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Boon Velcro Gloves Review

Boon Gloves Review

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Protection and Padding
Quality and Durability


Ergonomically designed Muay Thai style lace-up top quality gloves made with genuine cowhide, hand-made in Thailand.
Ideal for training and competition, these contoured gloves have a secure, snug, and firm fit.
The long cuff for superior wrist support allows for optimal air circulation keeping hands cool.
The three layers of foam ensure superb shock absorbency and excellent knuckle protection. Tested in professional Muay Thai gyms and stadiums in Thailand and worldwide, these are well-balanced gloves with optimal weight distribution and are available in different colors and sizes


Boon Gloves: Overview

Boon is one of Thailand’s fastest-growing combat sports brands and the Boon Velcro Gloves are one of their best products. This little-known Thai company is something of a rarity in the United States, but they have quite the reputation when it comes to making affordable, quality, “less flashy” gear that gets the job done and withstands the rigors of training in the hot Thai heat.

They are a provider of shin guards, Thai shorts, focus mitts, belly pads, and headgear. Their most sought-after piece of gear is their Boon Thai Velcro boxing gloves, though.



Protection and Padding

All Boon gloves are handcrafted and made to order in Thailand, straight from the Boon plant. The downside to ordering these gloves online is that the wait time can be weeks depending on where you order them, which is why they are in such high demand. They are definitely worth the wait, though.

As the Boon site explicitly states, “all leathers are top-grain cowhide.” This is not an understatement. When I first unwrapped these gloves, I was hit with a distinct “leathery” smell, which immediately let me know something was special about these gloves. They also include 3-layer foam, which offers solid protection around the knuckles and back of the hand for blocking kicks.

These gloves are often compared to Western-style boxing gloves in terms of their ergonomics. The padding is generally a little stiffer, but they still make great sparring gloves in the 16 oz variant, despite feeling lighter. The smaller variants are also great for hitting the bag, which is where these gloves excel. Unlike other Thai brands such as Twins or Top King, these gloves feel more streamlined and less “pillowy” or top-heavy.

They are a very “balanced glove” in terms of padding dispersion. You feel like the glove is an extension of your entire forearm instead of a boxing glove. This is great if you’re trying to work on your defense and not rely as much on the gloves for protection or defensive blocks. Because they are so lightweight, they make great gloves for pad work or hitting the bag because they provide good feedback and aren’t as springy as some brands.


A design fit for Muay Thai, MMA, and Western Boxing

The design of these gloves also makes them great for not just Muay Thai, but western boxing and MMA. These feature a thumb that is attached by a single piece of leather to the rest of the glove. Opening up your hand for pats, parries, blocks, and grabbing the back of the head isn’t a problem at all. And for MMA practice, these are good for allowing takedowns and clinching. The grip bar within these gloves is also not too big or too small and is made of soft leather that stretches across the entire width of the palm.

Another added benefit of these gloves is how cool they stay. Each glove features 7 holes directly under the grip bar of the palm. I’m sure the training conditions in Thailand had some factor in the design of these gloves and how cool they stayed after long practices. The interior is lined with soft materials, which again, are probably a factor in how cool they stay.

Like most Thai brands, when you first purchase them, they do fit very snugly. It’s not as snug as Top King, but it will take a few sessions to break in. Once they do, they conform to your hands and form a perfect fit. They are on the tighter side of Muay Thai gloves, but many see this as a benefit.

Where these gloves shine, though, is in their wrist protection, which is something that puts these gloves above Fairtex and Top Kings for me. A very large Velcro strap extends almost down your forearm when you put these gloves on, locking your fist and forearms in place. The Velcro itself is very sturdy and would last a long time after taking a beating. No issues with the glove moving around during training were seen either.


Boon Gloves: Quality and Durability

There had been some complaints in the past that quality control at Boon was an issue, but those issues seem to have been worked out, and I’ve seen nothing but praise for these gloves, myself included.

The stitching is very well done; frayed edges or uneven stitching were not apparent, and the padding seems to hold up well. There is some movement on the padding at the back of the palm, but these gloves can take a beating and show little wear and tear.

I would, however, suggest using the gloves for either pad work/bag work or sparring, not both together. The padding in these gloves would not seem to hold up over an extended period of punching the bag and then hard sparring. That’s not to say they bottom out easily, but it could always be an issue and is why you should have a separate pair of training gloves for the bag/pads than for sparring.

Boon Gloves Design

As stated before, these gloves are “less flashy” and take a minimalistic approach. Boon is known for its chocolatey classic brown, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their colors. The colors do not bleed at all, and the logo doesn’t experience any peeling.

Their newly designed logo brings a nice old-school look to the gloves. The Thai logo and patch on the velcro strap add an old-school element to these gloves as well. These gloves come in solid black, red, blue, white, pink, or brown, or a two-tone with white on the palm. The brown is a Boon best seller though, so it’s worth checking out. Some may dislike the “plainness” of the glove, while others will love it.

White - - Boon Gloves Red - Boon Gloves Brown - Boon Gloves Black-White - Boon Gloves


Boon Gloves: Alternatives

Find some alternatives to the Boon Gloves below

Boon Gloves Review: Pros and Cons

Balanced feel of the gloves and padding on the back of the hand for kicks
Large velcro wrist support
Cowhide leather
Attached thumb
Ventilation and inside padding keeps the gloves very cool
Classic style design of the gloves
Not as “pillowy” as some brands which maybe preferred for hard sparring

Boon Gloves Cost

These gloves average around $150 for a pair, which is a great price. Just make sure you ensure where it is being shipped from so you have an all-inclusive price (including shipping).

Boon Training Boxing Gloves

Boon Gloves are by far the most comfortable piece of gear I’ve bought to use for training, and not just in terms of boxing gloves. If you’re looking for an all-around great pair of gloves. They work well as either a bag glove, for pad work, or sparring with enough padding and wrist support to keep you hitting for days. We have received numerous compliments about these gloves from others who have tried them on and I’m sure you will too if you give them a try.

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