Nike Hyperko 2 Boxing Shoes: Detailed Review (2023)

Nike has produced some of the greatest boxing shoes available, and there are many options to take into account based on your comfort and design preferences. Over the years, many elite fighters have used Nike boxing sneakers. The swoosh emblem has become a common sight in some of the biggest boxing tournaments.

Nike has worked with a variety of brands, athletes, and artists to create some of the hottest footwear in the industry for years. In fact, the collaboration was so significant that many people may not even be aware it was ever a partnership at all. While it’s difficult to not adore a high-fashion Nike sneaker, we also can’t overlook Nike’s selection of timeless shoes, such as the Nike Hyperko 2.


Over the years, the Nike Hyperko 2 Boxing shoes have been among the most well-liked Nike boxing sneakers among professional fighters. Nike has created a terrific boxing shoe by fusing flywire technology with lightweight strength.

Your agility, power, and speed will all increase as a result of the lockdown strap’s placement on the forefoot area. In order to reduce weight and improve ventilation, Nike’s flywire support system allows for a significant portion of the shoe to be made of mesh.

The shoe is also made robust with synthetic leather. The Nike Hyperko 2 may be considered to be out of most people’s price ranges, but if you’re wanting to make a long-term investment, this may be the ideal pair of boxing shoes that won’t let you down.

Product Description

Rare Find
Nike HyperKO 2

Nike Hyperko 2 is the ideal boxing sneakers for training and competitions. The flywire and lockdown strap's support enabled a sizable portion of the shoe to be made of mesh, which reduces weight and promotes moisture management and ventilation.

Flywire's high-strength threads, which function like cables on a suspension bridge and provide support precisely where the shoe's foot needs it for boxing. It also keeps the shoe sturdy and lightweight. In the vicinity of the forefoot, a lockdown trap has been set.

The forefoot velcro strap that is placed towards the toe adds great stability to the shoe. A seamless fit across a variety of motions is provided by the lockout and zonal stretch. There is a form cutting cuff design that is a first for the industry and offers improved sensation and performance.

  • Breathable
  • Responsive
  • Soft midsole
  • Reasonable price
  • Laces stay tight
  • Runs narrow
  • Runs half size small
  • Unstable at slow speeds
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Features of the Nike Hyperko 2 boxing shoes

  • Form Fitting Cuff: A cuff design that is a first for the industry offers improved sensation and performance
  • Drop-In Cushioning: A PU drop-in offers cushioning and protection
  • Sock Like Fit: Lockout and zonal stretch create a seamless fit throughout a large range of motion
  • Split Sole: Increases stability and flexibility throughout the rounds
  • Nike Flyknit: Designed to offer unmatched fit and support
  • Nike Skin: Provides support at the ankle and midfoot that resembles an exo-skeleton
  • Lightweight Cage Support: Skin and overlays offer support in a portable, light package

Specifications of the Nike Hyperko 2 boxing shoes

  • Sports: Boxing
  • Manufacturer: Nike
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, Grey
  • Material: ‎Mesh

Why the Nike Hyperko 2 stands out among the rest

The Hyperko 2 is an excellent boxing shoe made by Nike that has set a new standard in the boxing industry. You get good ankle support without adding a lot of weight and stiffness to the shoe. These shoes are just the right amount of weight in terms of ounces. They have a pretty good lightness to them. The majority of the weight comes from the rubber outsole.

The shoe liner is extremely soft, and the lacing system uses a circular lace that loops through, so when you pull the top lace, it should tighten all the laces simultaneously. As a result, you do not have to worry about, for the most part, having to pull each individual lace to tighten each one.

The main component of the shoe is the flywire material. The main component of the shoe is the flywire material, which has a little bit more of a rigid feel to it and acts as a cage around the foot to give you support around the ankle. It integrates the lace material, so you get these oval, circular laces that go into the flywire material.

The laces come up to the midfoot area, where it creates two wings that go around your ankle as well as inside the flywire material that goes all the way to the top. Simply put, the laces form an x pattern that crosses over to wrap around your ankle.

The midsection is made out of polyurethane-eva foam. You have the circles there for pivoting that raise up to give you some traction towards the outside, as well as a good-sized arch for those that need the arch support. It gives you more breathing room around your foot.

Are the Nike Hyperko 2 boxing shoes comfortable?

The Nike Hyperko 2 gives you a glove-like feel where your foot feels like it’s being hugged by the shoe. You don’t feel anything, especially when you tighten the laces. Your toe feels extremely good in the shoes due to the excellent heel cup support.

Nike’s objective was to give it a  more lightweight, form-fitting feel with better stability, especially around the ankle area, without compromising the actual feel of the shoe. The side-to-side lateral movement is excellent.

It feels like this shoe is made by an actual shoe company rather than by a company that does boxing gear and makes shoes on the side. This was made and designed by a shoe company that understands the geometry of feet and how you want your shoes to perform when you use them.

Materials used to construct the Nike Hyperko 2 boxing shoes

Breathable mesh is used in the Nike Hyperko 2 because it ensures maximum airflow and has breathable holes to add fresh air to your feet. Breathable mesh also pulls moisture away from your foot and lets it sit on the fabric instead. This makes your feet feel more comfortable and reduces rubbing.

Because of the breathable mesh material used in its construction, the Nike Hyperko 2 is very lightweight. It reduces fatigue or pain after your training and provides the most comfort when you’re competing inside the ring.

Another material, the flyknit material, is used in this shoe, which gives it a softer feel and gives you more of a sock-like feel. You have that rubberized swoosh line that is all the way up into the midfoot and up into the tongue around the ankle to the back, so that’s pretty much the main skin of the shoe.

The quality of the materials Nike uses on this shoe compared to some of the entry-level to mid-level shoes like the Title boxing shoes is leaps and bounds better. You can tell the stitching is so much better. The materials have a much more premium feel.

Design of the Nike Hyperko 2

The Nike Hyperko 2 is a very futuristic and advanced-looking shoe. It has a flyknit material on the upper integrated with a flywire material to give it more of a sock-like, form-fitting feel.

With the flyknit material, the flywire material rises toward the ankle area. It has that little Nike shine that’s integrated in, and you have the rubber outsole, which has a ZoomAir plate in the midsection of the foot.

Additionally, you have the heel with a grip, which has a nice heel cup that is going to help with some stability as well as transferring power. You also have the rubber outsole that has an attractive design.

Colour and Size Chart of the Nike Hyperko 2

Colors Available:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey

Size Guide:

Buy these in a size larger than your typical boxing shoe size. It is advisable to order a full size up from your typical trainer size due to the snug, sock-like fit of these shoes.

Example: Your usual shoe size is UK 9. Suggested purchase size: UK 10.


  • Comfort: 4.7
  • Appearance: 4.2
  • Quality: 4.5
  • Fit: 3.9
  • Value for money: 5.0


You need not look further if you’re searching for a reasonably priced all-around boxing shoe. This shoe designed and built for boxing. We have determined from our tests that it is one of the best boxing shoes available on the market.

Both during training and during competitions, this shoe is performs. It is extremely durable for a shoe in this price range. It looks clean even after a lot of training. Additionally, when going to the gym, there is no need to change shoes. For agility, support, footwork, and power, the Nike Hyperko 2 boxing shoes blend the best performance with lightweight strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nike Hyperko 2 comes in a wide range of sizes starting from M4 to M12 and W5.5 to W13.5. You can also choose the width while ordering


When it comes to boxing footwear, Nike continues to be the brand of choice, whether it’s for a well-known athlete like Manny Pacquiao and Michael Jordan, or a fighter who is still relatively unknown but working hard in his private training facility.

Boxing shoes are usually light and make it easy to move around on indoor platforms. Running shoes, on the other hand, are made of similar strong materials and have extra cushioning that absorbs high-impact shocks and prevents injuries. As a general rule, boxing shoes should not be used for running. You could injure your knees in the long run.

MMA fighters usually compete barefoot. The kicks practiced in MMA are not possible to carry out with heavy shoes on.

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