Pink and green Ringside apex boxing gloves

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

For heavy bag exercises, martial arts practice, and sparring, a solid pair of boxing gloves are a necessity. Join me on an exhilarating trip as I delve into the realm of combat sports today. In this blog article, I’ll be examining the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves. In addition to protecting your hands, these gloves include a flash style that gives them a little extra oomph. So buckle up and prepare to experience the strength, accuracy, and performance that these gloves bring to the ring.

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves: Overview

“The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves provide exceptional support, protection, and comfort, making them a good choice for luvas de boxe. Both amateurs and experts will appreciate the exceptional protection and comfort of these premium boxing sparring gloves. They are ideal for all uses, including padwork, sparring, and bag work.”
They are strong and resilient. They have a nice design with a hook-and-loop fastener for a secure fit. This glove has a distinctive feel and level of protection thanks to the use of IMF padding technology; however, the foam padding eventually becomes softer with repeated usage.

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, IMF-Tech Boxing Gloves with Secure Wrist Support, Pink and Lime, 16 Oz
$69.99 $58.36

Product Description

Boxers who desire to advance their training will greatly benefit from the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves. These gloves are made to give you the most protection and comfort possible during sparring sessions, so you can concentrate on perfecting your technique.

The gloves are composed of premium synthetic leather that is long-lasting and simple to clean. Even during rigorous training sessions, the gloves' inner is equipped with a moisture-wicking material to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

The gloves have a hook-and-loop fastening system that makes them fit securely and comfortably. The open palm design provides for optimum dexterity and grip, while the cushioning on the gloves is made to absorb impact and protect your hands from injury.

Overall, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are a great option for boxers looking for a premium, long-lasting, and comfortable pair of gloves for their workouts.

  • Superior to more expensive gloves in terms of quality and durability
  • Injury-preventing thick cushioning on the knuckles
  • Easily accommodates hand wraps
  • Affordable
  • Injury risk could be increased by a lack of wrist support
  • After a few months of use, some consumers reported seam tearing
  • Colors could differ from product photos
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Materials used for construction of the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

The gloves employ synthetic leather for their exterior, which is superior and thicker than cheaper synthetic leather but not as long-lasting as genuine leather. However, the synthetic leather Ringside has utilized is of exceptional quality and has a really attractive aesthetic. It has a lengthy lifespan and is quite strong. Additionally, the leather shell is easy to clean.
With a single two-inch sheet of protective foam created using a unique injection molding method, these gloves are built for sparring and offer greater hand protection than layered foam gloves.
These handcrafted gloves have excellent stitching. There is no fraying that I can see, so the workmanship is accurate and precise. For frequent usage at the gym, the synthetic material offers excellent durability. The gloves are ideal for handling bags because of their modest weight.

Stand out Features of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Let me give a personal evaluation of the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, stressing the salient aspects from my viewpoint. These gloves’ remarkable qualities have really wowed me.
The gloves’ 2.25 inches of injected-molded foam (IMF) padding are revolutionary. My hands feel as though it is the ideal cushion, providing the ideal amount of comfort while still providing adequate protection. They are excellent at absorbing impact, and I’ve worn them for both bag work and fighting. Knowing that my hands and wrists are well protected throughout rigorous training sessions gives me peace of mind.
These gloves are a success since synthetic leather was chosen. It feels strong, and it’s also simple to maintain. After exercising, a little wipe-down keeps them looking fresh. Because of their toughness, I have faith that they will last through a lot of challenging sessions. The 3.25-inch tapering, wrap-around closure saves my wrists. I’ve had wrist problems in the past, but these gloves offer great support. They maintain my wrists in a safe and cozy position, letting me concentrate on my technique without being concerned about potential harm.
Long workouts are a blessing for the mesh palm design. Because of the airflow, my hands remained comfy and cool the entire time. No more clammy, uneasy grips. My training experience has been significantly improved by this seemingly insignificant aspect. Time is saved via the hook-and-loop closure system. It’s simple to put these gloves on and take them off. Although it may seem insignificant, it is really useful. I can easily switch between various training periods.
A sensible safety design element is the attached thumb. The assurance that my thumb is shielded from unintentional harm boosts my confidence as I train. These gloves have a fashionable touch thanks to Ringside’s skilled design elements. Additionally, the range of colors enables me to select a pair that compliments my personality and sense of style. My motivation is increased during training if I look well.
The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, in my opinion, provide an amazing balance of protection, toughness, and comfort. With these gloves, I can push myself to the limit and look good while achieving my fitness goals. They have become a necessary component of my training gear.
These durable gloves are offered in three sizes—14 ounce, 16 ounce, and 18 ounce—and ten color combinations—black/red, black/gold, black/green, black/white, blue/white, pink/lime green, red/black, red/white, silver/black, and white/black. With the gloves that best suit you, give your boxing gear a style makeover and enter the ring with assurance.

  • 2 1/4 inches of IMF (Injected Molded Foam) technology are ideal for sparring or bag work.
  • Durable and easy-to-clean synthetic leather shell.
  • Shock-absorbing foam padding.
  • Full wraparound hook-and-loop closure and an attached thumb for safety.
  • A mesh palm to keep the hands cool and comfortable.
  • Secure and comfortable fit.
  • Stylish design with the Ringside logo.

Specifications of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

ColorsBlack/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Green, Black/White, Blue/White, Pink/Lime Green, Red/Black, Red/White, Silver/Black, White/Black
Sizes14 Ounce, 16 Ounce, 18 Ounce
Weight0.01 Ounces
Closure TypeHook and Loop
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Glove TypeSparring
Suggested UsersUnisex-Adult
Recommended ForBoxing
Warranty120 Days

Size Guide of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Visit the official Ringside website for the exact size guide for the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves. Measure the diameter of your dominant hand, just below the knuckles, to estimate the size of glove you’ll need. Using the size chart below, you may determine your size after taking your measurement. For further details, make sure to view this How-To Video as well.

What are the alternatives to the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves?

If you’re not excited about the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, how about you go for the RDX Boxing MMA Training Sparring Gloves? This glove is from the very popular RDX brand, which comes at nearly half the price.

Style Guide of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Glove has a fashionable style and a long-lasting appearance because the glove’s exterior does not wear out over time. The colorful combination was very eye-catching for me.
The gloves have an excellent design. I really like how the thumb touches the back of the glove and how the exterior seems like carbon fiber with the contrasted colors. I think the statement “the best in boxing” on the glove’s palm side is a classy touch, and the symmetrical Ringside logo that runs across the rear of the glove is distinctive.

Comfort and Fit of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

These gloves have a velcro strap that enables a secure fit and provides good comfort and support when hitting. The interior of the glove is made of comfortable, non-leather materiala foamy tricot polyester liner and neoprene foam that make it feel soft to wear and cozy at the fingertips.
The wrist wraps on the gloves contain hook-and-loop fasteners to help keep them in place and support the wrists. For anyone up to 5′ 8″ tall or weighing less than 150 pounds, the 14-ounce gloves are advised; for people taller than 5′ 8″ or weighing more than 150 pounds, the 16-ounce gloves are advised.
The glove has a medium-density grip bar that makes it simpler to make a fist. The IMF foam in the knuckle compartment, however, might not make you feel more comfortable. Due to how stiff the padding is, it does not fit your fists as well as other gloves do, and there is some room between the fingers.

Protection of Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

The gloves use IMF (injected molded foam) padding technology, which is essentially cutting-edge foam padding in the glove that provides excellent protection and feels wonderful when used on bags, pads, or when hitting. Injected molded foam simply implies that the glove has a thick 2-inch piece of foam that is evenly dispersed throughout, especially at the wrist, rather than any layers.
Ringside was considerate of this while designing this glove because having sufficient padding is essential for sparring so you can protect your hands and your opponent. This glove’s thumb piece fits snugly and links to the main fist, giving the striker a superb shape and fit.
The form helps you keep a tight fist while the molded foam provides a lot of padding to cushion the impact of heavy punches. On the wrist strap is a plastic logo patch that is sharp and might pierce your sparring partner if you strike him at an awkward angle. Therefore, I advise tapering it up to prevent accidentally cutting your sparring partner.


The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are ideal for all-purpose use since they provide good support and protection when worn on heavy bags and work well for sparring and padwork. The IMF foam padding protection in the gloves tends to soften over time and provides less protection when striking, which is the only drawback I can think of with these gloves.
Customers gave these gloves a variety of opinions. Compared to more expensive options, some consumers appreciated the gloves’ quality and longevity, saying they had held up well over time. The capacity of the heavy padding on the knuckles to shield injuries during training was highly valued. Customers also commented on how well the gloves fit, particularly when used with hand coverings. The gloves, however, were the subject of significant criticism.
Punches must be thrown with good technique because one customer complained that the wrist protection provided by the gloves was insufficient. Another client said that after four months of use, the gloves began to split at the seam, which they felt was unacceptable given the cost. One customer complained that the color of the gloves they received did not match the color depicted in the product photos.
Besides that, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are a good set of boxing gloves overall because of how well-padded, stitched, and designed they are. They will be your sparring partner and last you for a considerable amount of time.
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About the Ringside Brand

Ringside is a renowned company in the world of combat sports and martial arts equipment. Founded in the United States, Ringside is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts equipment and accessories. The company provides a variety of goods designed to improve performance and training for both professional fighters and amateurs.
Boxing gloves, punching bags, mouthguards, headgear, hand wraps, and other crucial training supplies are all part of Ringside’s product line. Coaches, fighters, and gyms frequently choose their products because they are renowned for producing high-quality, durable equipment. Ringside has earned a reputation for reliability in the combat sports market thanks to its dedication to quality and innovation.
Along with providing equipment, Ringside also supports and promotes a number of combat sports organizations and events, helping these sports expand and thrive. Ringside is a name that has become recognized in the world of combat sports, whether you’re a beginner looking for dependable equipment or an experienced athlete wanting top-notch equipment.


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