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Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves: Detailed Review

If you’re a mixed martial artist or a beginner, intermediate, or experienced boxer looking for a pocket-friendly high-quality boxing glove, the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves are undoubtedly among the best ones currently available in the market.

With the S4 gloves, you can undoubtedly see a lot of action. Discover what makes these gloves so unique by reading our detailed review on the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves.


The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves is ideal for you if you have just begun your boxing career and consider yourself a novice. This Hayabusa boxing gloves kit offers the finest value for the money.

Hayabusa have created the greatest introductory glove package at a cost that most novice boxers would find difficult to resist.

These gloves are incredibly comfortable and are made with premium quality materials. They are presentable, supportive, and sturdy. Compared to more conventional Thai gloves, you will be quite pleased with the S4 purchase.

About The Hayabusa Brand

A rising brand in the world of boxing and MMA that produces some of the greatest fightwear products including boxing gloves is Hayabusa. All of their boxing equipment is quite popular and of the highest quality.

They have established themselves in the mainstream market because they deliver consistent upgrades that are cutting-edge. To guarantee that they do not overlook any important components, every release is thoroughly examined.

Most fightwear companies do not focus as much on upgrading their products especially after they have seen success with a product line. Hayabusa places such a high premium on being the best in the market that they do not overlook small details. The risk of injury reduces drastically when using Hayabusa products

Although Hayabusa‘s price point is higher than most gloves, it is great value for money due to its quality. Hayabusa features distinctive looking gloves made of unique material. If you regularly train in a hybrid style of muay thai and boxing, their gloves are highly recommended.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing GlovesProduct Description

The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves are an innovative take on a more traditional form of boxing gloves that may catch the attention of ardent fans. These gloves are of competition-level design and quality.

One of the least expensive boxing gloves is the Hayabusa S4. They come with a multitude of colors. A free set of 180-inch black hand wraps which usually sell for $15, is included with the S4s.

These gloves are intended for fighters who are just starting out and are searching for a terrific pair of well-made, affordable gloves. The splinted padding around the wrist offers immense support with a cozy fit while you practise.

Say no to perspiration in your eyes when training, thanks to the S4s, you can easily wipe away your sweat with its absorbable rubber thumb material. During sparring, these gloves will give you adequate wrist support.

For added protection, the velcro is quite tight and the wrist pad is very thick, preventing the gloves from coming off your hands. The finest results with these gloves will come from training 2-3 times each week.

The S4 Boxing Gloves are ideal for drills and bagwork, and keep you comfortable while you perfect your boxing techniques. They also offer great protection to your knuckles. They have an ergonomic fit, solid wrist support, and provide excellent protection.

The S4 Boxing Gloves are perfect for muay thai, boxing, kickboxing, and any other fighting activity where secure protection is required. These gloves are unlike any other, feeling comfortable from the instant you put them on.


  • Super durable
  • Comfortable and cushioned
  • It is indeed half as expensive
  • Perfect for practise and boxing drills


  • Because there is one less layer of foam in this glove than in Hayabusa‘s other gloves, it might be 25% less protective
  • When used extremely roughly, the thumb strap may come apart from the seam
  • Not for intense training sessions or bag work
  • They are so tightly fitted around the wrist that it may occasionally become unpleasant, especially for those with large hands

Materials Used for Construction of the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

The distinctive S4 gloves are made from the highest grade PU-engineered leather. Polyurethane leather, also known as PU leather, is entirely synthetic and created from split leather. It is commonly regarded as vegan.

These gloves are particularly durable since a specific coating of heavy-duty polyurethane leather is utilized in its construction. The S4 gloves are extremely long-lasting and often do not wear out quickly with moderate use.

Overall, the quality and durability of these gloves are quite good and much better than most other synthetic leather substitutes.

Stand Out Features of the S4

You have everything you need to start boxing with the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves. In order to keep the price low, Hayabusa have included one wrist support strap on their S4 Boxing Gloves series.

The last thing you want to do when starting a new activity is spend a lot of money on goods that you might only use sometimes. But these gloves are definitely here for the long haul as they are of superior quality at a very competitive price.

The S4 gloves provide a natural fit that is pre-curved offering reliable wrist support and suitable knuckle protection. The popular sweat thumb from the Hayabusa‘s T3 Boxing Gloves series is also introduced.

You have the option to select from 4 size options and 10 color options. The following sizes are offered: X-Small (10oz), Small (12oz), Medium (14oz), and Large (16oz). The different colors are as follows: Black, Blue, Charcoal, Clay, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White and Wine.

The S4 gloves’ nylon lining guards can repel water against fractures brought on by sweat or water damage. The gloves are also odor and perspiration resistant, making them simple to preserve and clean. While you’re training, the suede-like material of the S4 makes it simple to wipe away any sweat from your face.

There are far too many newcomers out there who often quit because of knuckle or wrist pain. Because of this, Hayabusa made sure to include a foam splint in their S4 gloves to support the wrists and prevent any awkward bends, and exceptional cushioning to safeguard your knuckles. You can, therefore, put in more time at the gym and train pain-free.

The exterior shell is made from robust vegan leather, which will endure for years. Molded foam padding is used to give you immense protection. Overall, these gloves are made to withstand moderate workout sessions (about 2-3 times a week)


  • Hand strain is eliminated with ergonomic design and natural fit
  • When your hands heat up, the ultra-smooth interior lining keeps you cool and perspiration free
  • Elastic bands around the palm and wrist strengthen the support
  • Sweat can be easily removed with the microfiber thumb
  • Thick padding made of molded foam
  • Belt with a wrist-mounted velcro fastening
  • The wrists are aligned and supported by splinted padding
  • Fist with thumb attached

Specifications of Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

Size Range10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz
Outer ShellSynthetic Leather
ClosureSingle Strap Hook and Loop Closure
LiningSoft Nylon Lining
Hand ProtectionInjection Molded Foam
Wrist SupportSingle Splint
ExtrasFoam Grip Bar, Perforated Palm, Wipe Away Sweat Thumb, Ergonomic Thumb Position, Aerated Mesh Palm, Attached Thumb
Best ForEntry-level
Size Specification

Other Features

Temperature Control

Heat and sweat might hinder your workout, especially if you’re just starting out. The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves have specialized inner linings that can regulate temperature.

Fit and Feel

To throw the perfect punch without hurting your knuckles or wrist, you need exact wrist alignment, coordination, and balance. Your wrists are well-fitted and completely aligned by the single-layer splinted cushioning.

Hand and knuckle sprains can be prevented by the S4’s ergonomic design and natural fit characteristics. Your wrists are kept securely in place throughout the training session with the single strap closure method.


The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves are built with an ergonomic inside pocket to maintain good hand alignment and reduce impact fatigue. No matter how hard you train, its strap ensures that your gloves are comfortable and safe.

The incredible soft lining further raises the bar for comfort. For enhanced comfort, S4 gloves also include a mesh palm and nylon inside. Even after hours of practice, you won’t feel sweat on your wrists or feel uncomfortable.


If you are just starting out in boxing, you need all the protection and help you can receive. The S4 gloves exactly do that. They were made to guard against bends and injuries during boxing.

Your hands aren’t completely protected by most boxing gloves. However, the S4 gloves provide splinted wrist support and foam padding to keep your hands fully protected.

The gloves’ minimal weight allows for simple and unrestricted hand movement. Additionally, the anatomically correct shape of the hands ensure proper closing of the fists.

Each punch’s impact is softened by the layer of injection-molded foam, reducing the possibility of hand injuries. With the S4 gloves, you can confidently refine your boxing techniques and punches.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves: Style Guide

When creating the S4, skilled designers took into account everything from knuckle area curvature to thumb ergonomics. As a result, wearing the gloves feels very natural and easy.

The S4 stands out among similar gloves of a similar price because of its anatomical, accurate, and elegant design. Each pair is made meticulously and provides unrivaled style and comfort.

For more convenience and style, you can choose the aerated mesh palm, foam grip bar, connected thumb, and wipe away sweat thumb.


The S4 gloves feel wonderful on the hands and look great. Compared to, for example, the T3 Boxing Gloves, these gloves feel considerably more streamlined, which is a fantastic break from Hayabusa‘s typical design.

The thumb region is manufactured with a somewhat more conventional shining leather, however the remainder of the palm area, as well as the knuckle area, are constructed with a matte leather with no shine to them.

They are considerably more intriguing than if they had used the same leather throughout because of the contrast between the two textures, which creates a subtle but attractive effect when it catches the light.

The embroidery on the rear of the wrist serves as the second prominent visual in addition to the Hayabusa logo on the back of the hand. The diagonal lines opposite the stitched-in Hayabusa logo create an eye-catching design.

The use of various textured leathers gives it a stylish appearance. Overall, the design is superb, and you will be noticed when you wear them.

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves: Size Guide

You can choose the padding and size that suits you best using this size chart from the official Hayabusa website.

How expensive are the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves?

The Hayabusa S4 are the cheapest gloves made by the company. It’s much more affordable than the other gloves available in the market.

The cost of a pair of Hayabusa S4 gloves is about $59, however as prices may vary depending on location, we advise you to check Amazon first.

Closing Notes

One of the best gloves available in recent times is without a doubt the Hayabusa S4 pair. They are so affordable and are definitely recommended for beginner or intermediate level mma or boxing.

If you purchase the S4 gloves, you’ll obtain one of the toughest gloves available, which will undoubtedly last you for a very long time. If you have a low budget but want good boxing gloves, these are the ones for you.

We would suggest not to use the 10oz gloves since they can be very tight for average hands. Only extremely small hands should use the 10oz gloves.

They may lead to a buildup of blood in the palms and suffocate them resulting in subsequent discomfort whenever you punch.

You also can’t wear wraps with them since your wrapped hand won’t fit in the gloves. So, we suggest you get a pair of 12 oz gloves for average hands.

Product Ratings

  • For beginners: 4.6
  • Overall: 4.7
  • Durability: 4.3
  • Value for money: 4.7
  • Comfort: 4.4

With an innovative design created to support fighters throughout their high-performance training while giving elite-level protection, Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves are ideal for muay thai.

The S4 gloves are the ideal option for all levels of training because they have been tried and are supported by years of research. Hayabusa has employed an advanced synthetic version to make the gloves long-lasting and tough.

The Japanese word “Hayabusa” refers to a “Peregrine Falcon,” which is a bird that symbolizes speed since it can dive for prey at the fastest bird-to-bird speed of 280 to 335 kph.

The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves are thought to have a lifespan of one to two years. Your gloves may become worn out after a year of intense training. Therefore, if you’ve been using the same pair of gloves for a while, you might want to consider replacing them.

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