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15 Best Boxing Gloves: Expert Picks 2023

Are you looking for the best boxing gloves that is within your budget to guarantee proper protection for your hands, wrists and knuckles. A good pair of gloves could be the difference between an injury prone boxing career versus a long successful one. Choosing a proper pair of gloves can be difficult because there are numerous aspects to consider before making a decision. In this post, we’ve compiled research backed list of our top choices for the best boxing gloves in 2022. These use high-quality materials, have sturdy construction and provide adequate cushioning for optimal hand and wrist protection. We have tried to review the best gloves in different categories to make your decision-making process simple. There are more gloves options and detailed reviews available under most categories if you want to research deeper.

Best Boxing Gloves List

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Detailed reviews of the 15 Best Boxing Gloves

Best Overall
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves are one of the best boxing gloves we recommend. They are built with the finest materials and best in class foam padding that offer incredible protection to your knuckles and wrists. The dual strap wrist support ensures that your wrists stay aligned & protected even when you throw bad punches. What really stands out is the inner fabric which feels smooth and keeps your hands cool and less sweaty.

If you are in the market for a new pair of boxing gloves that will stand up to the test, the Hayabusa T3 is a great pair of gloves to get.

  • Fantastic wrist support
  • One of the best-looking gloves
  • Premium quality end to end
  • They can get quite tight when you wear them on hand wraps
  • It can take some time to break into them as the foam is hard
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03/11/2023 07:18 am GMT

<<Read our detailed review of Hayabusa T3>>

Best For Women
Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves
$44.99 $39.00

Everlast has consistently been rated among the best boxing gloves by top women boxers. The Pro style training gloves is built for women and offers fantastic wrist protection for thinner hands. They are very comfortable to wear and have a breathable mesh which keeps your hands dry and prevents bad odors. They come in a pretty pink color and look great on your hands. While these gloves can last 5-6 months for someone that practices less than 2 times a week, they are not exactly durable and are susceptible to wear and tear. If you are just getting into the sport and you want a comfortable and cheap pair of gloves to get started, Everlast Elite is a great bet!

  • Designed for women
  • Strikingly good-looking pair of gloves
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Great value for money
  • Not great for intense workouts
  • Wear and tear can occur within weeks of hard bag training
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03/11/2023 07:24 am GMT
Best Japanese-Style Gloves
Ring to Cage Japanese-Style Training Boxing Gloves

The Ring to Cage Japanese-style boxing Gloves are top-notch training tools. These gloves are the result of a lot of sweat, effort, devotion, and a mix of trials and errors.

Any professional MMA artist or boxer would be pleased to claim these gloves as their own. The gloves are made in four different weights: 12 ounces, 14 ounces, 16 ounces, and 18 ounces.

These Japanese-style gloves have undergone numerous improvements and redesigns. In order to provide superior support, whether you are using the hook and loop or lace-up models, Ring to Cage has updated their design by making these gloves more tapered at the wrist.

These gloves can withstand any abuse that is applied to them. The heavy-duty nylon lining is incredibly strong, thicker, and more comfortable.

Additionally, users can get 1.5 inches of the greatest shock-absorbing foam combination, which is hardly found in a training glove. These are without a doubt the best training gloves available.

  • Good for training
  • Comfortable on the hand
  • More on the expensive side
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03/11/2023 03:44 am GMT
Best For Beginners
Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

Every aspect of these gloves is designed with beginners in mind. Among all the features the one that we liked the most is their splinted wrist support which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear and enhances wrist support by a great degree. The ergonomically designed inner pocket combined with additional foam offer best in class knuckle protection for beginners who tend to mishit sometimes. The design keeps your wrist aligned at all times. If you are a beginner and you are looking to buy a new pair of gloves for training, you are not going to find a better pair tan the Hayabusa S4. You cannot go wrong!

  • Very forgiving gloves and can protect you from incorrect striking techniques
  • Very comfortable especially for those with smaller hands
  • Not great for larger hands
  • Take longer than other gloves to break into
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03/11/2023 07:24 am GMT

<<Read Detailed Expert Review of Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves>>

Best Quality
Winning Professional Boxing Gloves 8oz (Black)

The Japanese take quality seriously and these gloves are yet another magical pair of gloves from Winning. The first thing you will notice when you unpack these gloves is how premium they feel. The quality and softness of the leather, sturdy laces and elegant wrist support make these gloves one of the best in the market today. While they might feel slightly heavy, they offer tremendous protection to your hands with their grade A padding. They also have a unique thumb protection design which protects opponents eyes and your thumbs from serious injury.

  • High quality leather
  • Extremely comfortable during fights
  • Sturdy laces
  • These gloves are quite expensive
  • Extra padding might reduce impact
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03/11/2023 05:18 am GMT
Best Unisex
Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

These gloves are built for Marvel fans, and you have a whole slew of Marvel heroes to pick from. Don't let the super hero theme fool you into thinking that these gloves are just a collector's item. This is a serious pair of boxing gloves from Haybusa with best-in-class wrist and knuckle support. The dual wrist straps offer great protection to your wrists especially when you mishit some of your punches. These carefully handcrafted gloves have a premium feel to them, and the material used to line them on the inside feels smooth. If you want to be a showstopper at your gym or at the next boxing tournament, make sure you carry these gloves with you!

  • One of the only gloves in the market for Marvel fans
  • Wrist support works well for both men and women
  • Beautifully designed
  • Expensive
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03/11/2023 07:24 am GMT
Best Gel
Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves

These gloves are one of the bestselling pairs in the market and for good reason. Not only are these gloves beautifully constructed to keep your hands snug, but they are also infused with gel to protect your hands from hard hits. You can practice on the bag or mitts without worrying about future long-term damage. Some of our boxers prefer to use Sanabul gloves before a tournament to protect their hands from intense training sessions. The other things that we really liked about these gloves is the mesh design which allows your hands to breathe and feels less sweaty. If you want to practice those hard punches, these gloves are your best bet!

  • Gel infused padding ensures maximum protection
  • The longitudinal arch design offers a comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop closure ensures ease of use
  • Complaints about gloves being too tight especially with hand wraps
  • Stitching issues reported with some of the gloves
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03/11/2023 07:29 am GMT
Value for Money
Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves
$22.99 $19.99

One of the most sturdy gloves you can find at this price. It has a a tough synthetic leather cover and pre-curved form fit design with power grip palm for great durability and performance. The synthetic leather will endure several rounds even if it won't hold up to the same standards as genuine leather

Additionally, these gloves have a full wrist strap that wraps around them to keep them secure during strenuous exercises. The one thing that really stood out was the ease with which these gloves can be cleaned, all you need is a wet towel and some sun light.

  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design for mobility
  • Sufficient protection due to several layers of synthetic leather
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Padding feels hard and thin
  • Easily succumbs to wear and tear
Longevity: less than 8 months with moderate use
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03/11/2023 07:14 am GMT
Best For Kids
Venum Challenger 2.0 Kids Boxing Gloves
$35.99 $28.79

These gloves are built for kids and are every bit as good as the adult version. Made with the high-quality synthetic leather and constructed perfectly for small wrists and hands. They fit snugly and provide decent padding therefore allowing your kids to practice their punches without fear. The velcro closure system is easy to use but it provides a tight fit.

  • Premium synthetic leather
  • Velcro closure system for ease of use
  • Offers good padding for small hands
  • They are hard to break into and will take several bag sessions
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03/11/2023 07:18 am GMT
Best Leather MMA Competition
Hayabusa T3 LX Leather MMA Competition Gloves

The Louis-Vuitton of MMA gloves, the Hayabusa T3 LX Leather gloves, are made from high-end hand-crafted Italian leather. It’s not just about the looks, their premium multi-layered foam technology absorbs heavy impacts and offers best-in-class protection for your knuckles and fists. It is also very versatile and allows you to smoothly transition between striking and grappling moves thanks to its Y-volar no-shift design. 

  • easy to transition between bag training and sparring
  • Premium quality look and feel
  • One of the most expensive gloves on the market
Value Proposition: Hand crafted high-quality leather, every pair of gloves is unique
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03/11/2023 07:34 am GMT
Best for Sweaty Hands
RDX Professional Boxing Gloves - 8oz/10oz

If durability and protection are the two factors that you're going for, look no further than the RDX Gloves. They're made with Maya hide leather, which gives exceptional durability, crack resistance, and more. The IMPEX padding with horse hair offers fantastic shock protection and protects your hands and wrists during intense fights. These gloves feature a classic polyester lace up design and offer a snug fit and good cuff support. There is additional padding provided for thumbs which is very useful to protect yourself from unnecessary injury. The one thing that really stood out for me personally was how dry & cool these gloves felt on the inside even after hours of training. Highly recommended for boxers who sweat more than normal. 

  • Satin material on the inside keeps the gloves sweat free
  • Elegant design
  • Additional thumb cushion for better protection
  • Not all components of the gloves are equally durable
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03/11/2023 07:29 am GMT
Best Overall (12 oz)
Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves – 12oz
$209.49 $199.49

Since their introduction into the boxing world in a 1945 world championship fight, Cleto Reyes has long been a global go-to brand for both professional and amateur boxers alike. These gloves are easily one of the best 12oz gloves we have come across in the market. Training with these gloves will have you best prepared for your amateur tournaments. They are made with high quality leather and are handcrafted. These gloves have a form fitting curved knuckle area design which makes them very comfortable to punch with after the break in period. The traditional lace up design ensures a snug fit.

  • The weight balance of these gloves is incredible
  • Offers higher punch impact due to its firmness
  • Unique design ensures comfort during fights
  • Longer break in time especially for beginners
  • Firm padding could cause injuries during training
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03/11/2023 07:13 am GMT
Best All-Rounder
Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER II Leather Boxing Gloves

These beauties are handcrafted, small-batch, genuine leather gloves and are great for experienced boxers and novices alike. Built with triple density, high-impact foam ensure that it supports powerful blows and is long-lasting.

The velcro fastening, mesh panel and reinforced stitching all provide exceptional ventilation. You can use all of your force without hurting because of the extra padding on your thumb. Your wrist also receives more protection, providing better coordination.

  • Best for All-round training
  • Its Solid padding gives excellent protection
  • Made with genuine Leather
  • Reports of quick color wear off
  • Stitching feels cheap for the price
  • Expensive compared to other similar gloves in the market
Longevity: less than 12 months with moderate use
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03/11/2023 07:33 am GMT
Best MMA Training
Fairtex FGV18 Super Sparring MMA Gloves

The Fairtex Combat Sparring Gloves are one of the finest creations ever for MMA training. These gloves are relatively expensive, but if you are looking for something durable for your training, these are highly recommended. They come with a top-grain leather shell and offer complete protection for sparring and bag training. These are probably the only gloves that have an all-black look and are sure to turn heads at the gym. 

We found the foam to be extra thick but not so thick that your movements are affected. Their ergonomic built-in curve in the foam ensures good movement and protection. It also has a full wraparound wristband and a hook and loop closure for added wrist protection.

  • High-qualityty top grain leather shell
  • Extra padding for protection
  • Not customizable
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03/10/2023 11:50 pm GMT
Best Price
Ringside IMF Pro Fight Gloves - 12oz

One of the biggest complaints boxers have about lace-up gloves is the effort it takes to put these gloves on. IMF Pro fight gloves by Ringside solve that nagging problem. Their innovative quick tie tech lace systems allows you to tighten the gloves with just a few simple pulls of the lace . Segmented cuff offers more stability to the wrists which allows you to use these for bag work too. Pro fight is the first professional fight gloves to incorporate IMF tech padding. While they don't look as good as the Hayabusa, they are really well designed and you will not regret your buying decision. These are one of the best gloves under $100 in the market today.

  • Easy to wear lace up design
  • Great wrist support
  • IMF tech padding for better impact absorption
  • Can take a long time to break into
  • Care must be taken during the first few sessions of bag work to get used to the gloves or you can risk injury
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03/11/2023 07:34 am GMT

Buying Guide: Boxing Gloves

Boxing is undeniably a difficult sport, but it is also extremely rewarding. As a boxer, you get to experience unrivaled thrills and adrenaline.

Boxing is a very technical sport and there are several elements to becoming a good boxer. Punching is the most basic and most important skill that a boxer needs. After all, the more powerful your punches are, the faster you can knock out your opponent. A nice pair of gloves is required to ensure that you can throw your punches without worrying about injuries.

Even if you are just starting your boxing career, it’s important that you invest in a good pair of gloves. This investment will pay off in the long term as you will have a rewarding career. Good gloves will not only help you practice better & punch harder, but also protect your sparring partner from injuries. While you must obtain the best pair of gloves, price does not always equate to quality. You have to consider other factors before making your buying decision. Here are some things you should consider while making that decision

What Makes for a Great Pair of Gloves

  • Durable outer layer
    Let’s start with the gloves’ outer layer. This layer is typically constructed of imitation leather, as real leather is expensive and will increase the price the gloves. Faux leather is durable and can keep its shape even if you practice high impact punches every day for months. Also, make sure the gloves have sturdy stitching, so they don’t come apart while you’re wearing them. In addition to being durable, a faux leather outer is also simple to care for. All you need is a moist cloth, with which you can easily rub off any excess dirt and dust.
  • Adequate padding
    Padding is likely the most crucial aspect of boxing gloves, as this plays a huge role in hand protection. You’ll be throwing some powerful punches, so you’ll need at least triple-layered foam cushioning to soften the impact. Some gloves have gel-infused padding for further cushioning. However, not all levels of expertise may require such advanced padding, and some may be better off with non-gel padding. Very thick padding can sometimes do more harm than good. You will also lose some feedback in your hands if the padding is too thick.
  • Comfortable inner lining
    Because it will be in frequent contact with your skin, the inner lining must be soft, smooth and skin friendly. An unpleasant lining might generate friction, causing the boxer obvious discomfort. You must make certain that the gloves you select have a soft inner lining.
  • Breathability
    It is critical to air out your gloves after each use to prevent moisture and odor buildup within. Fortunately, several brands have begun to build gloves with a mesh covering to quickly disperse sweat. This prevents moisture and stench from accumulating inside the gloves. Breathable gloves will feel more comfortable to wear and they will keep your hands cool and dry throughout the session
  • Pre-curved design
    This design is not found in most brands in the market but many of our boxers love it. Pre-curved design ensures superior comfort and fit. This design also ensures that the gloves stay in place without shifting during intense training. These gloves almost feel like an extension of your arm, which could lead to improved performance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boxing Gloves

  • Wrist support 
    Gloves are designed to protect not only your hands but also your wrists from being injured by falling objects. When you strike someone, shockwaves travel up to your arm and shoulder, passing through your hand and wrist. While these shockwaves can be handled by your arm and shoulder, your wrists are more fragile and susceptible to injury. A good pair of gloves should give very good wrist support and protect them from impact damage. A hook and loop closure in most good gloves provide wrist protection and also ensure a snug fit. You can also look for gloves that have some padding in the strap. This will provide an additional layer of protection for your wrists.
  • Closing mechanism
    Most gloves are equipped with a hook-and-loop strap fastening that may be customized to your hands. This form of closure method is also the most user-friendly. Unlike lace-up gloves you will not need help to wear or remove these gloves. This is great when you are a night owl or an early bird practicing at the gym when there’s no one around. Some gloves are also equipped with a velcro strap, which makes them quite convenient to wear.
  • Colors
    While this may be the least important to making a glove buying decision, it won’t hurt to get a good-looking pair of gloves. Boxers like to pick colors that reflect their boxing style. Aggresive fighters typically pick red or flaming yellow. Strategic fighters pick regular colors like black, brown or blue.

Price Range

The price of gloves varies depending on brand, size, and quality. Gloves come in all price ranges, but a good pair of gloves should cost between $75 and $200. While price could sometimes determine quality, it is not always the case.

Summary: The Best Boxing Gloves is

Best Boxing Gloves List

Bonus List

Best Boxing Stories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing gloves

The best brand, recognized by both, pros and amateurs, is Winning. Their only downside is that their products are also the most expensive. More budget-friendly brands making quality boxing gloves are Cleto Reyes, Ring to Cage, Rival, Hayabusa, Twins, Boon, Fairtex, and TOP King.

The best boxing gloves for bag work are Hayabusa T3, Ring to Cage C-17 (Japanese Style), and Title Gel World Bag gloves. Or if budget allows Winning is always the top choice.

The best beginner glove that won’t break your budget and makes them enjoyable in all types of training, while improving your technique, are boxing gloves such as Venum Challenger 2.0, Venum Elite boxing gloves, TITLE Boxing Pro Style, or Everlast Pro style. However, once you start medium-hard sparring, we recommend investing in a better pair, such as those listed in this article.

Professionals are usually using the gloves of brands they are sponsored by since it’s what the contract requires. In a boxing match, you most often would often see fighters wearing Winning, Grant, Cleto Reyes, Ringside, Rival, and Everlast gloves.

Glove sizes are measured in ounces (Oz). What size of a glove to wear is determined by two factors: your weight and the type of training you intend them to use. It’s always better to consult with your coach, but this is what fighters generally wear: weighting less than 120lbs (55 kg) – 10-12 oz gloves for training, 14oz for sparring; weighting 121-150lbs (55-68kg) – 12-14oz for training, 16 for sparring; weighing more than 151lbs (68kg) – 14-16oz for training, 16-18oz gloves for sparring.

The best boxing gloves for women are gloves made by Cleto Reyes and Winning, because those gloves come with a glove compartment that is not too wide, as well as having tight wrist support, providing the best security for smaller hands. We have an in-depth article on this topic, called: 28 Female Boxers Reveal Their Favorite Boxing Gloves for Women.

Boxing headgear and boxing shoes are must-haves for every boxer. Mouthguards, punch trackers, mitts, punching bags, and many more – have a look at the full list of best boxing equipment here

Boxing gloves, muay thai, and MMA are different sports and need very different gloves. Most popular brands (e.g., Hayabusa, Reyes, Twins) have options for all forms of boxing. Read our post on Boxing Gloves vs Muay Thai gloves vs MMA gloves to find out which one fits your need

RDX, Hayabusa, Combat Sports, Venum, Everlast, Fairtex and UFC Pro make some of the best MMA gloves. You can read our Best MMA gloves list here

Although you can choose any of the above gloves to gift your loved one or friend, we recommend checking what kind of boxing gloves they prefer. We have a list of non-boxing gloves ideas that can be used for gifting

There are preventive methods such as using hand wraps and drying gloves to reduce the stink in your gloves. There are also other methods such as the saltwater soak, the freezer method, or using glove dogs and disinfectants. For details, read our expert article on how to clean your boxing gloves.

We highly recommend using gloves designed for a particular sport. There are subtle differences in the glove design that could cause long term damage to your wrists and knuckles if used incorrectly. We have reviewed a list of the best kickboxing gloves here

  • Heavyweight: unlimited
  • Cruiserweight: 90.7 kgs/ 200 lbs
  • Light heavyweight: 79.4 kgs / 175 lbs
  • Super middleweight: 76.2 kgs / 168 lbs
  • Middleweight: 72.5 kgs / 160 lbs
  • Super welterweight: 69.9 kgs / 154 lbs
  • Welterweight: 66.7 kgs / 147 lbs
  • Super lightweight: 63.5 kgs / 140 lbs
  • Lightweight: 61.2 kgs / 135 lbs
  • Super featherweight: 59.0 kgs / 130 lbs
  • Featherweight: 57.2 kgs / 126 lbs
  • Super bantamweight: 55.3 kgs / 122 lbs
  • Bantamweight: 53.5 kgs / 118 lbs
  • Super flyweight: 52.2 kgs /115 lbs
  • Flyweight: 50.8 kgs / 112 lbs 12oz
  • Light flyweight: 49.0 kgs / 108 lbs 12oz
  • Minimumweight: 47.6 kgs / 105 lbs

For more details about boxing weight classes and glove sizes, refer to this informative post.

  • Super heavyweight: 91+kgs / 200+ lbs
  • Heavyweight: 81-91 kgs / 178-200 lbs
  • Light heavyweight: 75-81 kgs / 165-178 lbs
  • Middleweight: 69-75 kgs / 152-165 lbs
  • Welterweight: 64-69 kgs / 141-152 lbs
  • Light welterweight: 60-64 kgs / 132-141lbs
  • Lightweight: 56–60 kgs / 123-132 lbs
  • Bantamweight: 52–56 kgs / 114-123 lbs
  • Flyweight: 49–52 kgs / 108-114 lbs
  • Light flyweight: 46–49 kgs / 101-108 lbs

For more details about boxing weight classes and glove sizes, refer to this informative post.

Sources: Interviews with experts, Sherdog forum, Reddit, expert experience

What is your favorite pair of boxing gloves? Let us know!

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    1. Hi Sean, yes I’ve tried Green Hill gloves, but it was long time ago, so I can’t say a lot about them. I know that I really liked how comfortable they were. Their quality seemed okay. Although the wrist support could be better, as it didn’t feel secure enough.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve just updated the article: Rival model RS2V, Fairtex BGV1. Sorry for not making it clear in the first place.

      “One brand I am maybe missing here is Adidas” – I agree, the are many good brands that didn’t make this list: Adidas, Grant, Boon, etc. Unfortunately it’s just a TOP 10.

      I probably need to make another, bigger list 🙂 Thanks again for the feedback, it helps a lot!

  1. I looked at the list backwards! I thougtht that the top was the #1 spot at first! I was about to say “I can’t take this site seriously, how the HECK are Winning not in the #1 spot!??” Alas, they are. Excellent gloves. I’m thinking about another pair of Winnings; I’m a heavy weight and don’t want to hurt any of my sparring partners, even the ones my size, but man are those things salty; even so, could you possibly speak of how Winning TRAINING gloves compare to Grants and possibly the newer Cleto Reyes EXTRA padding training gloves?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You are right Winning gloves are definitely the most protective gloves that you get possibly get. I haven’t tried Grants yet, but based on my research they are a little bit overpriced, and the knuckle protection isn’t as good as Winnings. Although new Cleto Reyes Extra padding gloves is something that I’m very keen to try, since they added an extra protection to the knuckles. Please let me know if you try them first!

  2. I own 17 pairs of gloves, 11 are different brands…. That being said, I’m always continually surprised to see a few brand left off of list like this

    RAJA are hands down the best gloves for the money and probably only compared to Winning in terms of craftsmanship.

    Also- Leone, Boon, Siam Tops are also very finely crafted.

  3. love to see the best gloves professional made only, not sparing gloves. Real great pairs of the best professional gloves used today, something like leather that holds the thumb to the glove, real good quality, I’m looking everyday for the right pair, please show me a big huge selection, different colors and the best of the best on the best pro gloves, please show me can’t wait to see, I only like tie up gloves, hate Velcro strap gloves, show me a huge variety of pro tie up gloves, Please, thanks so much, Boston Charlie from Boxing Videos Plus on Facebook, thanks for your time and CONCIDERATION for your great help if you can help me Thanks so much again.

  4. Hello. I’m currently from Philippines. There are limited brands of boxing gloves here that is less than $50. As a starter I have this list of gloves:

    – Pretorian
    – Windy
    – Titans

    I couldn’t find any review from pretorian gloves. Anyone has tried it? Thanks

    1. Hi Dan,

      I haven’t tried Pretorian myself, but from what I’ve read they are pretty low quality, at least the ones made of synthetic leather. But they also have some genuine leather gloves – I assume those might be better. Out of those 3 brands I would definitely go with Windy. But I’ll let you know if I find anything else about Pretorian gloves.

      1. Hi Mantas,
        I just recently started boxing. I am using twins gloves 14oz. But after every boxing session i see some bruises in my mid to upper right forearm (i am right handed/orthodox) plus my knuckles are sore and painful after the training, and i really find this 14oz a little heavy for me since i only weigh 70kgs.

  5. Hi Mantas,
    I just recently started boxing. I am using twins gloves 14oz. But after every boxing session i see some bruises in my mid to upper right forearm (i am right handed/orthodox) plus my knuckles are sore and painful after the training, and i really find this 14oz a little heavy for me since i only weigh 70kgs.
    What can you recommend? Should i get d 12oz gloves? I am planning to switch to hayabusa too
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Ace,

      Yes, even though Twins are very well padded, the padding is pretty hard. I used to feel my knuckles every time I was working on the heavy bag too.

      Hayabusa Tokushu are great training/bag glove, just not as great for sparring. But if you are looking for lighter gloves, I guess you don’t want to use them for sparring anyway.

      Again, if you want to use your gloves just for a bag or mitts then 12oz gloves would be more than enough. Although keep in mind that higher oz glove normally gives more protection to your knuckles.

  6. Hey Mantis,

    I’ve read the majority of reviews which are very in depth and beneficial to the reader and I know many of us appreciate them. What they lack is a specific category for each in order to make comparisons; price ranges (as a $300 glove like winning cant be compared to an entry $50 everlast pair) and functionality (bag glove vs sparring in boxing alone vs muay thai sparring vs all purpose glove).

    It has been a few years since I last trained but now that I have time again I am getting back into it. I already bought my new sparring gear but I need a pair of gloves strictly for bag work and preferably under $100. I messed up my knuckle in a hockey fight (punching a helmet – really smart) which required surgery and it still gives me some issues so knuckle/wrist protection is pretty important. After much research I am leaning towards the title gel world bag gloves but have nothing to compare it to in terms of the price range/intended sole use as a bag glove.

    MAIN QUESTION: I know you made a best boxing gloves under $100 but what would you recommend for under $100 for use solely on the heavy bag?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for your comment and a feedback, I’m currently looking into how can I improve user experience, and your suggestions help a lot.

      To answer to your question: I think the most affordable Bag gloves for under $100 is Rival Elite bag gloves, especially if you are in Canada. It’s seems like a popular choice among boxers. But if you are looking for slightly better quality I would go with Tokushu or R2C C17 (Japanese Winning style gloves), and I think @Lobo would agree with me. They go around $80-120.

      Good luck with your purchase Mike!

  7. What do you think of RDX Sports Boxing Gloves. I saw some of their gloves have very high reviews on Amazon. Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work

  8. Hey I was looking at some new gloves at 100 buck I was looking in title and I seen they have title mexican gloves and fighting lace up both at a 100 if you tried them can you tell me how they stack up to each other and which one you would prefer

  9. HI. I currently have Titan gloves 14oz… What do you think about my gloves is it of good quality? I feel really comfortable when I use these gloves… Just tell me what you think about it.. TY

  10. I’ve read the majority of reviews which are very in depth and beneficial to the reader and I know many of us appreciate them. What they lack is a specific category for each in order to make comparisons; price ranges (as a $300 glove like winning cant be compared to an entry $50 everlast pair) and functionality (bag glove vs sparring in boxing alone vs muay thai sparring vs all purpose glove).

  11. Pingback: Always Choose And Buy The Best Boxing Gloves – Melanie Guay
  12. Sabas Supersoft love is the bomb they might not have been relevant 2 years ago though so they are now though! They’re actually the title belt holder for the boxing glove matches that they do on YouTube they are beating winnings so get yourself some Sabas beautiful gloves great customer service Sabas Sabas Sabas

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