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The Best Heavy Bag Gloves Review

Are you looking for the best pair of gloves to work the heavy bag? I think we’ve found a good contender – it’s Title Gel World bag gloves. To be honest, I was never really impressed with Title products. But before I got to test these gloves, I’ve read a lot of other reviews online, I wanted to see what other people are saying about them.

When it comes to heavy bag boxing gloves, I’ve reviewed a wide variety of brands, including Ringside, Fairtex, Rival, Everlast, etc., but not Title. So I decided to go and get a pair at the local Title store to try and compare myself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur boxer or a seasoned professional, the right heavy bag boxing gloves are essential for getting the best workout in and protecting your hands. Training gloves are different than sparring gloves—training gloves are made to protect your hand but not your training partner. It’s always best to use training gloves so you can work your combinations with more punching power, speed, and accuracy.

Title has been in the business of manufacturing and selling boxing equipment for many years now. They’re one of the premier brands when it comes to boxing gloves, wraps, shoesequipment, as well as Mixed Martial Arts, and fight gear.

Why Title Gel are the Best Heavy Bag Gloves?

The Title Gel boxing glove comes with a D-ring that allows you to tighten them well so you get good wrist support. The exterior of the gloves is made of durable, top-quality leather, while the interior is constructed of Gel Enforced lining and multilayer foam padding. These materials allow you to have a better fitting glove that will not slip or shift, even after you’ve thrown dozens of hooks and jabs!

Here’s some specific information about the individual features of the Title Gel gloves.

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Protection and Padding

Most boxing gloves for heavy bag training provide less padding and protection than sparring gloves. The more padding that you have, the slower your punches typically are. However, the TITLE Gel Gloves have more padding than many other gloves on the market.

Somehow, Title was able to manufacture a glove that was small and quick, while still providing a decent amount of padding to protect your hands. I haven’t weighted these gloves myself but they feel pretty heavy. Many users claim that they are around 18oz (see resources).

The wrist strap is thick enough to hold your gloves on tightly without weighing down your hands. The hand compartment feels nice and snug, with just enough give to provide comfort without sacrificing performance.

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Quality and Durability

Both the external and the internal materials are built for longlasting performance, allowing for countless sessions with the canvas.

Title Gel gloves are built for absorbing repeated punches to the same points, without weighing down your fists. You’ll find the leather is a high-quality material and the tightly stitched seams hold up after even the toughest workouts.

One thing that I’ve noticed with lesser quality gloves is that repeated heavy bag use eventually wears out the leather. It begins to crack and degrade and expose the padding underneath. However, the leather on these heavy bag boxing gloves seems to be built for much longer usage.

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Style and Comfort

When it comes to heavy bag boxing gloves, you want to focus on performance and durability. However, it’s important to also choose a pair that reflects your style.

From the outside, these gloves look like a pair of futuristic gauntlets. The white thumb and wrist areas merge with the jet-black leather on the hand and knuckles and the entire glove is trimmed in red stitching. I liked the look of these gloves, however, it was the fit that stood out.

Thanks to the patented Title GEL technology, you’ll be slipping your hands into some of the most comfortable heavy bag boxing gloves that exist. The padding is firm but still allows for a little bit of giving. When you work the bags, your wrists feel supported and the cushioning is several notches above the competition. I give these gloves a five-star rating in the comfort department.

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Size and Weight

The Title Gel boxing gloves come in four different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large

If you have small to medium-sized hands, then you will want to choose the regular size. Individuals with large and extra-large hands should choose the large option.

The product description says that these are 16 oz gloves, but as I’ve mentioned before, many users claim them to be heavier around 18 or even 20oz. For me, it’s a big pro as I like that heavy feeling and an extra workout that I get with these gloves. But for anyone who is looking for some lightweight gloves for heavy training, these shouldn’t be a choice.

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Amazon Reviews and Testimonials

I went through many many many gloves and tried many other fighter’s gloves. These were/are my favorite… Read full the review on Amazon>>

…I got them in black and white because my size with pink was not available. They last a long time and are of good quality… Read the full review on Amazon>>

Title Heavy Bag Gloves – Price:

Title World Gloves cost around $100 at this time of review. And there are some cheaper gloves on the market. But if you are serious about your bag training Title Gel gloves are a must-have item.

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If you have any questions or anything to add to this review, feel free to leave a comment below!

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