in a regular bag, organizing them in a gym bag built specifically for boxing will be a game changer. These bags often consist of strong materials like nylon or canvas and have multiple pockets or sections to keep things organized and handy. Boxing gym bags are a necessary piece of gear for any boxer since they give them a quick and safe way to transfer all of their equipment to and from the gym. These bags can also be helpful for a boxer to keep all of their equipment organized, reducing the risk of lost or damaged equipment. All things considered, a boxing gym bag is a very practical piece of gear for any boxer and is an integral element of any boxer’s training regimen.

Meilleurs sacs de sport : Title Black Barrage Gear Bag

Meilleurs sacs de sport
Title Boxing WBC Sport Bag/Back Pack

The Title Gear Bag has a ballistic twill that is coated with PU and is very resistant to water. For complete comfort, a padded shoulder strap is included that can be easily adjustable.

A large top compartment with a full-length zipper closure and a separate vented end pocket allow gloves or shoes to air dry in between uses.

There are numerous external pockets for storage and quick access to valuables. The padded snap closures on the dual seat belt nylon grips make them safer and more comfortable. High-quality embroidered logos are stitched on all sides for a professional look.

  • Multiple compartments
  • Lot of room for storage
Les inconvénients:
  • The zippers might come off easily.
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02/18/2024 04:04 pm GMT

Fight Shorts

Les shorts de boxe sont une catégorie unique de shorts de sport créés spécialement pour la boxe. Ils sont souvent fabriqués à partir de matériaux respirants et légers comme le satin ou le polyester et sont destinés à permettre une gamme complète de mouvements pendant les entraînements et les compétitions. De plus, par rapport aux shorts conventionnels, les shorts de boxe sont souvent plus longs et plus amples, ce qui permet plus de confort et de mobilité à l'intérieur du ring de boxe. Les shorts ordinaires, en revanche, sont généralement composés de matériaux plus épais et plus durables comme le coton ou le denim et sont destinés à un usage quotidien plutôt qu'à des performances sportives. Ils peuvent être plus ajustés et plus courts que les shorts de boxe, mais ils ne sont souvent pas aussi respirants ou confortables lors d'exercices vigoureux.

Meilleur short de combat : Titre Boxer de Boxe Professionnel

Meilleur short de combat
Title Boxing Sweat Shorts, Rouge/Noir, Petit

Les maillots de boxe Title sont dotés d'une taille de style international de 4 pouces et d'une doublure élastique. Avec un entrejambe plus spacieux et des bas ourlés, la coupe est ample et extra longue. Les fentes sur les jambes sont extra longues dans ce short pour un style distinctif. Ils sont fabriqués à partir de polyester de bonne qualité.

  • Résistant et flexible
  • Idéal pour la boxe
Les inconvénients:
  • Certains boxeurs pourraient le trouver un peu lourd
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Boxing Jersey

Les chemises de boxe sont un type spécifique de vêtement de sport conçu uniquement pour la boxe. Ils sont souvent fabriqués à partir de matériaux respirants et légers comme le polyester ou le nylon, et sont conçus avec une coupe ample et confortable pour favoriser une amplitude de mouvement complète. Les caractéristiques supplémentaires des chemises de boxe peuvent inclure une technologie d'évacuation de l'humidité pour aider le porteur à rester au frais et au sec, ainsi qu'une longueur plus longue pour éviter une exposition accidentelle dans le ring.

Les chemises ordinaires, en revanche, sont conçues pour être portées tous les jours et ne sont généralement pas optimisées pour les performances sportives. Ils pourraient être plus structurés ou ajustés, et ils pourraient être construits avec des matériaux plus épais et plus durables comme le coton ou le denim. Les chemises ordinaires peuvent ne pas offrir le même niveau de confort ou de performance sur le ring de boxe car elles ne sont pas spécialement conçues pour les besoins des boxeurs.

Meilleur maillot : Title Boxing Aerovent Elite Racerback Boxing Jersey

Meilleur maillot
Title Boxing Aerovent Elite Racerback Boxing Jersey

The Title Elite Boxing Jersey is very light and will perform with extreme flare and style. To keep it tucked in throughout bouts, the cut is extra-long. They can be fully washed in the machine.

The perfect mix of exclusive Aerovent air-release technology and micro-moisture polyester wicking fabric makes sure that these jerseys always keep you dry, cool, and ready to win.

  • Coupe confortable et ample
  • Ideal for extreme heat weather
Les inconvénients:
  • Color might get washed off
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Best Sweatpants: Title Boxing Jogger Sweatpants

Best Sweatpants
Title Boxing Jogger Sweatpants, Red/Black, X-Large

The Title Boxing Jogger Sweatpants come in a variety of colors and have a thick, contrasting drawstring waistband and an elasticized leg cuff for a secure fit.

You can carry everything you need while using your 2-side pockets and 1-back pocket to store your phone and other valuables.

  • Good for all weather conditions
  • Très confortable
Les inconvénients:
  • Elastic might become loose easily
Voir l'offre Acheter sur Amazon
02/18/2024 07:12 pm GMT

Mitaines de frappe

Les mitaines ou coussinets de concentration, souvent appelés mitaines de boxe, sont un équipement essentiel pour l'entraînement dans les sports de combat comme la boxe. Pour apprendre à un boxeur à lancer des coups précis et puissants, ils sont portés par un partenaire ou un entraîneur. En plus de servir de cible sûre pour le boxeur, les mitaines de boxe sont conçues pour atténuer les coups de poing. Afin d'aider le boxeur à développer ses capacités, l'entraîneur peut fournir un retour en temps réel sur sa technique, sa puissance et sa précision.

Les mitaines de boxe sont utilisées dans les exercices de conditionnement pour augmenter la force et l'endurance d'un boxeur en plus de leur utilisation à l'entraînement. Un boxeur peut développer la puissance et l'endurance nécessaires à la compétition en augmentant et en améliorant son entraînement au gant. Dans l'ensemble, l'utilisation de gants de boxe est nécessaire à la croissance et au développement des compétences d'un boxeur et constitue un élément crucial de l'équipement d'entraînement de tout boxeur.

Mitaines de frappe : Title Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts

Mitaines de frappe
Title Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts

The Title Ultra Lite Punch Mitts are made out of leather and are pre-curved for the best training experience. More than 1.75 inches of cushioned, impact-resistant foam is layered and cushioned for every offensive weapon.

Trainers can use it comfortably and without perspiration round after round thanks to the advanced sweat-resistant lining. Additionally included are a back finger cover and leather wrist security band.

  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Bon rapport qualité prix
Les inconvénients:
  • May start showing wear and tear after heavy use
Voir l'offre Acheter sur Amazon

Boucliers de boxe

Une forme d'équipement d'entraînement utilisée dans les sports de combat comme la boxe et autres est le bouclier de boxe. Ce sont généralement de grands coussinets rectangulaires qui sont tenus par un entraîneur ou un partenaire d'entraînement et sont utilisés pour entraîner les boxeurs à donner des coups de pied et des coups de poing efficacement. Les boucliers de boxe sont conçus pour dévier les coups et offrir une cible stable au boxeur. En conséquence, la technique, la puissance et la précision du boxeur peuvent être surveillées de près par l'entraîneur, qui peut alors proposer des trucs et astuces pour s'améliorer. La clé ici est que le bouclier peut aider un boxeur à se concentrer sur une zone de concentration relativement petite et à s'améliorer progressivement. 
Certains des meilleurs boucliers de boxe sur le marché sont dotés d'un rembourrage supplémentaire et d'une meilleure adhérence. Cela offre une protection incroyablement solide pour l'entraîneur et il peut se concentrer davantage sur la technique de ses boxeurs au lieu de se soucier de leur sécurité.
Boxing shields are used both for training and as a conditioning aid to increase a boxer’s stamina and strength. Boxing shields are crucial for the trainer’s or partner’s protection while holding the pad because they add an extra layer of defense from unintentional blows.

Punch Shield: Title Boxing Classic Round Punch Shield 2.0

Punch Shield
TITLE Boxing Classic Round Punch Shield 2.0, Red/Black

The Title Boxing Punch Shield is a great training tool that all athletes, no matter what level, need. The triple-reinforced, extra-lightweight riveted handles can withstand serious abuse.

With these shields, powerful hooks, uppercuts, uppercuts, jabs, body shots, combos, and other moves can be done perfectly.

Trainers swear by this punch shield to improve their boxers' accuracy, precision, technique, and power. It has a 14-inch diameter and more than 5 inches of padding that absorbs shock.

  • Versatile for all types of sports
  • Abordable
Les inconvénients:
  • Pas de longue durée
Voir l'offre Acheter sur Amazon

Snatcher Bag

Snatcher Bag: Title Boxing Body Snatcher Bag

Snatcher Bag
TITLE Boxing Body Snatcher Bag

Athletes can practice hooks, uppercuts, jabs, slanted blows, power punches, and more thanks to the Title Boxing Snatcher Bag.

The entire lower body can be worked at different angles and intensities. These snatcher bags can reduce excessive swinging when exercising.

Packed with shredded high density poly-fiber material capable of withstanding any blow in the arsenal. The bag alignment is well maintained by balanced center weighing.

Chains and extra noise are greatly reduced by sturdy seat belt hanging straps made of nylon with triple-stitched D-ring tabs. Swivel is an additional add-on item.

  • Grande qualité
  • Longue durée
Les inconvénients:
  • Pas très résistant
Voir l'offre Acheter sur Amazon
02/18/2024 07:07 pm GMT


The proper gloves are crucial, whether you box for exercise or in competition. They support your wrists, help with power and performance, and keep your hands safe. Since 1998, Title has been a well-respected name in the boxing world.
They are known for making high-quality hats, shoes, and bags, but their gloves are the thing that everyone knows them for. Depending on your age or ability level, Title offers gloves in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and weights to suit your demands.
The patterns on their boxing gloves are traditional, and they will make it less likely that athletes will get brain injuries. While practicing and at competitions, the strong and lightweight gloves also let hands move more quickly and nimbly.
To throw harder punches, choosing heavier gloves will be helpful. Huge 20-ounce gloves are also available from Titan. There are many various Title products to choose from, making it simple to get the best product with the best comfort.

Pour vos mains

Pour votre tête

Pour vos pieds

Pour la salle de sport

About Title

Title set out in 1998 to become a well-known authority in the boxing industry by running an honest business, making good equipment, and getting involved in the sport as a whole.
Boxing makes champions out of the few chosen ones who are prepared to push themselves to the limit, transforms the lives of others, and gives hope to people. Whatever that may be, Title will assist you in achieving your objectives.
When Title started making MMA gear in 2007, it quickly became the brand of choice for many of the best fighters in the world today. In all forms of mixed martial arts, including cage fighting and kickboxing, Title has made a name for itself.
Title combines boxing expertise with an actual comprehension of the requirements of the fastest-growing sport in the world. Title has the equipment to get you there, whether your goal is to adopt a ground-and-pound attitude, improve your stand-up, or learn traditional Greco-Roman wrestling.
Fighters, people who like to work out, and coaches can all be sure that Title can meet their needs. Title refers to pushing themselves to the limit, whether it is through their clothing, gear, or the knowledge they offer.
Title boxing gloves are the ideal item to wear for protecting a fighter’s hands during sparring, tournaments, and other types of training. Because the gloves have enough padding, you can make powerful headshots without putting your hands in danger. This makes facial injuries less serious.
The price should be the most important thing to think about if you want to buy quality items on Amazon while saving money. Title has the best and widest range of products for both experienced boxers and those who have never done it before.

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Questions fréquemment posées

Both during sparring and heavy bag practice, the Title gloves have endured remarkably well. It is easy to put them on and take them off. They have a single strap to adjust and offer respectable wrist protection.

Title is a well-known brand in the world of boxing that has thousands of options for high-quality gear. They provide gloves, boots, safety equipment, punching bags, and more. One of their most unique and well-known items is the Title World Bag Gel Boxing Glove.

BoxUnion Holdings purchased the Title Boxing brand last year. They currently have 142 locations, with plans to more than triple their unit count. The co-founder of BoxUnion and chief financial officer of Title Boxing is Felicia Alexander.

Discover knockout gifts for combat sports fans and enthusiasts on our Gifts Page, just in time for the holiday season and Amazon Prime Day. Get ready to surprise your favorite fighters with the perfect presents they’ll love! You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, they are all unique and made for people who love combat sports!

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Pour ceux d'entre vous qui pratiquent des sports de combat pour le fitness, voici quelques produits incontournables meilleurs sacs de boxe autoportants, meilleurs suppléments, meilleures armes d'arts martiaux.

Pour certains d'entre nous qui aiment les bons produits sans se ruiner meilleurs gants de boxe sous $100, meilleures chaussures de boxe sous $99, meilleur casque de boxe sous $50, meilleurs sacs de boxe sous $50.

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