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Pantaloncini da boxe per adulti Everlast Competition: recensione dettagliata

A boxing short is required as part of a boxer’s training equipment. Especially when the boxers are in the ring, they should be as useful and comfortable as possible. Superior boxing trunks are roomy and loose so that athletes can move freely during competition and sparring. To keep boxers dry and cool, boxing shorts are specifically composed of breathable polyester and premium satin.
Boxing shorts come in different colors, styles, and patterns so that the wearer can choose what they like best. They should be loose-fitting, light-weight, and have enough room in the crotch for a pro-style cup.
I’ll be reviewing the Everlast Competition Adult Boxing Shorts today with all of these considerations in mind, and after conducting extensive research, I can say with confidence that Everlast provides the highest quality and flexibility in boxing shorts for any boxing fan.

About the Everlast brand

Everlast began in the Bronx in 1910 as a producer of swimsuits, but today the name is linked with boxing. The original swimsuits designed by swimmer Jacob Golomb were guaranteed to last a year. Although the swimsuits did not last throughout history, the name Everlast, which Golomb proudly gave, is now one of the major sporting equipment companies.
In the years that followed, Golomb changed his business into a small store that sold a wide range of sports equipment. Golomb and Everlast were first introduced to boxing in 1917 by a young fighter called Jack Dempsey. When Dempsey won the heavyweight title while sporting guanti da box created specifically for him by Golomb in 1919, Everlast rose to become the global leader in boxing equipment.
On October 24, 2000, the Everlast company was bought by the management and stockholders of the Active Apparel Group (AAGP). Everlast Worldwide Inc. was purchased by the British retailing group Frasers Group on September 20, 2007. As of today, there are 88 Everlast licenses globally and the Everlast brand is available in over 101 nations. It is currently headquartered in Manhattan, New York, United States.

Descrizione del prodotto

Pantaloncini da boxe per adulti Everlast Competition

I migliori cortometraggi da combattimento
Pantaloncini da boxe per adulti Everlast Competition, nero, L

Poiché sono realizzati in poliestere leggero, i pantaloncini da boxe Everlast ti offrono maggiore libertà di movimento e un migliore flusso d'aria.

La tecnologia EverCool aiuta a tenere sotto controllo la temperatura corporea, così puoi allenarti in tutta comodità. Il tessuto 100% poliestere e l'elastico in vita da 4 pollici assicurano una vestibilità sicura e le profonde fessure sulle gambe offrono più movimento.

  • Ottima vestibilità
  • Di lunga durata
  • Potrebbe sembrare un po' pesante da indossare
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Features Of The Everlast Competition Adult Boxing Shorts

  • Excellent comfort and mobility
  • Cuciture rinforzate durevoli
  • Can be used both in training and competition
  • Appropriate for all martial arts
  • Cleaning Advice: Machine Washable

Specifications Of The Everlast Competition Adult Boxing Shorts

  • Brand: Everlast
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Closure Type: Elastic
  • Fit Type: Snug
  • Color: Black/Gold, Red/White, and Blue/White
  • Size: Small, Large, and Extra-large

The Right Waistband

The waistband of the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts is its most striking component. The 4-inch extra wide elastic waistband on these shorts strikes the ideal balance between comfort and usefulness.
It is so large in order to benefit from the “can’t hit below the belt regulation.” Thus, having a wider waistline can reduce the target area for body shots.


The material of your boxing shorts is an important consideration to be made. It will affect its comfort and performance as well as its mobility and movability.
Since the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts are composed entirely of polyester satin, they are breathable, tear-resistant, durable, and light-weight.


Because boxing is a hard sport and your shorts will take a lot of punishment, investing in sturdy shorts is crucial. Due to the use of reinforced seams, the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts exhibit exceptional durability. You can train for as long as you like and not be worried about wearing out your shorts


The most important considerations when purchasing a pair of boxing shorts should be functionality and performance. But who, after all, does not want to look good?
The design, color, and fit of the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts make you look excellent. These boxing shorts have side slits. With the black shorts, they have gold side stripes, and the red and blue shorts have white side stripes. Five flat elastic bands divided by stitching make up the waist.

Ease of movement

Whether you’re performing cardio or ducking punches, boxing requires good movement skills. The Everlast Competitive Boxing Shorts give you comfortable, unrestricted movement. They offer extra leg slits for movement, which enables you to perform at your best with the fewest limitations.


You’re going to need a lot of protection if you’re going to train boxing with a partner. The Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts have ample room for you to wear your customary groin guard. Although these shorts are spacious enough, they aren’t too big, compromising the fitting. They are of the right size that fits properly and pleasantly.


  • 30 ° C is the suggested washing temperature of the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts
  • Wash the shorts inside out with items that are the same color
  • Never tumble dry the shorts
  • Iron the shorts on low temperature on the backside

Tabella di formato

Boxing shorts are measured by waist size.

S24″ – 25″
l32″ – 33″
XL34″ – 37″


Despite their enormous appearances and garish patterns, boxing shorts are used for a variety of purposes more than only to appear fashionable. While you’re in the ring, the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts keep you at ease and cool. The groin protector fits within these boxing shorts without being visible.
You receive a lot of air flow and do not overheat because of its large size. They also aid in reducing the opponent’s aim area. Since you’re not supposed to hit under the belt, you’ll frequently see combatants pulling their shorts as high as they can.
These shorts strike the perfect balance between utility and style. With the exceptionally light polyester satin material utilized in the construction, they are made with the intention of giving you a smooth and nice feeling. These shorts facilitate excellent movement and improve the fighter’s overall performance.
Because of the excellent and tight stitching, these shorts will last you for a very long time, and the colors look fantastic. Under these shorts, a groin protector can be worn with ease, and you’ll still have space to walk around comfortably.

To wrap it up, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality boxing shorts with the Everlast Competition Boxing Shorts since they are made by a firm that has a long history of producing incredible fighting products.

Domande frequenti

Is Everlast a reputable boxing company?

When it comes to boxing, Everlast is the brand that most people consider. They have been around for more than a century and unquestionably provide high-quality pro fight merchandise.

What type of fabric works best for boxing shorts?

Popular materials for boxing shorts include polyester and polyamide, particularly when combined with satin and cotton.

What length are appropriate boxing shorts?

Wide and cozy cuts are ideal for boxing shorts. Typically, the bottom of the shorts should fall slightly above the knee. The elastic waistband ought to be quite adaptable.

I pantaloncini da boxe dovrebbero essere indossati stretti o larghi?

Boxing shorts should not be constricted or uncomfortable. They are designed with an elastic fit that offers equal amounts of support and comfort to match the form of your body. They should hold your package comfortably in the front and rest on your skin on the legs.

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