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Liberlupus Boxing Gloves: Review

I’ll be evaluating the Liberlupus Boxing Gloves in today’s review as I go into the world of sporting goods. These gloves have drawn a lot of interest because they deliver on their promises of comfort, toughness, and performance improvements. Finding the ideal training gloves is crucial because they are a crucial accessory for any aspiring boxer or fitness enthusiast. In this review, I’ll carefully go over the Liberlupus gloves’ design, features, and general functionality to determine whether they live up to the standards of premium boxing equipment.

Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves: Overview

The Liberlupus Boxing Gloves impressed me greatly while I was testing them to write this review. But to be fair, I had low expectations from a pair of gloves that cost under $30, so please keep that in mind while reading this review. I am not comparing these gloves with some of the high quality ones like Hayabusa or Winning because they are simply not in the same price range. That said, it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience to workout with them because they are among the nicest training gloves, I have used in this price range so far.
These gloves have three layers of foam padding for optimal cushioning and shock absorption, safeguarding your hands and knuckles. To prevent harm, the gloves completely cover your palms and conform to the curve of your hands. The comfortable, lengthy wrist straps are designed to provide excellent wrist support and stability.
They are ideal for gym fitness exercises as well as kickboxing, heavy bag, Muay Thai, MMA, and sparring training. These gloves are also incredibly pleasant to wear because of the breathable mesh and skin-friendly nylon liner. They offer the best value for money when it comes to boxing gloves for beginners.

Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

Value For Money
Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

Product Description

One of the top gloves on the market right now are the Liberlupus Boxing Gloves. For a device in its price category, it is surprisingly durable due to the careful construction. It was made from high-quality materials as well.

The many densities of the foam inside provide the best shock absorption, protecting your hands from the force of each punch. The unique breathability mesh hole prevents sweating, and the time-saving hook-and-loop fastening ensures a secure fit.

Three layers of foam padding on the gloves provide optimal cushioning and power absorption. This feature enhances your boxing experience by protecting your hands and knuckles while also enabling you to hit harder. The ergonomic design of the gloves conforms to your hands to reduce the risk of injury, and the expanded wrist straps ensure superior support.

Liberlupus puts versatility at your fingertips. These gloves are the perfect companions for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and fitness activities. The inner is made of skin-friendly nylon that repels moisture and improves comfort.

Cleaning is simple; all it takes is a quick wipe with a moist towel. Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves provide incomparable value whether you're a novice or an experienced enthusiast.

  • Suitable size and comfort when using
  • Enduring and cost-effective
  • Adaptive client services
  • Inferior interior padding
  • Available only in the color black
  • No room for personalisation
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Materials used for construction of the Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

The Liberlupus Boxing Gloves are constructed from PU synthetic leather, which is a very sturdy and useful material for gloves. In addition to having a wonderful feel and texture, this material offers the product durability and hand safety. These boxing gloves have an incredibly tough synthetic leather coating that offers long-lasting durability and makes them simple to clean with a moist towel. The wrist strap snugly fits around your wrist and has an adjustable hook-and-loop fastening to make it simple to put on and take off the gloves while keeping them in place. The interior of the gloves’ breathable mesh nylon lining, which repels moisture to keep your hands feeling cool, dry, and comfortable, is likely the most notable feature.

Stand out Features of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

Let’s talk about some stand-out features of the Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves. These gloves, which are made entirely of fine synthetic leather, exude resilience and provide amazing resistance to wear and tear. Multi-density foam is used to guarantee that your hands receive the best possible shock absorption, protecting you from the force of each punch, this is one quality that all of us testing the gloves for this review immediately noticed.
The revolutionary breathability mesh hole on these gloves is one of their most outstanding features. It was cleverly created to allow sweat to escape and keep you dry throughout strenuous training sessions. And when it comes to convenience, the hook-and-loop closing method assures a lace-like fit that provides excellent wrist support in addition to saving you significant time by removing the need for excessive wrapping.
These boxing gloves go above and beyond by including three layers of foam padding. This enhances your punching power and increases your protection, taking your boxing experience to new heights. Their curved form further prioritizes your protection by completely enclosing your palms to shield you from any potential harm. Your wrists will receive outstanding stability and support thanks to the comfortable, lengthy wrist straps.
These gloves are useful instruments for a variety of activities and aren’t only for boxing. They help you build strength, stamina, coordination, balance, and muscular mass. Examples include kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, heavy bag exercises, and even fitness routines. Additionally, they greatly lower training-related tension, which makes them a crucial component of your exercise routine.
The entire wraparound wrist strap, held in place by the hook-and-loop clasp system, guarantees a snug and personalized fit, eliminating slippage. The inner of the gloves is coated with skin-friendly nylon, which improves comfort while also obstructing moisture, keeping your hands dry even during strenuous activities. These gloves are simple to clean; all it takes is a quick wipe with a wet cloth to keep them in great shape.
These gloves are offered in four sizes—10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz—and the color black. You should have enough options from these varying sizes to accommodate most hand types, however, there could have been more color options.

  • Made of premium synthetic material.
  • Breathable nylon interior lining.
  • Power transmission technology.
  • 3 layers of foam padding to protect your hands and knuckles.
  • Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and fitness workouts.
  • Full wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit.
  • Breathable mesh for cool, dry, and comfortable wear.
  • Easy to clean with a wet towel.
  • Best value boxing gloves for beginners and enthusiasts.

Specifications of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

Sizes10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz
MaterialSynthetic PU Leather
TechnologyPower Transmission Technology
ProtectionExtra Comfort Protection
Closure TypeHook and Loop
UsersMen, Women, Youth
Recommended ForBoxing, Kickboxing, Heavy Bag, MMA

Size Guide of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

There is no official Liberlupus website for the exact size guide for the Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves.

You can use our sizing chart aqui to help!

What are the alternatives to the Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves?

If you’re looking for MMA gloves, then the Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves may not be the right choice for you. In that case, you can go for the Liberlupus MMA Gloves. It is a very popular and affordable pair of MMA gloves.

Style Guide of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

A pair of combat gloves’ design may not be its most standout element. Black is a neutral color that looks quite nice on the Liberlupus Boxing Gloves. When you step into the gym wearing these gloves, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Putting on hideous-looking gloves before every exercise is demotivating because you are constantly conscious about being judged by others.
These gloves skillfully combine practicality with an eye-catching style. The outside presents a smooth and streamlined appearance. From the exact stitching to the strategically positioned mesh holes that not only improve breathability but also offer a contemporary and fashionable touch, the design clearly paid attention to every last detail. Overall, these gloves not only make you feel like a champion but also turn heads with their contemporary and alluring appearance thanks to the combination of quality materials, cutting-edge technologies, and a clever design.

Comfort of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

These gloves offer an exceptional balance of softness and toughness, guaranteeing a secure fit that feels like a second skin. Even during the most strenuous exercises, your hands may stay cool and dry thanks to the insertion of breathable mesh holes, and the skin-friendly nylon liner improves overall comfort and prevents moisture absorption. Liberlupus takes your comfort seriously by making sure your wrists receive the best support possible in addition to providing a lace-like fit with the hook-and-loop closing system. Three layers of foam padding, a longer wrist strap, and the gloves’ curved form all work together to give great stability and cushioning.

Protection of Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves

These gloves guarantee that your hands remain protected during each punch. Three layers of foam padding and multi-density foam are used to provide the best possible shock absorption, minimizing the force on your hands and knuckles. Your safety is of utmost importance, and Liberlupus makes no compromises in this department. Your hands are firmly wrapped by the gloves’ contoured design, averting potential harm and guaranteeing a secure fit. These boxing gloves include many layers of cushioning that offer unrivaled shock absorption, ensuring that your hands are kept well-protected during the practice session or the real battle.


Men and women who compete in combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA may choose the high-quality Liberlupus Boxing Training Gloves. Users have given these gloves great reviews, with many appreciating their comfort and toughness. With prices just under $30, the gloves are an affordable option for individuals shopping for their first pair of gloves. They provide outstanding value for the money. The gloves fit well on the hands and offer sufficient wrist support thanks to the padding’s effective protection. These gloves are a solid choice for your training sessions whether you’re a novice or an expert fighter.
Based on the reviews, it appears that people generally like the gloves overall. They are said to fit nicely and feel comfortable when being used. Gloves are considered to be sturdy and good value for money, and the customer service team is praised for completely meeting customer requests to their satisfaction. The quality of the gloves has, however, come under fire in several reviews, where people have criticized their shoddy construction and inadequate inside cushioning. Additionally, customers have asked for personalization choices and a bag to store the gloves, but at this price point, a bag is a little too much to ask according to us. Customers appear to have a generally pleasant experience with the Liberlupus boxing gloves, but there are questions about the product’s quality.
The fact that these gloves do not yet come in many colors is one of their most significant limitations. Aside from that, it is a fantastic pair of gloves that, hopefully for months if not years, will travel with you as you pursue boxing. When it comes to value for money, Liberlupus definitely outperforms with this glove.
If you’re interested in purchasing another brand’s boxing gloves, check out our post on the melhores luvas de boxe aqui.

About the Liberlupus Brand

Liberlupus, a new name in combat sports, has swiftly made a name for itself as a formidable brand recognized for its creativity and dedication to pushing the limits of athleticism. Liberlupus, a company founded by a group of seasoned fighters and sports lovers, provides a wide selection of combat sports gear and apparel suited for both amateur and professional sportsmen. With a clear emphasis on quality, functionality, and cutting-edge design, the brand has quickly developed a devoted fanbase.
Liberlupus’ commitment to using combat sports to advance inclusivity and empowerment is the driving force behind its success. Regardless of their background or skill level, the brand actively supports a number of initiatives designed to make these disciplines accessible to people from all areas of life. Liberlupus has become known as a mark of quality in the combat sports sector thanks to its distinctive blend of premium products and a socially responsible mentality, encouraging people to follow their athletic hobbies with self-assurance and flair.


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