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The most important piece of equipment for boxing and other striking combat sports is a pair of boxing gloves. Numerous companies have tried to create all-purpose training gloves in recent years that are suited for heavy bag and pad pummeling as well as partner drills and sparring without risk. It is surely fantastic because it spares you from having to switch gloves in the middle of a workout. The Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves, which we will be reviewing today, are one such glove. Continue to read.

Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves: Overview

The Everlast Pro-Style Elite Guanti da box appear to be an enhanced iteration of their standard ‘Pro-Style’ training gloves. They showcase a subtly altered fit and contour, along with a few distinct attributes. Geared more towards novices than experts, these gloves come at an attractive price, making them appealing to beginners and bargain seekers. While primarily tailored for boxing, they exhibit compatibility with other disciplines, such as kickboxing or Muay Thai. These gloves stand out from other beginner gloves thanks to a number of interesting features incorporated. These gloves would make an excellent first pair or even a good additional pair for heavy bag and pad work.

Guanti da allenamento stile professionale Everlast Elite

Guanti da allenamento Everlast Elite Pro Style

Descrizione del prodotto

Experience top-notch protection and performance with the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves, the ideal choice for both beginners and intermediates. Designed to optimize fist placement and facilitate natural movement, these gloves ensure your hands stay safe and secure.

Crafted from premium synthetic leather using advanced closed-cell foam technology, these gloves are built to withstand the most powerful punches. The innovative, one-piece design guarantees optimal fist alignment for maximum protection. The EverCool mesh palm enhances ventilation, preventing overheating and maintaining dryness even during intense workouts.

The hourglass-shaped wrist, coupled with the updated EverShield reinforced padding, stabilizes your hand and wrist, delivering unwavering support and comfort whether you're training with mitts or a heavy bag. The hook-and-loop closure maintains the glove's snug fit, ensuring consistent protection and comfort from all striking angles.

With a commitment to durability, the combination of premium synthetic leather and impeccable construction guarantees a long-lasting investment. The full mesh palm ensures breathability, keeping your hands comfortable during extended training sessions.

  • Superior Wrist Support
  • Eccellente traspirabilità
  • Optimal Protection
  • Natural Range of Motion
  • Requires Break-In Period
  • Reduced Cushioning on the Knuckles
  • Rigid Internal Material
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Materials used for construction of the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

The Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves are of excellent quality. These hourglass-shaped gloves protect the wrist from powerful punches and provide great support. The gloves have interior foam padding and a one-piece superior synthetic leather design. These gloves contain an easy-grip cord that gives the boxer more grip strength. This design encourages many natural fist throws at various angles while honing proper fist placement throughout training.
The closed-cell foam technology of the gloves, which absorbs and redistributes shock from powerful strikes, protects the boxer’s hand from harm. The gloves offer a smooth outside finish with several ventilation panels to keep the hands cool throughout the game. EverShield wrist padding with a hook-and-loop fastener is used inside the gloves. This padding gives the boxer’s hand enough room to move while firmly supporting it.

Stand out Features of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

The Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves offer a comprehensive package of features that cater to the needs of boxers across different skill levels. Their durable construction, advanced wrist protection, comfortable fit, and various other attributes make them a reliable choice for anyone looking to elevate their training sessions.
These gloves are specifically engineered to cater to multiple training scenarios, making them an excellent all-around choice. Whether you’re practicing sparring with a partner, working on your technique with mitts, or unleashing powerful punches on a heavy bag, these gloves have you covered. The versatility ensures that you do not need separate pairs of gloves for different training activities, streamlining your gear and allowing you to focus on honing your skills.
The combination of premium synthetic leather and meticulous construction ensures that these gloves are built to last. Synthetic leather is chosen for its durability, providing a cost-effective alternative to genuine leather while still maintaining a high level of resilience. The attention to construction detail prevents premature wear and tear, giving you a long-lasting training companion.
One of the common challenges during training is the accumulation of sweat within the gloves. The full mesh palm design addresses this issue by allowing air to flow freely through the gloves. This increased breathability minimizes moisture buildup, helping to keep your hands dry and comfortable. As a result, sweaty hands won’t distract you from your training.
Wrist injuries are a concern for any boxer. The EverShield wrist design featured in these gloves provides advanced protection by stabilizing and supporting your wrists. This is particularly important during heavy bag workouts and sparring, where improper wrist alignment can lead to strains or more serious injuries. The hook-and-loop closure adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that the gloves stay securely in place throughout your training session.
Maintaining a consistent and secure fit in boxing gloves is crucial. These gloves are engineered to provide a snug fit that does not compromise your ability to move your fingers and hands comfortably. This is essential for maintaining proper technique and ensuring that the gloves do not slide around during punches. The secure fit contributes to a safer training experience by reducing the risk of misalignment and related injuries.
Boxing can be an intense and physically demanding activity, leading to elevated body temperatures and sweaty hands. The EverCool mesh palm technology combats this issue by promoting airflow within the gloves. This ventilation helps regulate the temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring that your hands stay as cool as possible during your training sessions.
Closed-cell foam technology is utilized in the padding of these gloves, enhancing their ability to absorb impacts. When you strike a heavy bag or engage in sparring, the gloves effectively cushion the force of your punches, reducing the stress on your hands and wrists. This padding is strategically designed to disperse impact energy, offering both protection and comfort.
The one-piece design of the gloves plays a crucial role in maintaining proper fist placement. When your fist is aligned correctly within the glove, you can deliver punches more effectively while minimizing strain on your wrists. This feature is especially valuable for newcomers to boxing who are still developing their punching technique.
This glove is available in a 12 oz. size and pink/white color.

  • Ideal for sparring, heavy bag, and mitt work.
  • Premium synthetic leather combined with excellent construction provides lasting durability.
  • A full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfort.
  • Updated EverShield design for advanced wrist protection with hook-and-loop closure.
  • A secure fit maintains protection and comfort at a variety of striking angles.
  • EverCool mesh palm for temperature control.
  • Closed-cell foam technology.
  • One-piece design for perfect fist placement.

Specifications of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

Misurare12 once
MaterialePelle sintetica premium
Tipo di chiusuraHook and loop
Mesh Palm DesignEverCool Technology
Wrist Protection DesignEverShield Technology

Size Guide of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

Visita l'ufficiale Sito web dell'Everlast per la guida alle taglie esatte dei guanti da presa MMA Everlast Pro-Style. Utilizza la tabella delle taglie qui sotto per determinare la tua taglia ideale. Misura la tua mano attorno al palmo e sulle nocche per determinarne la circonferenza.
The standard size recommendation for this glove is that the user should have a minimum height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of 140 pounds.

What are the alternatives to the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves?

If you’re looking for a more premium pair of training gloves, then the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves may not be the right choice for you. In that case, you can go for the Everlast Classic Training Glove. They are the Everlast brand’s most popular high-end training gloves, but at a higher price.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for sparring gloves, try out the Guanti da presa MMA Everlast Pro-Style. They are an excellent pair of sparring gloves, ideal for beginners, and offered at an affordable price.

Style Guide of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

These gloves stand out because of their pretty distinctive design. Anyone looking to make a statement in the gym should choose these gloves. When you look at the details, you can see that the images have been printed nicely and that these gloves’ visual styles have been well considered.
The pink-white color combination adds a vibrant and energetic touch to the gloves. Pink is often associated with passion, determination, and empowerment, making it a fitting choice for individuals who are serious about their training. The white accents complement the pink hue, creating a visually appealing contrast that catches the eye.
The gloves feature a sleek and streamlined exterior, emphasizing their modern design. The clean lines and smooth contours of the gloves contribute to an overall aesthetic that showcases high-quality craftsmanship. Everlast’s iconic logo is prominently displayed on the gloves, showcasing the brand’s commitment to producing reliable and top-notch boxing equipment.

Size and Usage of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

Even without the hand wraps, these gloves are appropriate for covering your hand circumference. Five different sizes, ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz, are offered for these gloves. The product we chose for this post’s review, however, is a 12-ounce size. The 8-ounce size, which is perfect for female and teen boxers, is the smallest size. The 10-ounce size is also an excellent choice for light boxers who want to improve their boxing prowess.
For the initial sparring matches, a 12-ounce size is appropriate. For those getting ready for heavyweight contests, the all-around 14-ounce size is popular. Furthermore, the 16-ounce size’s extra padding reduces the risk of injury during sparring, making it appropriate for anyone competing in heavyweight matches.

Comfort of Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves

You’ll love how well these gloves fit. These gloves appeared to be fairly tight on hands of ordinary size. For those with larger hands, the gloves’ small size may be an issue, but for people with average hands, once you put them on and start using them, they appear to work just fine.
The cushioning around the knuckles is unfortunately quite simple, which is good if you only exercise for brief periods of time. Due to the decreased protection for the person you’re hitting, sparring in these won’t be a good idea. These are nice, though, for training and exercising. The gloves also have a grip bar that is actually softer than the grip bar on typical boxing gloves, allowing for the formation of a good fist.
In comparison to practically any number of beginner training gloves, the wrist support is far better. The shield offers a gentle but sturdy support that virtually minimizes any unintentional wrist bending from punching incorrectly, which is a huge advantage for any beginner.


In a realm dominated by traditional boxing gloves, the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves stand out as a distinct choice designed for a specific purpose. While comparing them directly to the other gloves on the market might not be entirely fair, as they cater to a different training regimen, their inclusion in the discussion is justified due to their singular focus on heavy bag training.
The gloves offer a departure from the conventional hard leather design. This choice of fabric brings notable advantages to the table. Notably, these gloves are refreshingly washable, a feature seldom found in the realm of boxing gloves. The absence of hard leather also translates into a more unique design. The mesh backing accommodates the user’s thumb, with the rest of the hand providing a protective cover, guarding it against the impact that heavy bag workouts can deliver.
Donning and doffing the Pro-Style Training Gloves is a breeze, thanks to the elasticated retainer encircling the wrist. This feature simplifies the process: slide the gloves on, secure the retainer, and you’re ready to engage with the heavy bag. However, it’s worth noting that these gloves do tend to be on the smaller side. While they can be comfortably used with wraps, users might find them a tad snug without proper hand wrapping.
Despite their commendable design and focus on heavy bag training, the gloves do exhibit a couple of drawbacks. One notable concern is the relatively minimal foam padding provided around the knuckles. This could raise concerns, especially for those venturing into more intensive training. Similarly, the level of wrist protection these gloves offer leaves something to be desired. While they might serve as excellent introductory gloves, caution should be exercised for those with a penchant for powerful hits or more advanced training techniques.
In essence, the Everlast Elite Pro-Style Training Gloves are positioned as beginner-level gear, strategically engineered for heavy-bag workouts. For individuals engaging in occasional heavy bag sessions—perhaps once or twice a week—these gloves prove more than sufficient. However, should the training routine expand to encompass sparring, pad work, or other activities, it’s strongly recommended to upgrade to a more comprehensive pair of gloves. Additionally, adhering to the use of hand wraps is not just a suggestion but a prudent choice, especially considering the gloves’ limited padding.
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Informazioni sul marchio Everlast

Everlast è un marchio venerabile e ampiamente riconosciuto che ha lasciato un segno indelebile nel mondo degli sport da combattimento. Fondato nel 1910 da Jacob Golomb, il marchio inizialmente si concentrava sui costumi da bagno, ma presto spostò la sua attenzione sull'attrezzatura da boxe a causa della crescente popolarità di questo sport. Questa transizione ha segnato l'inizio del viaggio di Everlast come nome leader nell'attrezzatura per sport da combattimento.
Ciò che distingue Everlast è la sua dedizione alla produzione di attrezzature e abbigliamento di alta qualità che resistono ai rigori dell'allenamento e della competizione. I guantoni da boxe del marchio, ad esempio, sono progettati con meticolosa attenzione ai dettagli, incorporando materiali avanzati e design ergonomici per fornire protezione e comfort a chi li indossa. Numerosi atleti, dai principianti in palestra ai campioni di livello mondiale sul ring, indossano questi guanti, che sono diventati sinonimo di questo sport.
La gamma di prodotti Everlast va oltre i semplici guanti. Offrono una gamma completa di attrezzature per l'allenamento, tra cui borse pesanti, borse da velocità, guanti da messa a fuoco e altro ancora, adatti a vari aspetti dell'allenamento negli sport da combattimento. Le borse pesanti del marchio, in particolare, sono note per la loro durata e capacità di resistere a sessioni di allenamento intense, rendendole un punto fermo nelle palestre di tutto il mondo.
Nel corso degli anni, Everlast ha stretto partnership con atleti e allenatori leggendari nel mondo degli sport da combattimento, rafforzando ulteriormente la sua reputazione. Ciò include collaborazioni con pugili come Muhammad Ali e Mike Tyson, nonché combattenti di MMA come Randy Couture. Queste partnership non solo dimostrano l'impegno del marchio verso l'autenticità, ma dimostrano anche la sua influenza nel plasmare il settore.


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