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Rival High Performance Sparring Handschoenen (RS2V) Review

Rival High-Performance Sparring Gloves RS2V set the bar for what makes it unbeatable.

Rival is no small-time MMA and boxing equipment manufacturer. With a gigantic selection of equipment ranging from gloves of all types to everything you need for a complete MMA and boxing experience, Rival offers a wide selection of top-quality equipment trusted by contact sports pros across the world.

A great example of expert craftsmanship, brand name looks, and professional engineering Rival is known for their Rival High-Performance Sparring Gloves. Among their glove line specifically oriented for sparring, this pair will never fail to deliver. With a price point below $150, you’ll be able to get legendary Rival quality without breaking the bank.


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Forget Velcro straps; this Ergo hook and loop double-straps offer reinforced wrist protection that increases the length of time you can spend training without adding any bulk to the glove. The wrist is further supported by the “long cuff” design that covers a greater surface area further up the forearm without hindering its range of motion.

In the world of sparring gloves, oftentimes compromises have to be made in regards to comfort for the sake of security; that is untrue in this case because these Rival gloves are built in such a way as to be extremely comfortable during use.



Rival Boxing RS2V High Performance Pro Sparring Gloves

With that killer sharp angled look that makes a Rival RS2V Gloves stick out in a crowd, this pair of sparring gloves is as intimidating as it is professional-looking. Its full-grain all leather exterior makes it even more of a treasure among sparring gloves, as full leather gloves are becoming increasingly rare with the rise of synthetic exteriors.

The thicker-than-usual amount of padding doesn’t show, as the gloves look slick and thin despite their heavily padded interiors. The body of the gloves even has a separated thumb to offer more support for those long-term sparring sessions.

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