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10 Best Boxing Shoes in 2024: Expert Picks

Are you looking for the best boxing shoes? A solid pair of boxing shoes is the cornerstone of your training. Shoes developed exclusively for boxing will make your exercises and training significantly more successful and pleasant, regardless of your experience level. Regular cross-trainer athletic shoes cannot give superb ankle support and liberate your feet for effortless movement in the ring, as do the best shoes. This guide will assist you in selecting the best pair for your needs.

Best Boxing Shoes – Top Picks (Overview)

Detailed reviews of our top picks

Best Overall
Venum Elite Shoes (Best Overall)
$149.99 $115.49

The Venum Elite range has a more flamboyant appearance, with black trim and various shiny, colorful accents. This shoe was designed with a tight fit and enough ankle and arch support and is available in multiple colors.

The shoe provides lightness, strength, stability, and grip. It also provides explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly, offering comfort and protection to the boxer.

Venum Elite sneakers will set you back a little more than standard boxing footwear. Rubber outsoles and glued insoles help to keep you from slipping. Although this is a recent product, it was developed with the help of professional boxers Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt.

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Best Hybrid
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast Elite are formulated as a hybrid shoe for gym workouts and boxing.

These shoes have a strongly textured shoe tread, unlike shoes with smooth, gum-based soles. The textured soles are intended to provide traction for better footwork. For gym sessions, they have a somewhat heavier structure and provide greater support around the foot. These are perfect for lateral mobility and multi-faceted training days because they have tread and extra ankle support.

The shoes are priced in the center of the pack, making them a viable alternative for a wide range of customers. They come in a variety of fashionable hues, including black, blue, and red, and include a mesh fabric for ventilation and lightness. The fact that they are intended for numerous training possibilities is possibly the best aspect. These may be a suitable choice if you need a shoe for a variety of boxing-related exercises other than sparring.

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Hi-Top favorite
Adidas Hog Box 3 (Best High-Top)
$100.00 $69.59

These shoes, which feature the famous Adidas pattern, are as fashionable as they are comfy. A light, airy design with excellent gum sole traction. They are designed for people with narrower feet, so those with broader feet may need to get a size up.

As far as boxing shoes go, the Box Hogs are one of the most affordable options. They're also one of the most popular. The shoe soles, in particular, are not intended to be worn outside of the ring or gym on a regular basis. In the locker room, you'll surely want to change your shoes. The most prevalent color combination appears to be black and white, but additional colors are available in different areas. Other Box Hog versions available are Box Hog Special

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Best All-Purpose shoes
Otomix Warrior shoes (Best All-Purpose)

The Otomix Warrior is another all-purpose MMA/Boxing/Weightlifting shoe. This type of shoe is not popular among boxing purists, but it does work well in a variety of sports. The laces tuck neatly beneath the Otomix proprietary tongue design, and the shoes are mid-height for fantastic ankle support. For boxing, the clean and tight sense of having no laces flapping around is fantastic.

The shoes are dubbed "Ninja Warrior" for a reason: they're light but supportive, with a thin, gripping outsole that makes you feel swift and nimble in the ring. These would be ideal if you have broader toes, as they have a slightly wider toe box region while remaining true to size overall.

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Best Value for Money
Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

These shoes from Ringside are one of the best value for money boxing shoes on the market today. The high-top ankle provides complete coverage for your ankle and offers great support for the price range.

The breathable nylon mesh allows for air circulation and reduces slipping due to sweating. The sole is sewed on to the shoes for improved durability and provides decent surface grip. 

Their patented vinyl leather build makes these shoes look more expensive than they actually are.

Pro Tip: Women can order one size smaller than they usually wear for a perfect fit. All sizes listed on Amazon are US men.

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Melhor unissex
Hayabusa Pro Shoes (Best Unisex)

The Hayabusa Pro boxing shoes combine traction, stability, and comfort for the ultimate shoe in the ring. The lightweight design and custom outsole allow for explosive agility with an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots.

The shoes provide explosive agility with their lightweight design, traction for pinpoint pivots with the grooved soles and a supportive fit with cushioned insoles.

The flexible rubber outsole, mid-height ankle support, microfiber leather and mesh make this a favorite amongst professional and amateur boxers. These would go great with the Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves.

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Best Women's
Ringside Diablo (Best Women's Shoes)
$79.99 $71.99

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are contemporary in style and usher in a new generation of high performance ring footwear and are suitable for both wrestling and boxing. These sport-specific shoes have a patent leather vinyl finish and a low-top ankle for ease of movement and ankle support.

Made with a breathable nylon mesh pattern and a non-slip rubber sole for added comfort and safety while fighting.

These are available for both men nd women so please see size chart with foot measurements to help determine sizing - (Women size 7 = Men size 5) Men's sizes.

Men's shoes are available in all colors except Pink while women's sizes are only available in pink

  • Good fit
  • Reliable traction
  • Dependable support
  • Loose/shifty insole, rubber rim at the bottom comes off after use
  • Laces are a bit long
  • Need to select the right size after reviewing
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Best Mid-Top
Rival RSX Guerrero (Best Mid-Top Shoes)

The Rival Boxing RSX-Guerrero Deluxe Mid-Top Boxing Boots have been specifically engineered for both training and competition. Constructed with a mid-top design, they provide optimal ankle support and stability. The carbon fiber textured heel cap ensures added support and a longer boot life. The Guerrero Deluxe also has an improved inner fit for maximum comfort as well as breathable mesh on both sides for ventilation.

This boot features an upgraded version of Rival's classic sole with an improved rubber compound for better traction and durability. The sole also includes an inner steel shaft for optimized performance and a longer life. The RSX-Guerrero Deluxe is designed to work for boxers at any level. These shoes are made from high-quality PU leather and an ultra-resistant rubber sole. They are recommended for both professional and amateur users.

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High Top
Cleto Reyes Shoes (High-Top Runner Up)
$90.44 $85.00

The Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes are very comfortable and durable thanks to their genuine leather and suede construction. The Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes also belong to the “higher price” category, but offer a marginally different look and feel. They are suitable for people who prefer the feel of high-tops snugged into the calf.

The Cleto Reyes shoes are real high-top boxing shoes, and they ride high up on the shin. They do, however, offer incredible support and stability. Also, the material is flexible, being built from genuine leather. As a result of that, the shoe sides are comfortable, soft, and subtle.

Additionally, thanks to the side zipper feature, it is easy to pull on the Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes. All you need to do is slip them on, zip them up, and cinch the laces up, and you are good to go.

These shoes are especially built to take you through tough and intense matches, and that is why a professional boxer like Robinson Castellanos has used them at various stages in his career.

  • Very comfortable
  • Offers excellent ample support
  • Great dexterity and footwork
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Quite expensive
  • The wide lacing design may not be for everybody
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Best Wrestling
Nike Inflict 3 (Best Wrestling Shoes)

Can any shoe list not have Nike in it? Well, Nike no longer carries the HyperKO on their official website, but instead they have the beautiful Nike Inflict 3, which are originally wrestling shoes but can also be used as boxing shoes for training.

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Other notable shoes to consider beyond the Top 10 listed above

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid – Best shoes for flat feet

Adidas Speedex 18 (Unisex)

Otomix Stringray Escape for Wrestling, MMA, and Boxing

ASICs Matflex Wrestling Shoes

Detailed Buying Guide for Boxing Shoes: Important Tips

Although boxing gloves are the most crucial piece of gear, your choice of shoes will affect your speed and agility in the ring. Boxing shoes are a must if you plan to box often because they are more supportive than regular running shoes. When choosing the right shoes for you, take into account your personal boxing style.
Boxing has also gained popularity as a form of exercise that helps both men and women build stronger muscles, lose weight, and improve their physical appearance. The cardio and strength combination of boxing is especially beneficial for people because it helps to strengthen and lengthen muscles without adding a lot of bulk.
People who box as a form of physical exercise often compromise on the quality of boxing shoes due to the cost. You can get by just fine with your running shoes or your gym shoes when you first start boxing. However, you might want to think about wearing them as your training intensifies because boxing shoes offer more support and stability while you are punching and moving around on your toes.

In this article, we will be looking at a detailed buying guide for boxing shoes.

What are boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes are precisely what their name implies: a pair of footwear made with boxers in mind. They are made in a way that gives your ankles more support and grip, both of which are important for boxing. Shoes should feel like a second skin and give you support so you can move more quickly, safely, and comfortably than you would be able to without them.
Boxers must be able to move quickly and change directions while sparring for up to 12 rounds of three minutes each, so boxing shoes need to be much lighter than most athletic footwear. Any additional weight on a boxer’s feet is undesirable because it will slow down their legs and, as a result, their punches over the course of a lengthy fight.
Martial arts and boxing come in a variety of forms, and just like many exercises, the right shoes can make all the difference. For instance, mixed martial arts fighters compete barefoot, while professional boxers wear shoes that resemble boots. The soles of shoes are especially made with balance in mind because it is a key benefit.
Since boxing shoes typically have flat soles, a slight wedge will direct your weight toward your toes rather than your heels. Both thick and thin soles are used in shoes, and each has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how comfortable you are, so try them on and see how they feel before buying one for yourself.

Shoe Anatomy for Boxers

When choosing boxing shoes for yourself, you should take into account the things in the table below:

Cut LengthLow-Cut, Mid-Cut, High-Top
LacingLace influences how much tension is adjusted in your boxing shoes
TongueTongue is a must for all boxing shoes
EyeletsEyelets are holes for your shoes’ laces
MidsoleMidsole is a thin layer that offers additional support and cushioning to the shoes
ShapeShape of ideal boxing shoes should be narrow to ensure a tight fit
ToecapToecap increases the strength of movements
Ankle StrapAnkle strap helps to support the ankle
Heel CounterHeel counter is a plastic inlay that provides additional heel support and maintains the structural integrity of the shoes
OutsoleOutsole is a thin sole in boxing shoes that maintains stability in motion and gives traction
UpperWith mesh or air holes, the upper portion of boxing shoes is constructed of synthetic leather or thin leather
Heel CupThe heel cup is a feature that keeps your heel steady, intact, and in one place.
InsoleThe insole is a detachable part of your boxing shoes. It is your footwear’s footbed, and a necessity for comfort and general support
Things to consider for Boxing Shoes

Features of Boxing Shoes

Ankle Support

Boxing is a particularly taxing activity for the ankles. As a result, the main purpose of boxing shoes is to safeguard your ankles. Your entire foot, especially your ankle, is vulnerable to damage if you do not wear the right shoes. Excessive rotation puts you in danger of ankle sprains if there is insufficient ankle support.
Pick shoes that provide solid ankle support. You have a choice between the low, mid, and high styles of shoes. Your ankle is covered by the low-cut shoes. While high-tops can extend as high as your calves, mid-height shoes stop a few inches below that.
High-top shoes are the finest option for protecting your ankles, so I strongly advise choosing them.

Our pick for best ankle-support


Your shoes will be worn for hundreds of hours of training; therefore, you should feel at ease wearing them. The importance of comfort should not be overlooked. The fitting of a boxing shoe determines how comfortable it will be.
Keep away from rigid materials in the upper part. Your shoes ought to be made of flexible materials. Also, they shouldn’t have any stiff logos or materials that rub your feet when your shoes bend. Never pick out shoes with longer shafts.
When buying shoes, I would recommend finding something that fits snuggly. Don’t just look for comfort. Your shoes should fit you precisely. So, take your time and select the appropriate size.

Our pick for the most comfortable boxing shoes

Sole Design

Boxers must maintain their balance. Your boxing shoes should have enough grip on the ring floor to keep you from slipping and losing a fight. Therefore, sole structure is quite important in boxing shoes.
Your balance, movement, comfort, weight distribution, and pivoting can all be impacted by your soles. You can keep your balance and feel at ease on your feet if the shoes have a high-quality sole.
The best material for boxing shoe soles is grooved rubber. Rubber is a quick-moving, lightweight substance that provides a reasonable amount of traction. Even though some soles are made of leather, they often offer less traction and won’t give the combatant much strength for his attacks.

Sole Texture

You can choose to wear a flat pair of shoes or ones with ridges and a pattern when boxing. light-weight materials Boxers will tire more quickly and move more slowly in heavier shoes


Your shoes’ weight is determined by material in addition to other factors. More materials add weight, which wears down your legs and makes you tired. In contrast, fewer materials imply less stability and protection. Therefore, you need to select the ideal fit for you.
A combination of suede, synthetic materials, and leather should be used for the shoe’s upper. Look for nylon “windows” that allow air to pass through the shoe. This will allow your feet to breathe slightly. This might lessen the likelihood that your feet will slip inside the shoe and help keep them from perspiring.

Our pick for best genuine leather shoes

Types of Boxing Shoes

Depending on your height, your weight, and the style of boxing you do, height is crucial when selecting a pair of boxing shoes. Boxing shoes come in three primary categories: low-top, mid-top, and high-top.


Low-top boxing shoes have the least amount of fabric and material and only reach the ankles. They are the lightest boxing shoes available as a result, and they give you the fastest movement possible. They are the least supportive for your ankles, though.
Low-top boxing shoes are more flexible and can be worn for practice and other athletic activities. This has the drawback of not providing complete ankle protection. Therefore, anyone with a history of foot or leg injuries should not wear this style of boxing shoe.

Our pick for best Low-Top Shoes


In the sport of boxing, mid-top boxing shoes, which rest just above the ankle, are quite popular. This style of boxing shoe gives you enough support and flexibility to move quickly and twist without worrying about your safety. The mid-top is advised for all boxers, irrespective of their boxing levels.
When it comes to boxing shoes, mid-tops provide the ideal fit. They offer the ideal compromise between support, movement, and speed due to their mid-height between low and high-tops.
If you like to move sideways and change your angle a lot while boxing, mid-tops can give you the extra support you need. Even if side-to-side feints are not your thing, mid-tops are usually a good choice.

Our pick for best Mid-Top Shoes


High-top boxing sneakers are unquestionably the best shoes for avoiding sprains and injuries. This style gives your ankles the most support and stability, so you can dodge and throw sharp, powerful punches.
The high-top design is above the ankle and covers all sides for protection. However, this results in restriction, making it more difficult to make quick side steps and lateral movements.
Nothing outperforms high-top boxing sneakers for support. This boot style is best suited for boxers who enjoy setting down a solid foot and coming up straight with powerful punches. In the ring, high-tops are designed more for punchers than for movers.

Our pick for best High-Top Shoes

Benefits of Boxing Shoes

A better ankle support system

Regular shoes are absolutely not made to assist lateral motions. Contrarily, boxing shoes are made in a way that makes them exceptionally good at supporting the ankles throughout all three types of motions, including back-to-back, front-to-back, and lateral movements.

Our pick for best ankle-support

Better grip provisions

The greater floor grip that boxing shoes give the fighter is one of their main advantages. The design of boxing shoes doesn’t get in the way of the foot pivots or any kind of ankle support. It also doesn’t get in the way of them. Because the feet are more stable and have better grip, they can move and strike better, which improves their balance.

Our pick for best grip


Boxing shoes are incredibly strong while being quite light. Boxing shoes are made to be much less likely to bend than regular shoes and to be able to handle sharp movements very well. In general, suede and real leather are chosen materials since they are highly durable.

Our pick for the most sturdy boxing shoes

Sweat protection

Boxing sneakers keep the insides dry by allowing perspiration to escape quickly

Our pick for best breathable boxing shoes


Due to their reduced weight, boxing shoes promote agility and fast movements.

Our pick for the best lightweight boxing shoes

How to choose the best boxing shoes?

Size and fit

Boxing shoes must fit exactly and be extremely comfortable because they are practically glove-tight. They need to be incredibly lightweight and flexible. Therefore, a good fit is essential.
Most boxing shoe designs are appropriate for everyone. However, those who have wider feet may experience some issues; as a result, they should visit a store to try on a variety of styles. When selecting boxing shoes, always refer to the sizing chart.
Always remember to measure your foot rather than your current running shoes. Normal running shoes have more padding and a very different design than boxing shoes.


Synthetic materials are used to make the majority of shoes. Although they are still offered, leather shoes are no longer nearly as common as they once were. The material and a few other things affect how much your shoes weigh. 
More materials add weight, which wears down your legs and makes you tired. In contrast, fewer materials imply less stability and protection. Therefore, you need to find the ideal match for you.


Boxing shoes are typically expensive. Because there aren’t many manufacturers and the market isn’t saturated, prices are still somewhat expensive. The good news is that high-priced can last a long time if they are only worn at the boxing gym.
Even the more affordable models are well-made and of good quality. As usual, paying more will result in a higher-quality product, but once a certain price point is reached, you start to pay more for design and brand than for actual product quality.


You desire long-lasting shoes. Inspecting a shoe to determine where quality matters most, in my opinion, entails making sure that the sole is made well and that the bottom does not appear as though it may peel off when the shoe wears out.

Why are boxing shoes needed?

For competitive sparring and boxing matches, boxing shoes are required. However, boxing shoes are not necessary if you are a beginner or are just pounding a bag or some light pads. In other words, you have to wear them if you want to box seriously at any point in your life.
Boxers, whether they are amateurs or pros, must wear shoes made for the sport. They are not allowed to compete barefoot. At first, boxers and other combat athletes competed without shoes. Fighting, on the other hand, became more organized and civilized as the sport changed and became more modern.
But besides the most obvious and practical reason, boxing shoes have a number of other benefits, some of which were mentioned above and may help you see why you need to wear them if you want to box.


One of the most crucial and individual elements of boxing gear are the shoes. The second-most important piece of equipment, probably, is your boxing gloves. Boxing shoes let you move quickly and stop securely, giving you full control over your movements.
The best boxing shoes let you become one with the canvas by feeling light and comfy. The worst boxing shoes have strange lumps and curves that do not conform to your feet and feel like foreign materials underneath. The issue of features and quality is another consideration.
The lifespan of some varies. Some are more comfortable, more secure, and easier to use than others. Your performance is much improved if you use actual boxing sneakers. In fact, putting on authentic boxing shoes for a rookie boxer is perhaps one of the simplest strategies to boost his performance right away.
A quality pair of boxing shoes enhances ease of movement, quickness, and power. You can move like a boxer typically moves and feel at ease in boxing stances and positions if you wear shoes designed for the sport. Additionally, you’ll have more speed and power if you can move more effectively.

Summary: The best boxing shoe is

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The lighter the shoes, the more support, and stability you have as a boxer.

The soles of good boxing shoes are made of rubber to provide the right traction in the ring. The upper material can be PU/Mesh, synthetic, nylon, polyester, or leather

Most popular brands now create unisex boxing shoes but Ringside Diablo specifically stands out for women’s boxing shoes because of their snug size fit

We recommend the Otomox Warrior for wider feet (listed above with the review)

O Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes are great for boxers with flat feet

The popular brands are Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Rival, and Venum. The budget brands are Asics, Ao lado do ringue, Título, Eterno, and Otomix. Cleto Reis e Hayabusa are specialty brands popular for their T3 e Reyes training gloves that also manufacture great shoes

Most importantly, you need Luvas de boxe e Boxing Headgear. If you already have these, look at our list of boxing equipment to help your boxing.

You can choose any of the shoes above for a gift! We also recommend you have a look at our list of non-boxing shoe ideas that can be used for gifting

Boxing shoes have several crucial functions. They give you a steadier, more accurate stance and better movement while in the ring and during a fight by offering support, grip, and protection.

Regular socks are not like boxing socks. Boxing socks are supported in shape, making them more comfortable than typical socks. They give you extra support in all the right places, making them ideal to wear with your boxing shoes.

Stability is the simplest response to this question. Boxers must avoid rolling their ankles in the middle of a round because they move around so much while fighting.

Vans are suitable footwear for lifting. This is due to the fact that Vans have flat soles that are ideal for exercises like squats and deadlifts. Vans are ideal for a casual lifter but not for a competitive powerlifter because they perform better than running shoes and cost less than specialty lifting shoes.

Have we missed out on any popular shoes? Do you own a pair and have any comments? Let us know in the comments section

Discover knockout gifts for combat sports fans and enthusiasts on our Gifts Page, just in time for the holiday season and Amazon Prime Day. Get ready to surprise your favorite fighters with the perfect presents they’ll love! You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, they are all unique and made for people who love combat sports!

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