Title Boxing Equipment

Title Boxing isn’t simply a brand, it’s an industry. In addition to a huge variety of boxing gear for men, women, and children, Title Boxing has branched out into a full line of MMA gear and training tools designed to give you the edge in both sports. In addition, Title Boxing has franchised itself into a gym; not only can you buy the best equipment from this powerhouse company, but they’ve got locations all across the USA to teach you to use it.

If you’ve been involved in boxing for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt encountered the Title brand of gloves and gear. Title is a powerhouse in the boxing, MMA and kick boxing world and continuously produces excellent products year after year. If you’d like to learn more about this brand of boxing gear, then please read on!

When you visit their website, you’ll see that Title has several different categories of gear. For example, you can search under trainer’s supplies, strength and conditioning, accessories, apparel, boxing shoes, Mixed Martial Arts, and much more. Title even carries a wide variety of boxing gear for kids, from youth size punching bags to kids’ MMA gloves. This company literally has its name on every aspect of the fight game.

So what’s so special about Title boxing gloves? Why do so many amateur and pro level fighters use these gloves for training and competition? There are several answers to this question.

1.     Craftsmanship

Title boxing gloves are manufactured from some of the highest-grade leather and padding that you’ll find. The stitching is flawless and there isn’t a tremendous amount of seams. While other gloves start to crack and wear down after heavy usage, these Title boxing gloves continue to hold up.

2.     Padding

Padding is an extremely important aspect of your boxing gloves. When the padding is done correctly, your hands are protected without feeling awkward or ungainly. Lower quality gloves feel like you are trying to throw punches with lumpy pillows, but all of Title brand gloves feel strong and well balanced.

3.     Wrist support

It doesn’t matter if you’re working the heavy bag or sparring with your training partner, wrist support is very important. You need your wrists lined up correctly when you’re throwing punches or you risk injury! Also, many companies have a hard time making wrist straps that keep the gloves on your hands. With Title boxing gloves, your hands are securely fastened inside the gloves and they feel more durable—powerful even. This is a direct result of the gauntlet-like feel of the wrist supports.

4.     Guarantee

People like to buy products from companies that they trust. Trust is important with this company, which goes out of its way to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If you aren’t happy with your purchase for any reason, you have 60 days to return the product for a refund.

Title Boxing also sponsors many of their own tournaments, including:

  • National Championships of College Boxing
  • 2014 Desert Showdown Amateur World Championship
  • TITLE National Boxing Championship

Whether you’re a boxer or a mixed martial artist, you’re going to find the kind of gear you need at the prices you want with Title Boxing and Title MMA.

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