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Best Boxing Equipment – 2023 Updated

For many years now, we have committed to recommending the best boxing-related gear to our readers, and thankfully, we have been able to help many readers buy the best boxing equipment over the years. We are at it again in the recently concluded year and have recommended hundreds of products to our readers this year.

If you are curious to learn which ones they loved the most out of all the products recommended last year, continue reading as we unveil them in the subsequent paragraphs.



1. Boxing Gloves

The first piece of equipment any boxer should have is a pair of boxing gloves. Below, we have listed a pair of low-budget, mid-budget, and high-budget gloves that you could use for boxing. For more gloves options, visit our Best Boxing Gloves list

Low Budget Gloves: Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

With a form that effortlessly adapts to your fist, these professional-style gloves are meant to deliver the best punching experience possible. The dual-layer foam padding is dense enough to provide excellent shock absorption while also avoiding hand fatigue.

Everlast Pro gloves provide excellent value for money when compared to their pricing but are ideal only for non-contact cardio-type workouts, fitness or for light bag work sessions.

If you’re a serious boxer, Everlast Pro Style are not the gloves you’re looking for. While the low price may look tempting, you will most likely find yourself wishing you’d spent the extra money on a nicer pair. Your wrists will thank you if you spend those extra dollars!

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03/11/2023 09:23 am GMT
Best Overall
Mid Budget Gloves: Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves are one of the best boxing gloves we recommend. They are built with the finest materials and best in class foam padding that offer incredible protection to your knuckles and wrists. The dual strap wrist support ensures that your wrists stay aligned & protected even when you throw bad punches. What really stands out is the inner fabric which feels smooth and keeps your hands cool and less sweaty.

If you are in the market for a new pair of boxing gloves that will stand up to the test, the Hayabusa T3 is a great pair of gloves to get.

  • Fantastic wrist support
  • One of the best-looking gloves
  • Premium quality end to end
  • They can get quite tight when you wear them on hand wraps
  • It can take some time to break into them as the foam is hard
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Best Quality
High Budget Gloves: Winning Lace-up Gloves

Winning is widely regarded as the BEST BOXING GLOVES in the world of combat sports. Over the years, the Japanese brand has retained not just its brand respect but more importantly its quality control. There isn't any hype unlike other brands and they are not dependent on sponsorships. Winning gloves have become the defacto standard for professionals around the world. No gimmicky marketing or annual redesigns just simply amazing gloves. The gold standard and a favorite among professionals and serious amateurs alike.

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2. Boxing Headgear

Boxing headgear is one of the most important pieces of equipment you should have for training. We have listed a value-for-money headgear below but if you want to choose from more headgear options, visit our Top 10 Boxing Headgear list

Venum Elite Headgear

For added protection, choose the Venum elite iron headgear, it is reinforced with a high-density foam. The elite iron headgear has been specially designed to ensure a proper fit. It consists of tightening laces on top and Velcro tightening at the back for a perfect fit. Comfortable, lightweight, strong and efficient: the elite iron headgear is the best headgear offered by the brand. The high-density foam for optimum shock absorption

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3. Boxing Shoes

Boxers choose to use regular trainers for their boxing practice but a pair of boxing shoes can do a lot more for your agility. We have listed below one of our favorite boxing shoes but for more shoes options, visit our Best Boxing Shoes list

Hi-Top favorite
Adidas Hog 3 (Unisex)

These shoes, which feature the famous Adidas pattern, are as fashionable as they are comfy. A light, airy design with excellent gum sole traction. They are designed for people with narrower feet, so those with broader feet may need to get a size up.

As far as boxing shoes go, the Box Hogs are one of the most affordable options. They're also one of the most popular. The shoe soles, in particular, are not intended to be worn outside of the ring or gym on a regular basis. In the locker room, you'll surely want to change your shoes. The most prevalent color combination appears to be black and white, but additional colors are available in different areas. Other Box Hog versions available are Box Hog Special

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4. Punching Mitts

While being a trainer is not exactly an easy job, a pair of punching mitts makes things a bit less difficult. Below we list a low budget and high budget pair of punching mitts

Low Budget Mitts: Sanabul Essential Punching Mitts
$39.99 $27.99

Sanabul Essential Boxing Mitts are a good pair of punching mitts for training and sparring and can be used for boxing and MMA.

Featuring a Santec super-light form that is shock-absorbent and prevents the trainer from getting fatigued, this Sanabul’s pair of mitts guarantees great protection, which means minimum aches when training.

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High Budget Punching Mitts: Ringside Panther
$79.99 $72.77

The Ringside Panther Punching Mitts are excellent mitts that caught the attention of our readers last year, and that’s in no small part thanks to their superb durability, incredible construction, perfect fit, and affordable price.

The mitts are produced using genuine leather, rather than synthetic leather, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to quick wear and tear.

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5. Punching Bags

Not all of us can afford to go to a boxing gym, so a one-time investment into a punching bag is great for any boxer, beginner or expert. Below, we list a couple of our favorite options 

Aqua Bruiser Bag

The Aqua Training Bag is a 120-pound heavy punching bag that is ideal for all boxers (beginners to champions). This is versatile as it can be suspended from a ceiling mount or attached to the bag stand.

The thick-walled vinyl exterior and the water-filled interior allow you to throw the hardest of punches on these bad boys! We highly recommend getting one of these.

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Best for Beginners
FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag w/ Boxing Gloves
$209.99 $189.99

FITVEN freestanding punching bag can give you an incredibly intense workout. Round kicks, front kicks, side kicks, this bag will take it all. A stellar full-body workout is great for building muscles and burning calories while also improving balance, reaction time, and even focus. 

Fitven punching bags stand approximately 70 inches and allow you to develop throwing strikes targeted at the entire range of the body. They are suitable for the whole family workout-adults, teens, and kids (47-73 inches tall). This is also a great gift for stress release and strength building! The Dual TPU provides a great shock absorbing system, and the 5mm thick ABS round base provides a stable floor-sucking base. 

  • Durable and reliable
  • Profession protection
  • Silencing layer provides silent workouts
  • Works for everyone above 7 years
  • Fill with sand for for stability
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6. Hand wraps for Boxing

Boxers tend to injure their hands and wrists if they aren’t using the right protection. That is why we recommend using the right pair of hand wraps under their gloves.  Read our article on how to use hand wraps

Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps are a great pair of handwraps that protect your hands and wrists. It measures around 180 inches in length to guarantee safe wrapping support. These wraps are also wider and thicker than most hand wraps, which considerably improves hand support and durability.

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7. Punch Trackers

If you are serious about improving your boxing skills, a punch tracker can help. It tracks the number of punches you throw and the velocity of your punches.

Best Wearable
Hykso Punch Tracker

The Hykso Punch Trackers assist in monitoring punch output in real time, while also helping you analyze and break down your combos.

Fighters will be able to monitor speed and intensity during each training or sparring session and compare data to better monitor their progress.

The Hykso Punch Tracker includes capabilities such as Punch Speed, Punch Count and Intensity score.

A punch tracker helps in measurement and improvement, thus making it a perfect boxing gift and equipment, regardless of boxing skill level. If the Hykso punch tracker is too expensive, check out other boxing tracking options here

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8. Mouthguards

Having a high-quality mouthguard is key for any boxer and below we share our favorites.

Venum "Challenger" Mouthguard
$14.99 $12.73

The Venum Challenger Mouthguard is a cost-effective mouthguard that every boxer must have. With its cutting-edge design which allows for optimum breathing and the Nexfit gel frame, it offers superior comfort and is a must have equipment for all boxers.

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9. Glove Cleaners

An important part of owning boxing equipment, especially gloves and shoes, is to make sure they stay and smell fresh. Read our article on ‘How to clean boxing gloves’ for a list of options. Below, we share our favorite cleaning option

Our Pick
Meister Glove Deodorizers for Boxing
$14.99 $12.99

Meister Glove deodorizers or glove dogs can be used to absorb unwanted moisture and odor from boxing gloves. With the different fragrance options, this product will leave your gloves smelling fresh with Cedar, Fresh Linen, Cologne or Lavender aroma.

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10. Boxing T-Shirt

Safe Gift
Right Hook Loading Please Wait T-Shirt

This Right Hook - Loading Please Wait t-shirt is a fun apparel for boxing aficionados. Available in solid colors and can be machine washed. Makes a great gift for any boxer.

T-shirts are more often than not a safe bet for pretty much anyone. Particularly a fighter! And this fun red hook boxing t-shirt is the perfect example of why. Sure to gain some laughs as well as respect, this shirt is a cut above the rest in its simple design that speaks loud and clear! Available in a few different color options and tons of sizing, this tee is perfect for any boxer or any skill level.

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You may also be interested in reading: 10 Muhammad Ali T-Shirts That Every Fan Needs to Own

11. Ringside Cobra Reflex Punching Bag

Best Reflex Ball
$299.99 $257.26

You mimic the action in the ring for a satisfying cardio workout and increase your hits with this Ringside Punching Bag at the gym or home. The new version is revamped with improved quality and steel strength to create an indestructible punching bag. The strong industrial quality steel alloy spring enables fast action punching and can withstand the most rigorous gym use and is adjustable from 5' to 7' high. It is ideal to improve your foot speed and reflexes. Fill base tank with 140 lbs. of water or sand.

  • Great for workouts
  • Good for speed and reflexes
  • Items are not very durable
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12. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

boxing fitness training equipment

Whether you chose to believe it or not, skipping rope training is one of the most powerful and effective workouts for anyone looking to get fit and stay in shape. With that being said, there aren’t many jump ropes that are better than the Survival and Cross Jump Rope in the market. Judging by the reviews and the numbers, our readers seem to enjoy using this boxing gear a lot. 

Made to be lightweight to allow for extra speed and featuring tapered handles to improve your natural wrist action, I don’t think this jumping rope can be praised enough, and I don’t think our readers will disagree.

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Before you leave, read our How to setup boxing equipment at home article

Please let us know if you have any further thoughts about boxing equipment

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