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8 Best Martial Arts Weapons: 2024 Review

Throughout history, humans have developed a wide range of martial arts weapons that have evolved over time. These weapons serve different purposes like law enforcement, combat, and hunting. Martial arts go beyond using just fists; they make extensive use of weapons that act as extensions of the human body, greatly increasing the wielder’s effectiveness. Mastering a weapon is essential for comprehensive training, offering a significant edge in a fight. Practicing with weapons enhances hand-eye coordination, speed, self-defense skills, reflexes, and overall strength.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best weapons used in martial arts.

Detailed Review Of Best Martial Arts Weapons

LoGest Nunchucks

Logest Nunchucks - Pack of 2 with Storage Bag Safe Foam Rubber & Steel Chain Training Nunchakus for Kids or Adults

The next time you want to increase your flexibility, consider practicing with this set of foam nunchakus for kids and adults from LoGest. This item was made with skill and high-quality materials to help improve your reflexes as you practice different techniques.

As a result, you'll have fun and get some exercise while also improving your flexibility and coordination. They are the ideal training tools for those who practice karate or who just want to increase their body agility because they are light-weight and small.

It is frequently employed in Okinawan martial arts and karate. The nunchakus are regarded as a fantastic training tool that fosters quicker movements and enhances posture.

The Japanese and Ryukyuan languages are the sources of the word nunchaku. The word itself comes from a small tool that farmers in Southeast Asia used to thresh rice or soybeans.

Despite being employed in martial arts today, the nunchaku's original form was created in China as agricultural equipment resembling a wheat, rice, or soy flail. It was eventually used in other countries throughout the world, including Japan, Russia, Korea, and India.

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PHYSKOW Rope Dart Meteor Hammer Exercise Ball

PHYSKOW Rubber Meteor Hammer for Beginners Exercise Ball Chinese Kungfu Traditional Martial Arts Soft Equipment

The rope dart hammer exercise ball was created especially for people new to martial arts. The hammer head is made of highly elastic rubber, and the metal connector is an integrated ring of 304 stainless steel with a falling nut that prevents separation during prolonged use.

The special cotton rope is knot-free and has a good grip. Martial arts enthusiasts can practice safely with the rubber meteor hammer. A flexible weapon with a metal dart tied to one end of a long rope is known as a rope dart, or sheng bio in Mandarin Chinese.

Flexible and simple to hide, the rope dart is a weapon. This was regarded as one of the more lethal weapons in ancient China and consisted of a huge steel dart fastened to the end of a 12-foot rope. Rope-dart training differs from that of other covert weapons.

The rope enables it to fire darts because of its strength. Aiming is difficult, though. When practicing, mark two chalk circles on the wall with a diameter of about one foot and a height equal to the practitioner's shoulder.

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MAKOTO Chinese Hook Swords

MAKOTO Chinese Hook Swords Set of 2 Silver

The unusual combination of the Makoto Hook Swords includes two swords. These polished metal alloy swords stand out from other swords thanks to their distinctive hooked ends. Each sword has a single halberd and a handle covered in cloth. Stainless steel is used for its construction.

The Tiger Hook Swords, also known as Fu Tau Ngau or Seung Ngau, are a uniquely Chinese weapon that is unmatched in the rest of the world. It is a weapon that is both deadly and challenging to master, with a highly odd shape. It was never employed by the army, most likely as a result of the latter.

The Makoto Hook Swords' unusual design makes them formidable and incredibly effective weapons. Their many edges give them a lot of destructive power, and their design lets them be used at short, medium, and long distances.

The main blade, when used as a straight sword at a medium distance, allows us to use cutting and blocking techniques. We can use hooking and pulling techniques, such as digging into the flesh and severing muscles, ligaments, and tendons, or pulling the enemy's weapon to make it useless. The sword can also be lunged forward using the exterior edge of the hooks.

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DTYES Full Handmade Katana Sword

DTYES Full Handmade 1060 Carbon Steel/1095 High Carbon Steel Katana Sword Real Sharp Japanese Samurai Sword

The Dtyes Katana Sword is a 100 percent handmade samurai sword constructed of 1095 high-carbon steel. In China, the blade of this katana was made through a number of Longquan processes: hot forging, deadening, shoveling, grinding, truing, heat treatment, repair, and tempering.

The blade's color is a result of the red-backed finish. The blade has a 54 HRC hardness and is firmly fixed with two bamboo nails so that it can cut off a bamboo by striking only once. This katana is an expert swordsmith's perfect creation, making it irresistible to look at. This is a razor-sharp sword that is always prepared for combat.

Many of these swords are highly valued as works of art because of their gorgeous shape, which has had symbolic importance in addition to its function as a weapon since ancient times. Treasure swords like the Amenomurakumono are seen as a sign of strength by long-lived families and shrines, like the imperial family.

They were also an important part of spiritual culture. The military government saw them as the opposite of "the very soul of the samurai." The toshin (blade body) and nakago (core) are combined through the folding and forging of two different metals, soft iron and hard, brittle steel. The Nakago has holes (to attach the blade's body to the handle's Tsuka with pin fasteners).

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Rubber Foam Practice Bo Staff

Rubber Foam Practice Bo Staff - 4'

With minimal danger of damage, training and practicing your bo skills and techniques on this rubber foam bo staff is great. The 1/4-inch rubber foam surrounds a 1-1/4-inch plastic core. The total diameter is 1-3/4 and is available in versions 50 and 72.

The Bo (staff) is an Okinawan (Japan) martial arts weapon. This staff is a long wooden weapon traditionally made of oak and roughly 6 feet in length. In contrast, the shorter Jo is approximately 4 feet in length.

Many martial arts train with wooden staffs (Bo and Jo), including Bojutsu, Aikido, Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, and some Bujutsu schools. Moreover, the Bo is used in many weapon forms.

The Bo is efficient against the majority of other martial arts weapons and can be used to heat, block, and thrust an opponent. A classic Bojutsu move entails blocking an opponent's blow with the top of the staff before swiftly counter-attacking with the bottom end.

The time between a block and a blow in a skilled practitioner's hands will be extremely brief. The Bo is one of the hardest martial arts weapons to defend against for this reason, among others.

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Ultimate Polypropylene Hard Plastic Kama

Ultimate - Polypropylene Hard Plastic Kama - Black (Large)

Ultimate's Polypropylene Hard Plastic Kama is made of a material called polypropylene that is both lighter and more durable than wooden or steel weapons.

Since polypropylene is practically unbreakable, these training weapons are the best ones currently available. They have the advantages of being nearly unbreakable, remarkably stiff, and cut-resistant, even though they are not quite as rigid as wood.

In advanced kama forms, a short strap is attached to the bottom of the kama. This strap is used to quickly swing or spin the kama to attack. It takes a lot of talent and coordination to master this kama technique, often known as the "flying kama."

As with all martial arts weapons, it is best to learn how to use the kama from a skilled teacher. Beginners should start by practicing with kamas made of foam or wood. When a student is practicing with this weapon, only a trained martial arts teacher should be there.

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Playwell Martial Arts Kunai Ninja Training Knife

12-Piece Kunai Throwing Knife Set

With the help of these Kunai Ninja Training Knives, you can practice with some of the most well-liked knife designs in a relatively safe manner. A Kunai is a weapon of Japanese roots; its name translates to "without trouble."

This knife has been carefully made to look as real as possible so that it can be used for solo practice, disarm drills, training drills, demonstrations, and any other activity where you want to get close to reality without the extreme danger and risk of an actual knife.

Because they are made of the unbreakable material polypropylene, these training knives may be the last knives you ever need. The overall length is 12 inches. Traditionally, the Kunai's tip was the only part that was sharpened.

This thing, which is actually a tool, dates back to the Sengoku period and was used to farm and garden. Similar to that, this weapon might serve different purposes. One of these involved using it as a hoe, a standard knife, or even a little shovel.

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BladesUSA Octagon Metal Sai Set

BladesUSA - Octagon Metal Sai Set - Training Equipment – Solid Steel w/ Mirror Polished Finish, Leather Wrapped Handles

Two 15-inch octagonal sai knives are included in the BladesUSA Octagon Metal Sai Set. They have a mirror-shine finish and are made of solid, high-quality steel that is extremely durable.

They have no sharp edges, making them perfect for cosplay, LARP, and collections. To give the handles an oriental flair, they are wrapped in golden leather.

Like so many other things in martial arts, the actual start of the sai is fairly elusive. The concept did not originate in Okinawa, which is the only thing that is certain. Even though we usually think of karate and ninjas when we hear the word "sai" from Japan, this is still true.

The three-pronged sai is a martial arts weapon that can be used to block and trap enemy assaults. The hilt of the sword, or the truncheon, is utilized in addition to the blade to hit the adversary. The sai was created in Asia, but it is most often linked to Japanese fighting styles like Karate and Okinawan Kobudo.

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History of Martial Arts Weapons

Weapons have been important in martial arts throughout history. Some are intended to disarm, while others are intended to inflict lethal wounds. Many styles still use them in training and competition today.
The traditional katana blade of the aristocratic samurai, as well as metal whips, claws, longbows, and a straightforward wooden staff, are examples of weapons used in martial arts. The weapons used in martial arts differ by culture, historical period, and fighting style, but they are all potent.
The ancient weapon-makers of Asia had a reputation for innovation and style that was unparalleled, producing everything from nunchucks and basic wooden tonfa to precious swords and enormous hammers. However, their weapons weren’t only beautiful; they were also lethal.
Weapons used in Japanese martial arts, in particular, were multipurpose. A chain weapon might be used for climbing or for assault. A wooden staff could be a breathing tube, a blowgun, or a weapon of war. Samurai used a variety of swords for various purposes.


In conclusion, the world of martial arts is rich with a diverse array of weapons that have evolved through the ages. From ancient times to the present, these weapons have been utilized for law enforcement, combat, hunting, and self-defense. Mastering these weapons offers martial artists a distinctive advantage, elevating their skill set and capabilities in various confrontations. Whether enhancing hand-eye coordination, speed, reflexes, or overall strength, these weapons have proven to be invaluable assets in the hands of adept practitioners. As we conclude this post, there is just one more thing to mention, please exercise extreme caution while using these potent weapons, they can cause seious injury to yourself or your opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective martial arts weapon?

Because they are very simple to use, hazardous to attack opponents with, and also allow for better combat distance, spears are the most effective martial arts weapon.

What is a master swordsman called?

In Japan, the title Kensei is given to a warrior who is known for being a legendary swordsman.

What is the sharpest blade on earth?

AnObsidian blade is said to have a cutting edge that is 500 times sharper than the sharpest steel blade due to its ability to fracture down to a single atom. Furthermore, an obsidian blade appears smooth under a high magnification microscope, as opposed to a steel blade’s saw-like edge.

What is the strongest blade shape?

True spearpoint blades have a center spine and a double edge, just like a dagger or spearhead. The spear point, which can be found on many thrusting knives, including the dagger, is one of the strongest blades in terms of penetration stress.

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