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Best Boxing Shoes | Top 10 brands reviewed and rated

A solid pair of boxing shoes is the cornerstone of your boxing training. Shoes developed exclusively for boxing will make your exercises and training significantly more successful and pleasant, regardless of your experience level.

Regular cross-trainer athletic shoes cannot give superb ankle support and liberate your feet for effortless movement in the ring, as do the best boxing shoes. There are numerous styles of boxing shoes to pick from, and this guide will assist you in selecting the best pair for your needs.

TOP 10 Boxing shoe list

Hi-Top favorite
1. Adidas Hog Box 3 Boxing Shoes (Unisex) 1. Adidas Hog Box 3 Boxing Shoes (Unisex)

These shoes, which feature the famous Adidas pattern, are as fashionable as they are comfy. A light, airy design with excellent gum sole traction. They are designed for people with narrower feet, so those with broader feet may need to get a size up.

As far as boxing shoes go, the Box Hogs are one of the most affordable options. They're also one of the most popular. The shoe soles, in particular, are not intended to be worn outside of the ring or gym on a regular basis. In the locker room, you'll surely want to change your shoes. The most prevalent color combination appears to be black and white, but additional colors are available in different areas. Other Box Hog versions available are Box Hog Special

05/26/2022 12:27 am GMT

2. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes 2. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

The Venum Elite range has a more flamboyant appearance, with black trim and various shiny, colorful accents. This shoe was designed with a tight fit and enough ankle and arch support and is available in multiple colors.

The shoe provides lightness, strength, stability, and grip. It also provides explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly, offering comfort and protection to the boxer.

Venum Elite sneakers will set you back a little more than standard boxing footwear. Rubber outsoles and glued insoles help to keep you from slipping. Although this is a recent product, it was developed with the help of professional boxers Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt.

05/26/2022 12:07 am GMT

3. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes (Unisex) 3. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes (Unisex)

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are contemporary in style and usher in a new generation of high performance ring footwear and are suitable for both wrestling and boxing. These sport-specific shoes have a patent leather vinyl finish and a low-top ankle for ease of movement and ankle support.

Made with a breathable nylon mesh pattern and a non-slip rubber sole for added comfort and safety while fighting.

These are available for both men nd women so please see size chart with foot measurements to help determine sizing - (Women size 7 = Men size 5) Men's sizes.

Men's shoes are available in all colors except Pink while women's sizes are only available in pink

  • Good fit
  • Reliable traction
  • Dependable support
  • Loose/shifty insole, rubber rim at the bottom comes off after use
  • Laces are a bit long
  • Need to select the right size after reviewing
05/25/2022 11:49 pm GMT

4. Title Boxing Elite Mid Boxers 4. Title Boxing Elite Mid Boxers

The Title Mid Boxers are super lightweight and sporty. The upper nylon weave and synthetic leather accents create a performance shoe that breathes and keeps athletes cool and dry.

The rubber soles are ribbed for speed, quickness, and traction and help provide a lower center of gravity.

Although feature-packed for the price, the durability and quality of the shoes are not the best, and if you can spend a few more dollars, we would recommend picking up a higher-priced boxing shoe.

  • Fits well and looks good
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great price
  • Review sizes before ordering
  • Durability of shoes is short
05/26/2022 12:30 am GMT

5. Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes (Unisex) 5. Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes (Unisex)

The Hayabusa Pro boxing shoes combine traction, stability, and comfort for the ultimate shoe in the ring. The lightweight design and custom outsole allow for explosive agility with an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots.

The shoes provide explosive agility with their lightweight design, traction for pinpoint pivots with the grooved soles and a supportive fit with cushioned insoles.

The flexible rubber outsole, mid-height ankle support, microfiber leather and mesh make this a favorite amongst professional and amateur boxers. These would go great with the Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves.

05/25/2022 11:56 pm GMT

6. Otomix Warrior Boxing Shoes 6. Otomix Warrior Boxing Shoes

The Otomix Warrior is another all-purpose MMA/Boxing/Weightlifting shoe. This type of shoe is not popular among boxing purists, but it does work well in a variety of sports. The laces tuck neatly beneath the Otomix proprietary tongue design, and the shoes are mid-height for fantastic ankle support. For boxing, the clean and tight sense of having no laces flapping around is fantastic.

The shoes are dubbed "Ninja Warrior" for a reason: they're light but supportive, with a thin, gripping outsole that makes you feel swift and nimble in the ring. These would be ideal if you have broader toes, as they have a slightly wider toe box region while remaining true to size overall.

05/26/2022 12:23 am GMT

7. Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes 7. Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes

Everlast Elite are formulated as a hybrid shoe for gym workouts and boxing.

These shoes have a strongly textured shoe tread, unlike shoes with smooth, gum-based soles. The textured soles are intended to provide traction for better footwork. For gym sessions, they have a somewhat heavier structure and provide greater support around the foot. These are perfect for lateral mobility and multi-faceted training days because they have tread and extra ankle support.

The shoes are priced in the center of the pack, making them a viable alternative for a wide range of customers. They come in a variety of fashionable hues, including black, blue, and red, and include a mesh fabric for ventilation and lightness. The fact that they are intended for numerous training possibilities is possibly the best aspect. These may be a suitable choice if you need a shoe for a variety of boxing-related exercises other than sparring.

05/26/2022 12:16 am GMT

High Top
8. Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes 8. Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes

The Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes are very comfortable and durable thanks to their genuine leather and suede construction. The Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes also belong to the “higher price” category, but offer a marginally different look and feel. They are suitable for people who prefer the feel of high-tops snugged into the calf.

The Cleto Reyes shoes are real high-top boxing shoes, and they ride high up on the shin. They do, however, offer incredible support and stability. Also, the material is flexible, being built from genuine leather. As a result of that, the shoe sides are comfortable, soft, and subtle.

Additionally, thanks to the side zipper feature, it is easy to pull on the Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes. All you need to do is slip them on, zip them up, and cinch the laces up, and you are good to go.

These shoes are especially built to take you through tough and intense matches, and that is why a professional boxer like Robinson Castellanos has used them at various stages in his career.

  • Very comfortable
  • Offers excellent ample support
  • Great dexterity and footwork
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Quite expensive
  • The wide lacing design may not be for everybody
05/26/2022 12:04 am GMT

9. Rival RSX Guerrero Mid Top Boxing Boots 9. Rival RSX Guerrero Mid Top Boxing Boots

The Rival Boxing RSX-Guerrero Deluxe Mid-Top Boxing Boots have been specifically engineered for both training and competition. Constructed with a mid-top design, they provide optimal ankle support and stability. The carbon fiber textured heel cap ensures added support and a longer boot life. The Guerrero Deluxe also has an improved inner fit for maximum comfort as well as breathable mesh on both sides for ventilation.

This boot features an upgraded version of Rival's classic sole with an improved rubber compound for better traction and durability. The sole also includes an inner steel shaft for optimized performance and a longer life. The RSX-Guerrero Deluxe is designed to work for boxers at any level. These shoes are made from high-quality PU leather and an ultra-resistant rubber sole. They are recommended for both professional and amateur users.

05/26/2022 03:20 pm GMT

10. Nike Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes 10. Nike Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes

Can any shoe list not have Nike in it? Well, Nike no longer carries the HyperKO on their official website, but instead they have the beautiful Nike Inflict 3, which are originally wrestling shoes but can also be used as boxing shoes for training.

05/26/2022 12:10 am GMT

Other notable shoes to consider beyond the Top 10 listed above

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes – Best boxing shoes for flat feet

Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes (Unisex)

Ringside Undefeated Boxing and wrestling shoes

Otomix Stringray Escape Shoes for Wrestling, MMA, and Boxing

ASICs Matflex Wrestling Shoes

Buying Guide: Factors to consider before buying a boxing shoe?

If you are serious about your boxing and you don’t want to end up with a pair of boxing you can’t use, there are some important factors you need to take into consideration before making your purchase. Your failure to follow these tips may result in you buying a pair of shoes that will not serve your needs.

  • High Top vs Low TopAlthough High Tops are considered the “classic” boxing shoe, Low Tops are also very popular. 
    Choose High-Top boxing shoes if you know you’ll need extra ankle support or if you intend to compete. 
    Choose an excellent Low Top boxing shoe if you are beginner who plans to conduct largely sparring, shadow boxing, and heavy bag exercises with the occasional fight.
  • Boxing vs Wrestling ShoesWhen looking for boxing shoes, you’ll notice that many wrestling shoes are also offered to boxers. 
    They have lot in common in terms of look, but there are few important differences. Wrestling shoes typically have rubber soles that wrap up the sides of the foot, providing grip on the mat from all kinds of positions. A specialized boxing shoe has stiffer soles with less tread, allowing your feet to glide with ease on the floor or canvas.
  • Sole MaterialThe soles of boxing shoes are usually made of rubber or leather. Leather soles allow for the best footwork in the ring, but they provide less traction. Rubber soles are becoming increasingly popular since they are lightweight and provide better traction. 
    The soles of decent boxing shoes provide good grip while not impeding your footwork.
  • Upper Material – The upper materials on boxing shoes are typically a mix of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. Most top boxing shoes are made from a mix of leather and synthetic nylon. Leather provided comfort and support, while nylon is lightweight and breathable.
  • Ankle SupportAll of the shoes we looked at have good amount of ankle support. If you plan on fighting at any point, ankle support is critical, and high tops are the way to go.
  • Sole thickness – Sole thickness is a key factor in your consideration of buying a boxing shoe. Thin soles are recommended if you want more grip and control for your shoes. Nevertheless, some professional boxers have a preference for thicker soles as they are more comfortable
  • Shoe weight  – ​Nowadays, you will find a lot of very lightweight boxing shoes that give maximum support and stability in the market. While they are usually more expensive than other shoes, you will get a real value for your money with the ultralight boxing shoes. These ultralight boxing shoes are made using advanced technology and top-quality materials.
  • Size – Most boxing shoes fit like any other athletic shoe. There are some exceptions where they are only sized in full sizes (9, 10, 11, etc.). Some boxing shoes also run a little narrow, so be sure to read the sizing info carefully before ordering. For the lady fighters out there, look at ordering 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than the Men’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy should a boxing shoe be? The lighter the shoes, the more support, and stability you have as a boxer.

What material should a good boxing shoe be made of? The soles of good boxing shoes are made of rubber to provide the right traction in the ring. The upper material can be PU/Mesh, synthetic, nylon, polyester, or leather

What are the best shoes for women? Most popular brands now create unisex boxing shoes but Ringside Diablo specifically stands out for women’s boxing shoes because of their snug size fit

What are the best shoes for wide feet? We recommend the Otomox Warrior for wider feet (listed above with the review)

What are the best shoes for flat feet? The Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes are great for boxers with flat feet

What are the best brands for boxing shoes? The popular brands are Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Rival, and Venum. The budget brands are Asics, Ringside, Title, Everlast, and Otomix. Cleto Reyes and Hayabusa are specialty brands popular for their T3 and Reyes training gloves that also manufacture great shoes

What other equipment do I need to start boxing? Most importantly, you need Boxing Gloves and Boxing Headgear. If you already have these, look at our list of boxing equipment to help your boxing.

Recap of Our Top 10 Boxing Shoes

05/26/2022 12:10 am GMT

Have we missed out on any popular boxing shoes? Do you own a pair and have any comments? Let us know in the comments section

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