Mexico City Guinness-record voor 's werelds grootste boksklasse

Mexico-Stad vestigt wereldrecord voor de grootste boksklasse ter wereld

Source: Galtimes, ESPN

Mexico City set the world record for the largest boxing class in the world.

De June 18th 2022 event had 14,299 attendees and broke the previous record held by Moscow, Russia, which held a mega boxing class with 3,250 participants in Red Square. Fifteen current and former Mexican fighters got together to teach the largest boxing class ever at the Zocalo, the main square in Mexico City on Saturday.

The participants wore T-shirts with the Mexican flag colors to cover the entire square in green, white and red. The participants together formed the Mexican flag with the beautiful shirts that the participants were presented a couple of weeks back. The class lasted 30 minutes, with just two 20-second hydration breaks.

The participants turned the plinth into the largest ring. Silver confetti was showered on all boxers as the square reverberated to the tune of “yes it could, yes it could!” and “Cielito Lindo”. At the same time “We are the champions by Queen” started playing and although some of the attendees did not speak English, they did not stop singing the anthem with which they raised the world record.

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