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BoxingGlovesReviews.com was started by Mantas,About BoxingGlovesReviews.com a proponent of mixed martial arts for many years now; he competed, and still does, in various traditional martial arts, boxing, Muay Thai, MMA tournaments, and sporting events.

This website was created to help you make a smart choice on your next pair of good boxing gloves by providing thorough reviews, including pros and cons, and feedback from other athletes. We know how difficult it sometimes is to make this choice, especially with the wide range of offers available in today’s market.

Why Boxing Gloves Reviews?

Back in the day, I thought there was hardly any difference in quality between most types of gloves. I also couldn’t afford to buy any of the expensive pairs at the time – I would always choose the cheapest ones in the shop. Thus, I suffered the consequences: constant wrists, thumbs, and knuckles injuries. Cheap gloves didn’t provide enough protection and stability during punching. Sometimes my whole hand would hurt due to the insecure and uncomfortable position in the glove. Aside from that, cheap gloves would always make my hands sweat and tear too quickly.

Finding an ideal set of gloves was not an easy task by any means; the market of combat sports equipment and accessories is colossal with just as massive a range of boxing gloves choices. I spent a long time trying to research every single pair out there – reading articles on the internet, asking around, weighing pros and cons, and inquiring other athletes for their opinion.

How are boxing gloves reviews being conducted?

Like I have mentioned previously, the market for fighting gear is so enormous that even if I and my team would be writing boxing gloves reviews every single day, we would never catch up with the products that are coming out. Therefore, I made a conscious decision to review only the most popular, well-received boxing gloves that customers are always happy with using. I don’t see any reason why we should waste our, and especially your time with information on poor boxing gloves that nobody wishes to wear.

Reviews are based not only on our personal experience but also on the experience of other athletes. We read every single article and feedback available online; We analyze sales from online stores and manufacturers’ descriptions of the product.

However, you have to keep in mind that not every pair of boxing gloves that have been positively reviewed will fit your needs. You have to evaluate what you’re looking for in your next set of gloves: are you going to be using them for sparring sessions, boxing bags, or competitions?

Final Word

I honestly hope that our boxing gloves reviews will help you decide what your next pair of boxing gloves is going to be. We will do our best to take a look at as many gloves as we possibly can. If, by any chance, you found our reviews helpful, please do not hesitate to leave feedback that will help us improve and develop this website further — you can do so by leaving a comment at the bottom of the review. In case you have any questions regarding a specific type of boxing gloves or any other type of fighting gear, please do not hesitate to leave a comment there with your question.

Thank you for visiting our website, and good luck with your searches!

Update: BGR was acquired by Munaro Ventures and is now run by a group of professional boxers, fighters and journalists. We aspire to help you make the best buying decisions with honest reviews.