Red color Ringside IMF tech boxing gloves

Ringside IMF Gloves: Detailed Review

A quality pair of gloves might be challenging to find. Nowadays, everyone shops online, but even if you visit the store to try on each pair, they will all be brand new and unworn, so you won’t know how they really fit around your hand. I have some great news: I’m here to provide you with a recommendation regarding the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves, a premium, competition-level glove. Based on my personal experience and what other people have mentioned, I’ll explain why this glove is a good choice. Let’s start our in-depth analysis.

Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves: Overview

“The Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves are the precise gear you require when engaged in combat sports. For professional boxers, these are gloves of the highest caliber. These gloves are a fantastic set of competition gloves with superior stitching, cushioning, and construction from high-quality materials. Additionally, they are substantially less expensive than other Ringside gloves, which increases their value.”
These gloves are quite versatile. They work well for pad practice, heavy bag work, and sparring. They offer great defense, and your blows will feel powerful when they connect. The excellent fit of these gloves is one feature that really stands out. They genuinely hug your hand; you do not feel like you have to adapt to it; rather, it adapts to you. The cushioning here was really well done by Ringside. The gloves still appear to be relatively new, even after being worn regularly for more than a year. They are absolutely worth the cost, so act quickly while they are still available at such low prices.

Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

Ringside IMF Pro Fight Gloves – 12oz

Product Description

For dedicated boxers who expect the finest in performance and protection, the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves are the ideal pair of gloves. For optimal comfort, support, and durability during rigorous training and combat, these gloves were created using the most recent technologies.

The gloves have Injected Molded Foam (IMF) technology that offers improved shock absorption and impact resistance, decreasing the risk of harm to the hands and wrists. The gloves' moisture-wicking lining and high-quality leather construction keep the hands dry and comfortable throughout extended training sessions.

The sleek, contemporary style of the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves will stand out in the ring. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to match the tastes and styles of every boxer. These gloves are a necessity for everyone serious about boxing, whether they are professionals or novices.

  • A stylish glove with a straightforward, classic appearance
  • Best value and pricing for the quality offered
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides excellent hand protection without reducing impact
  • Excellent materials that are made to last and be durable
  • Arduous to break into
  • Foam is not the best for sparring
  • There are no palm vent holes
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Materials used for construction of the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

These gloves are made of genuine leather, which increases their longevity. This is so because genuine leather is more durable and less likely to rip than artificial leather. These gloves are made from flexible, sturdy leather that shows very little evidence of creases. The glove has a sense of high quality that is immediately apparent when you open it. They do not feel like cheap plastic gloves at all. The stitching on these gloves is flawless, the laces tie perfectly, and the leather has a generally appealing appearance and feel.

Stand out Features of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

The Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves have pleased me for a number of reasons. They are the first professional fight gloves with IMF Tech cushioning. The risk of injury during intensive fights is decreased thanks to cutting-edge cushioning technology, which guarantees outstanding hand protection.
The unique Quick Tie Tech Lace System is what distinguishes these gloves from others. I can quickly tighten and fasten the gloves with a simple pull of the laces, saving crucial time during practice or before a game. This innovation not only increases comfort but also guarantees a tight fit.
Another noteworthy component is the sturdy segmented cuff. It gives my wrist more stability, which is essential for maintaining perfect technique and avoiding accidents. The cuff’s recessed lacing channels add to the cuff’s beauty and practicality by keeping the laces neatly tucked away.
Any combat sport must prioritize safety, and these gloves do just that by including an attached thumb. This design element reduces the possibility of thumb-related injuries, giving athletes peace of mind during strenuous workouts and combat situations.
Any piece of sporting equipment must be durable, and these gloves do not fall short in this regard. The gloves are made of strong leather, so they can resist the strain of demanding training and numerous fights.
These gloves not only provide safety and practicality but also improve grip and control. This gives me a competitive advantage by allowing me to retain precise hitting and grappling tactics throughout a bout.
Last but not least, the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves’ modern and fashionable style is the cherry on top. They look fantastic and perform incredibly well, which gives me the confidence and edge I need when I enter the ring.
These durable gloves are offered in three sizes—8 ounce, 10 ounce, and 12 ounce—and three color combinations—black, blue, and red. With the gloves that best suit you, give your boxing gear a style makeover and enter the ring with assurance.

  • First professional fight gloves to incorporate IMF Tech padding.
  • Innovative Quick Tie Tech Lace System for easy tightening.
  • Supportive segmented cuff for optimal wrist stability.
  • Attached thumb for added safety.
  • Durable leather construction.
  • Superior hand protection.
  • Enhanced grip and control.
  • Sleek and stylish design.

Specifications of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

ColorsBlack, Blue, Red
Sizes8 Ounce, 10 Ounce, 12 Ounce
Weight0.6 Pounds
Closure TypeLace-Up
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Glove TypeCompetition
Suggested UsersUnisex-Adult
Recommended ForBoxing

Size Guide of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

Visit the official Ringside website for the exact size guide for the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves. Measure the diameter of your dominant hand, just below the knuckles, to estimate the size of glove you’ll need. Using the size chart below, you may determine your size after taking your measurement. For further details, make sure to view this How-To Video as well.

What are the alternatives to the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves?

If you’re not excited about the Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves, how about you go for the Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves? This boxing glove for competition is from the very popular Cleto Reyes brand, which comes at a slightly higher cost.
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Style Guide of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

The gloves feature an impressively contoured shape that lends an aerodynamic quality to each strike, making them feel as though they could effortlessly slice through the air. Ringside’s Quick Tie Tech not only introduces a practical innovation but also elevates the overall aesthetics of the gloves. The laces seamlessly integrate into the slots on the wrist’s rear, creating the visual impression of a formidable gauntlet. They are available in three various color schemes, and each one is just as attractive as the previous one.
These gloves excel in their elegant dual coloration and delightful ambiance. My personal favorite is the black color, as it not only complements the longevity of their wear but also adds a touch of style. Additionally, the fully secure attachment of the thumbs enhances durability and ensures they stay concealed. Overall, these gloves present a fantastic aesthetic, catering to various tastes.

Comfort and Fit of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

These gloves offer a mediocre level of comfort. While the hand compartment may feel a bit tight initially due to their weight and professional-fighting design, it actually aids in forming a perfect fist and gripping the bar effectively. The plush liner manages sweat reasonably well; however, the only downside is the irritating interior tag.
What sets these gloves apart is their ability to conform to your hand and grip from the start, eliminating that springy feeling of impact that some boxing gloves have. Once they’re broken in, they provide a satisfyingly firm connection with your punches.
The inside liner stays smooth, avoiding bunching in the palm area, and the deep finger compartment ensures your fingertips aren’t squeezed. These gloves strike a comfortable balance: snug but not overly tight. The laces offer a customizable wrist hold, although they require assistance to get just right. Personally, I tie them before a workout, tuck the laces in, and slide them on for a snug, comfortable fit.

Padding and Protection of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

IMF foam serves as a substantial padding element within these gloves, setting it apart from other foam materials. Its remarkable ability to maintain its shape over time is a notable advantage. Breaking in the stiff cushioning does require some patience.
Regarding padding, once you engage in striking activities with this bag, you’ll appreciate its exceptional cushioning. Whether you’re sparring with a partner or hitting the bag, you’ll experience a sense of comfort. The padding offers solid protection while still allowing you to sense the power behind your strikes. These gloves are my top choice to prevent post-practice discomfort, especially since my shoulders tend to ache after a few rounds on the heavy bag.
Each punch gives you the sensation that your hands rebound effortlessly, thanks to the resilient foam. However, keep in mind that the foam may not be very forgiving to your sparring partner, even after it’s broken in.
One of the primary benefits of IMF foam is its high level of protection. Think of it as a cast due to its near-flawless and consistent shape. You can confidently deliver powerful punches with no risk of harm. Additionally, these gloves provide exceptional wrist support, surpassing any other lace-up gloves.
I initially used these gloves for double-end bag training, where their limited hitting surface and compact size enhance precision. The laces secure your hands and wrists firmly in place, ensuring you hit the bag with precision and no concern for incorrect angles. However, I strongly discourage using these gloves for sparring due to the nature of the foam. Your sparring partner won’t benefit from it, and there are better alternatives available in the same price range.

Durability of Ringside IMF Pro-Fight Gloves

Ringside did an outstanding job creating these gloves. Everything is straight and tidy; there are no loose stitches. These gloves stand up to testing in terms of toughness. Their tendency to develop these annoying-looking lumps is the problem. IMF seems to be more affected by such flaws than multilayer foam, it would seem. Apart from that, the sort of foam used in the gloves has allowed them to maintain their shape and be nearly brand new.
Contrasted to other gloves I’ve owned in the past, these gloves, which I’ve had for roughly a year, still appear to be in relatively good condition. Given proper care, you won’t notice too much wear and tear because of their solid durability. Overall, the stitching on these gloves is strong and accurate, which boosts their durability and demonstrates good attention to detail.


When I first started boxing, I wore a variety of boxing gloves, but these are by far the most comfortable and high-quality gloves I’ve ever used. They can be used in competitions, sparring, and even for punching heavy or double-end bags. They are strong and protective, and the IMF foam is very dense. For bag work and stacked foams, these gloves are highly advised.
As it scrapes on the tip of the thumb when creating a fist, the strap that secures the thumb to the glove is uncomfortable. Cutting off the strap is one solution that might help. While breaking in the gloves takes some time, initial reviews indicate that they provide excellent protection. The straps help you put the gloves on yourself rather easily, and the wrist support is adequate.
I got the 8-ounce ones, which are theoretically pretty small for my size; nonetheless, they had an excellent front fit, and after a week of use, they lost their initial hardness and fit me really well. The only criticism I have of them is that the laces, which only enable one or two revolutions around the forearm when compared to other gloves, are incredibly narrow. Other than that, these gloves are amazing. They are highly durable, protect the hand very well, and have a long lifespan because of their durable leather construction.
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About the Ringside Brand

Ringside is a renowned company in the world of combat sports and martial arts equipment. Founded in the United States, Ringside is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts equipment and accessories. The company provides a variety of goods designed to improve performance and training for both professional fighters and amateurs.
Boxing gloves, punching bags, mouthguards, headgear, hand wraps, and other crucial training supplies are all part of Ringside’s product line. Coaches, fighters, and gyms frequently choose their products because they are renowned for producing high-quality, durable equipment. Ringside has earned a reputation for reliability in the combat sports market thanks to its dedication to quality and innovation.
Along with providing equipment, Ringside also supports and promotes a number of combat sports organizations and events, helping these sports expand and thrive. Ringside is a name that has become recognized in the world of combat sports, whether you’re a beginner looking for dependable equipment or an experienced athlete wanting top-notch equipment.


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