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8 Cheap Boxing Bags Under $50

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when I say boxing bags? Gym? People rarely buy boxing bags for home due to space constraints but also because of this misconception that they are expensive. In this post, we have reviewed some of the best boxing bags under $50, yes you read that right!! Under $50 so you can up your training game from the comfort of your home.

If you enjoy boxing and working out, getting a boxing bag will allow you to practice at home. Your core strength will improve with regular use, and you’ll create stronger calves, hands, shoulders, legs, and knuckles. If getting to the gym to work out is difficult for you, a boxing bag might be helpful. Considering how easy they are to put up, you may begin exercising in the convenience of your own home. Yet with so many alternatives available today, it could be challenging to choose the one that will work best for you. We have put together this list of the cheapest boxing bags for you. We simply included the most affordable options because who likes to spend more money when they don’t really have to?!

Our Top Picks for The Best Cheap Boxing Bags Under $50

Detailed Reviews of Top Affordable Boxing Bags That Deliver Exceptional Value

Best Overall: Jayefo Sports Punching Bag

Best Overall
Jayefo Sports Punching Bag - Hanging Boxing Bag for MMA, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Self Defense Training
$69.99 $49.99

Your favorite combat sports, such as boxing, MMA, muay thai, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, and self-defense training, may all be practiced with the Jayefo Sports Punching Bag.

It contains bungee cord slots for boxing sessions and industrial-strength hanging straps attached to it with reinforced stitching. These bags are made of heavy-duty materials throughout, including the interior lining, hanging straps, and bottom bungee cord slot.

These punching bags are sold empty to keep the price of the boxing training bag low. You can put whatever materials you want in there. Also, it helps you save a tonne of money on shipping and has everything delivered as soon as possible.

  • Best for punchers
  • Robust construction
  • May face difficulty in filling
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12/07/2023 04:30 am GMT

Best for Beginners: Prorobust Heavy Punching Bag

Best for Beginners
Prorobust Heavy Punching Bag for Men Women, Unfilled Boxing Bag Set with Punching Gloves, Chain and Ceiling Hook

The Prorobust Heavy Punching Bag is a compact, tough bag that deflects blows and is best for amateur boxers. This punching bag set is appropriate for all ages and can be used to improve self-confidence, relieve stress, and improve physical fitness.

The sturdy metal chain is designed to make boxing enjoyable and is reliable for heavier punching bags. To make filling and storing easier, there is a zipper closing. You can fill with used clothes, foams, discarded quilts, etc. Using double needle sewing, the sturdy triangle buckle increases stability and can support more weight.

Some of its standout qualities include its soft surface, resistance to wear and tear, burst resistance, and lack of need for specific maintenance due to the simplicity of cleaning canvas cloth.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Beginner friendly
  • May not last long if overused
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12/07/2023 05:05 am GMT

Best for Budget: SUOTF Heavy Punching Bag Boxing Bags

Best for Budget
SUOTF Heavy Punching Bag Boxing Bags for Adults Kids Unfilled Punching Bag with Chains Blue 100cm

For strong hitters and athletes of all skill levels looking for a professional-grade punching bag at an affordable price, the SUOTF Heavy Punching Bag Boxing Bags are excellent.

These punching bags are empty when they arrive, but you may fill them with items like discarded clothing, shredded fabric, a reasonable amount of sand, or a reasonable number of beans. This bag has an impact-absorbing sponge interlayer made of abrasion-resistant canvas.

The boxing bag is more practical to use because of the zipper construction. The bag is more sturdy and less likely to tear thanks to the double stitching. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Super cheap
  • Very sturdy
  • Has a weak base
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12/07/2023 05:15 am GMT

Best for Heavy-duty: Lastworld Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

Best for Heavy-Duty
Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

The customized Lastworld Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag is ideal for intense workouts. You can customize the fill kind, weight, and feel since it is sold empty. Filling it yourself lets you personalize the experience with anything from sand to old clothing to a combination of the two.

This punching bag comes with heavy-duty steel chains and double-end loops for added functionality and safety when it comes to attaching. In order to increase its long-lasting durability and give you an excellent workout, it also has a canvas exterior.

  • Ideal for heavy training
  • Weight can be customized
  • Fabric is weak
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12/07/2023 05:49 am GMT

Best for Speed Bag: Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag

Best for Speed Bag
Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/ Lightweight Latex Bladder - Black - Medium (9.5" x 6")

The Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag is made of genuine full-grain cowhide leather and has a speedier, lighter inner latex bladder than conventional rubber bladders. It's a terrific approach for athletes to sharpen their defensive techniques and enhance their hand-eye coordination to incorporate speed bag training with this bag.

These handcrafted, evenly balanced bags are created to have the perfect form, symmetry, and predictable rebounds. This speed bag has reinforced seams for durability and long-lasting quality. Three sizes are available for this bag to accommodate different workouts and ability levels.

The small size is ideal for professionals training to increase speed while the medium size offers greater resistance to increase punching power. Boxers of all skill levels will adore this speed bag's premium design and feel.

  • Great size to improve defensive abilities
  • Light-weight
  • Is quite small
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12/07/2023 05:55 am GMT

Best for Durability: HUNTER Boxing Training Speed Bag

Best for Durability
HUNTER Speed Ball Boxing Cow Hide Leather Punching Dodge Striking Bag Kit with Hanging Swivel for Workout
$44.99 $34.99

Your new home sparring buddy is The HUNTER Boxing Training Speed Bag. The robust construction and long-lasting quality of this punching bag are well-known among various users.

The interior of this punching speed bag is lined with four layers of poly cotton material and has a durable structure made of real cow hide leather. Its light-weight construction allows for incredibly quick rebounds.

This punching bag is a latex bladder that needs to be regularly inflated. Overall, you can be rest assured that this bag is durable enough for use in commercial gyms and professional training.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High density
  • Sags a little bit in some places
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12/07/2023 06:34 am GMT

Best for Unisex: Sfeexun Punching Bag for Men and Women

Best for Unisex
SFEEXUN Punching Bag for Men Women Kids, Unfilled Heavy Bag Set with Punching Gloves, Chain and Ceiling Hook

Punches with great impact can be delivered to the Sfeexun Punching Bag for a challenging workout. The majority of people, including both men and women, can use these unisex punching bags.

The utility of these chained bags is considerably above average. Your body can be quickly relaxed by them. The zipper clasp on the bag top makes it easy to fill the boxing bag. The boxing bag should be filled with clothes, sponge, rags, sawdust, foams, and other materials.

The most recent synthetic leather that has been thickened and sterilised is used in its construction that gives it a velvety, frosted surface. When fully inflated, the hanging punching bag measures 3.3 feet long. The bag can withstand the strongest onslaught in your home gym or public fitness center.

  • Can withstand impact
  • Firm foundation
  • Less durable
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12/07/2023 06:41 am GMT

Best for Kids: HanYoer Punching Bag for Kids

Best for Kids
Punching Bag for Kids, Adjustable Punching Bag with stand, Boxing Equipment with Boxing Gloves, Boxing Set as Toys Gifts
$42.99 $32.99

Use the HanYoer Punching Bag, which is made especially for children, to improve your child's boxing technique and help them develop strong punches. These punching bags might encourage children to take up boxing and strengthen their bodies.

For their small hands, the improved and thickened PP cotton filling offers complete protection. The punching bag may be adjusted from 34 to 44 inches. Children's agility is trained while striking because of the fortified punching base and premium punching bag stand spring.

  • Best for kids
  • Apartment-friendly
  • Adults cannot use it
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12/07/2023 07:30 am GMT

How to Choose the Best Boxing Bag?

  • Weight

When considering boxing bags, weight is an important factor. Generally speaking, you want a bag that is around half the weight of your body. If you weigh 120 pounds, for instance, use a bag that weighs 60 pounds. Kids punching bags are an exception to this rule because they typically have a fixed weight to suit smaller bodies.

  • Usage

The usage of the boxing bag should be taken into account first. Ask yourself do you want a boxing bag that will give your entire body a workout or do you want to concentrate on training for combat sports? A speed bag can be the best option if improving punching speed and rhythm is the goal.
Yet a heavy boxing bag is a terrific option if you’re looking for a versatile bag that can be used for a number of training objectives. But, if portability is a concern, think about a standalone punching bag.

  • Cost

If you intend to use your boxing bag frequently, making the investment in a high-quality bag is worthwhile. Yet, there are many affordable choices available that are efficient and cost-effective.
Keep in mind that not all boxing bags come with the necessary accessories, so you might need to purchase a hanging chain, and a wall or ceiling mount before installing the bag. This list we have reviewed above contain some of the cheapest boxing bag options you can find.

  • Type

There are several different types of boxing bags, including speed bags, traditional hanging bags, and free-standing punching bags. Your boxing goals, available home space, and financial situation will all influence the best bag for you.
Freestanding bags are more expensive but provide a more authentic boxing experience. They are also simple to set up and move. If you’re looking for something compact that improves punching abilities, speed bags are perfect. Finally, a heavy hanging bag is the way to go if you’re looking for an all-purpose training bag.


Using a boxing bag has countless advantages. Boxing training, which emphasizes techniques like upper cuts, low kicks, and jabs, is a great full-body strength workout.
Your chest, shoulders, back, quadriceps, glutes, core muscles, and hamstrings will all be engaged as you exercise in order to complete the movements. You may get a great cardio exercise while practicing some fundamental self-defense techniques on a punching bag.
The Jayefo Sports Punching Bag is a good option for both beginner and seasoned boxers looking to purchase a home boxing bag. This punching bag provides excellent stability and can absorb a great deal of punches upon impact.

Our Top Picks for The Best Cheap Boxing Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable way to stuff a boxing bag?

If you want a bag that requires you to use more force, sawdust or sand are a straightforward, affordable option. However, be careful not to fill the boxing bag with only sand or sawdust. If you do not add used clothes in it, the bag will end up being overly thick and dense.

Is a 2 feet long boxing bag enough?

The majority of punching bags are around 5 feet tall. For many people, even a 4-foot bag is adequate. Your workout will be harder because a larger bag provides greater resistance.

Can I use a boxing bag every day?

You can’t hit a boxing bag with all of your might every day or you’ll quickly develop overuse injuries, not to mention any subsequent hand, wrist, and knuckle injuries. Yet, you may easily box every day without getting exhausted if you alternate between easy and difficult sessions each day.

What is the best punching bag for apartments

Quiet Punch Doorway Punching Bag. Ideal for apartments and small spaces, this portable bag fits seamlessly into standard doorways, requiring no tools for installation. Crafted with durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance. Complete with gloves and a workout guide, it offers a comprehensive full-body workout, conveniently in the comfort of your own home. It is more expensive than the other punching bags but it is worth the investment especially if you are frequently stuck indoors due to bad weather.

What are some of the best free standing bags?

We have a full list reviewed here

Best Overall: Century Wavemaster XXL
Best for Beginners: Fitven Freestanding w/ Boxing gloves
Best Budget: Everlast Power Core Bag
Best Adjustable: Original Wavemaster
Best Versatile: Versys Fight Simulator

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