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Zapatos de boxeo bajos Everlast PIVT: revisión

If you are boxing with regular sports shoes, you are doing it wrong. Boxing shoes are designed specifically for the sport and are significantly different compared to regular jogging or running shoes. One of the best low-top shoes made for boxing is the versatile Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes. They are a pair of boxing shoes that may be used both in the ring and during other gym exercises. These boxing shoes comfortably meet your needs, whether you’re sparring, working on a speed bag, or participating in a fight. Let’s get to the review.

Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes: Overview

The Everlast PIVT Boxing Shoes are a low-top, light-weight boxing shoe that was designed with high-quality Michelin Technical Soles, open-weave mesh, microfiber, and suede. They help achieve the ideal balance of speed, comfort, and durability. Athletes can go from the gym to the canvas with ease thanks to the adaptable hybrid design, which enhances training and competition performance. The premium rubber outsole and light-weight mesh upper work together to provide optimal traction and stability without sacrificing speed or agility.
The shoes feel very comfortable to wear thanks to their shock-absorbing EVA midsole and all-around air vents for ventilation. It has suede lateral forefoot support and lateral arch support straps. Sharp cuts and excellent traction are made possible by the innovative “Hyper Flex” technology and a rubber sole with an anti-slip design. Additionally, it is lightweight and won’t provide any distractions when fighting. These characteristics all contribute to a secure and comfortable boxing shoe.

Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

Zapatos de boxeo Everlast PIVT de caña baja
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Los zapatos de boxeo bajos PIVT de Everlast representan una propuesta de valor excepcional. Elaborados teniendo en cuenta la durabilidad, la adaptabilidad y la meticulosa artesanía, estos zapatos destacan por satisfacer diversas necesidades sin gastar mucho dinero. Esta colaboración entre Everlast y Michelin redefine la sinergia entre función y moda, atendiendo perfectamente tanto a los entrenamientos en el gimnasio como a las actuaciones en el ring.

Construido a partir de una mezcla de microfibra y gamuza, el material exterior garantiza robustez y una estética elegante. El cierre con cordones garantiza un ajuste seguro, lo que infunde confianza para un movimiento sin restricciones durante su régimen de entrenamiento.

El mayor logro de estos zapatos de boxeo es la innovadora suela técnica Michelin, que establece un nuevo estándar con su notable combinación de tracción, flexibilidad y soporte. Su patrón de banda de rodadura de diseño intrincado previene estratégicamente resbalones al tiempo que mejora la agilidad lateral, permitiendo giros, movimientos y deslizamientos precisos.

Además, la parte superior de malla de tejido abierto no solo promueve la transpirabilidad sino que también mantiene una sensación de ligereza, lo que garantiza comodidad durante sesiones de entrenamiento prolongadas. Además, la función de lavado a máquina añade comodidad a su rutina de mantenimiento.

  • Soporte de arco mucho mejor en comparación con las marcas de la competencia.
  • Visualmente atractivo
  • Ligero y acogedor
  • Proporciona suficiente agarre gracias a la calidad superior de la suela.
  • Problemas de separación de la puntera de goma
  • Genera olor a pies potencialmente debido a una menor transpirabilidad.
  • No todos los usuarios pueden encontrar el diseño adecuado
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Materials used for construction of the Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes’ main selling point is the Michelin technical rubber sole. This robust yet flexible sole is made for maximum effectiveness and sturdiness. The substantial rubber sole enables flexible use in the gym and in the ring. The flexible sole works better than traditional, rigid, constrictive substitutes. Since the sole makes the shoe heavier overall, you could get leg weariness more quickly than you would in shoes with a lighter sole. The secret to these shoes surviving a very long period, even with heavy wear, is their flexible rubber sole.
A premium memory foam insole offers a secure fit and gives you a sense of the earth beneath you in these boxing shoes. Since the insole is integrated into the shoe, it won’t come out while the shoes aren’t being used. Even during lengthy training sessions, comfort will be improved by the added stress absorption and the arch support it offers.

Stand out Features of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes are crafted using a combination of microfiber and suede materials. Microfiber is known for its durability and lightweight nature, while suede provides a touch of luxury and comfort. This blend ensures that the shoes are both tough enough to withstand rigorous training sessions and comfortable enough to support your feet throughout the day.
The presence of a rubber sole brings exceptional traction and stability to the shoes. Whether you’re executing quick footwork in the ring or performing various exercises in the gym, the rubber sole ensures that you maintain a solid grip on the surface, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
The collaboration between two industry leaders, Everlast and Michelin, immediately raises expectations. This partnership combines the expertise of a renowned boxing gear manufacturer and a tire technology giant, resulting in shoes that are engineered for top-tier performance.
The hybrid design of these shoes is a standout feature, making them versatile enough for different environments. Whether you’re working on your footwork in the gym or engaging in actual sparring in the ring, the shoes are designed to cater to both scenarios, offering the support and flexibility required for various training modalities.
The incorporation of Michelin’s Technical Sole technology enhances the shoes’ performance by providing maximum traction, flexibility, and support. Michelin’s expertise in tire design translates into a sole that offers optimal grip, allowing you to move confidently and swiftly.
The innovative tread design on the sole goes beyond a standard grip. It’s engineered to prevent slips while optimizing lateral movements. This is crucial for boxers, as agility and quick lateral shifts are integral to the sport.
The upper part of the shoes is constructed using an open-weave mesh material. This design choice enhances breathability, ensuring proper airflow to keep your feet cool and comfortable, even during intense workouts.
The lace-up closure system provides a customized and secure fit. This is important for stability, as a proper fit prevents the shoes from shifting during movement, reducing the likelihood of blisters and other discomforts.
These shoes are designed with training in mind. Whether you’re hitting the heavy bag, sparring, or working on your footwork drills, the shoes offer the necessary features to support your training regimen effectively.
The shoes are available in men’s sizing and come in full sizes only. The fact that they run true to size simplifies the process of finding the right fit, ensuring that you’re comfortable and well-supported in your training sessions.
These shoes are offered in eight sizes—6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13—and four colors—black, black/red, black/gold, and grey/red. You should have enough options from these varying sizes and colors to accommodate most foot types and suit your personal preference.

  • Everlast and Michelin collaborated on low-top boxing shoes.
  • Constructed from microfiber and suede with a rubber sole.
  • Hybrid design for gym and in-ring use.
  • Built with a Michelin Technical Sole for maximum traction, flexibility, and support.
  • Innovative tread design prevents slip and optimizes side-to-side movement.
  • Open-weave mesh uppers keep shoes lightweight and comfortable.
  • Lace-up closure system.
  • Ideal for training purposes.
  • Men’s sizing is available in full sizes only that run true to size.

Specifications of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

ColoresBlack, Black/Red, Black/Gold, Grey/Red
Tallas6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Sole MaterialCaucho
Material exteriorMicrofiber and Suede
Shoe Typede caña baja
Tipo de cierreCon cordones
Machine WashableYes
Recomendado paraBoxeo

Size Guide of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

Visita al oficial sitio web eterno for the exact size guide for the Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes. Foot measurements are represented in the chart. Use the size chart below to determine your ideal size.

What are the alternatives to the Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes?

If you’re looking for a more premium pair of boxing shoes, then the Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes may not be the right choice for you. In that case, you can go for the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe. It is a popular high-end boxing shoe, but it comes at a higher price.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for cheaper boxing shoes, try out the Title Boxing Speed-Flex Mid Boxing Shoe. It is an excellent pair of boxing shoes, ideal for beginners, and offered at a much more affordable price.

Style Guide of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

With their sleek design, these shoes cater to both gym and in-ring usage. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they provide ample choices to suit individual preferences and foot types. The shoes come in a range of striking color combinations. Each color choice offers a distinct aesthetic, allowing you to express your personality while maintaining a professional and sporty look. For example, the classic black option delivers a timeless and versatile appeal, or the black-red combination adds a bold and energetic touch to the shoes.
Designed primarily for training purposes, the Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes are tailored to men’s sizing and available in full sizes only. The sizing is known to run true to size, providing a reliable fit for various foot shapes. Overall, these shoes combine style, innovation, and performance to cater to the needs of boxers and athletes looking for reliable footwear during training and in the ring.

Comfort of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes without insoles may get sloppy at the sides and offer inadequate arch support. Conversely, boxing shoes with insoles may feel tight and unpleasant and may not offer as much traction. The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes have a wonderful balance that guarantees a snug fit.
They have a superb low-top, breathable design that allows them to remain at ease for extended periods of time. For increased breathability and a lower chance of blisters and infections, they also have mesh panels. Ankle support padding and memory foam insoles guarantee all-around comfort when used.
These shoes first fit a little too small, but after a few wears, they are the correct size. Essentially snug shoes, they appear to hold up nicely. If you get one size larger than your true foot size, these shoes are incredibly pleasant to wear. The additional space is quite useful. Since you’ll be on your toes a lot, you do not want to get your true size shoes. With the appropriate space and support from a larger size, you won’t be dissatisfied.

Durability of Everlast PIVT Low-Top Boxing Shoes

The low-top design and enhanced construction for greater comfort support the increased durability of these shoes. With no issues, you should be able to wear these shoes for prolonged periods of time. You may move from side to side more easily thanks to the flexible, heavy rubber sole’s unique tread pattern. You will definitely have a long time to enjoy the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes’ companionship.


The attractive and robust Everlast PIVT boxing shoes are made to withstand the demands of arduous in-ring use while providing utmost comfort. They are also one of the very few types of in-ring shoes that can assist in exercise and other gym-related activities. The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes may be the perfect choice for you if you’re seeking a superb solution that can manage your gym and ring needs conveniently and comfortably.
The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes offer good value and can be a medium- to long-term solution for your equipment. These affordable shoes compete with models with bigger price tags in terms of comfort and durability. Because of their supportive fit, good traction, and comfortable fit, the shoes will be a terrific purchase for in-ring use. They are a terrific solution that will consistently function well for a variety of uses.
The soles of another brand of boxing shoes I had previously purchased began to exhibit wear after only a few uses and were returned, so I was really excited to try these shoes as they came highly recommended. I was seeking a pair of boxing shoes that I could train in on various surfaces without the soles wearing out too quickly because I wear them in the gym and the ring. These shoes have been worn a few times in the gym, but they still seem brand new. I’d definitely recommend them if you’re seeking boxing shoes to utilize both inside and outside of the ring for training.
Customers have left mixed reviews for these boxing shoes; while some have praised their comfort and toughness, others have criticized the fit and odor retention. Even though they have a flat sole, these shoes support the arch better than other styles. A concern for some customers has been the rubber toe box coming apart from the remainder of the shoe.
But customers do say that the shoes are light, comfortable, and have good traction right out of the box. Overall, these shoes may be a great alternative for those who place a high priority on comfort and support, but buyers should consider size variations and odor retention.
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Acerca de la marca Everlast

Everlast es una marca venerable y ampliamente reconocida que ha dejado una huella imborrable en el mundo de los deportes de combate. Fundada en 1910 por Jacob Golomb, la marca se centró inicialmente en trajes de baño, pero pronto cambió su enfoque a equipos de boxeo debido a la creciente popularidad del deporte. Esta transición marcó el comienzo del viaje de Everlast como un nombre líder en equipamiento para deportes de combate.
What sets Everlast apart is its dedication to producing top-quality equipment and apparel that withstand the rigors of training and competition. The brand’s guantes de boxeo, por ejemplo, están diseñados con meticulosa atención al detalle, incorporando materiales avanzados y diseños ergonómicos para brindar protección y comodidad al usuario. Numerosos atletas, desde principiantes en el gimnasio hasta campeones mundiales en el ring, usan estos guantes, que se han convertido en sinónimo de este deporte.
La gama de productos de Everlast va más allá de los guantes. Ofrecen una línea completa de equipos de entrenamiento, que incluyen bolsas pesadas, bolsas de velocidad, guantes de enfoque y más, que atienden diversos aspectos del entrenamiento de deportes de combate. Las pesadas bolsas de la marca, en particular, son conocidas por su durabilidad y capacidad para soportar intensas sesiones de entrenamiento, lo que las convierte en un elemento básico en los gimnasios de todo el mundo.
A lo largo de los años, Everlast ha formado asociaciones con atletas y entrenadores legendarios en el mundo de los deportes de combate, mejorando aún más su reputación. Esto incluye colaboraciones con boxeadores como Muhammad Ali y Mike Tyson, así como con luchadores de MMA como Randy Couture. Estas asociaciones no sólo muestran el compromiso de la marca con la autenticidad sino que también demuestran su influencia en la configuración de la industria.


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