Black and red hayabusa h5 boxing gloves

Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves: Expert Review

If you are a beginner or intermediate boxer or MMA player seeking a high-quality boxing glove, the Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves are without a doubt among the best boxing gloves available right now. They can be a fantastic option for boxers because they are fairly tolerant of punching errors. With the H5 gloves, you can fight like a pro without worrying about your hands and enter the ring with confidence.
Find out why these gloves are so unique in this detailed review post below.

Hayabusa H5: Product Overview

Although beginners can also use them, the Hayabusa H5 boxing gloves are a great option for intermediate-level boxers. Intermediate boxers will gain a lot from these gloves in comparison to gloves designed only for novices. These gloves offer great value for money by combining adjustability, comfort, and protection. The stretch wrist strap ensures a secure fit, while the ergonomic design and multi-layered construction provide optimal hand and wrist protection. With these gloves, boxers can expect excellent performance, making them a reliable choice for training and sparring sessions.

Premium Look
Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women – Black/Red, 16 oz

The Hayabusa H5 gloves are built with beginning or intermediate fighters looking for a great set of well-crafted, budget-friendly gloves in mind. The H5 training gloves are perfect for combat sports including boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, MMA, and fitness boxing because they provide safe protection.

Crafted from superior-quality materials and detailed stitching, the H5 gloves are built to withstand rigorous training sessions, making them a durable investment in your performance. The H5 gloves are touted as being the most reasonably priced choice available. They also come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

These gloves feature a unique stretch wrist strap closure and multi-layered padding, ensuring a secure fit and the safety you demand. The gloves' extra-wide adjustable strap can be stretched to provide an optimal fit, regardless of your wrist size. This feature guarantees maximum comfort and support during your workouts.

Designed with an ergonomic hand and thumb pocket, the H5 gloves eliminate hand strain and prevent slippage, allowing you to focus on perfecting your technique. The soft lining not only dries quickly but also ensures a luxuriously comfortable experience.

Safety is paramount, and the Hayabusa H5 gloves have you covered. The combination of wrist splinting, single strap closure, multi-layer padding, and anatomically correct hand and thumb pockets offers comprehensive protection against impact force and improper alignment of the hand and wrist.

Additionally, the full mesh palm and thumb perforations ensure optimal ventilation, keeping your hands cool and sweat-free so you can concentrate solely on honing your skills.

  • The wrist strap closure allows for a customized and secure fit
  • The ergonomic hand and thumb pockets, coupled with a soft lining, offer a comfortable experience
  • Provide comprehensive protection against impact force
  • Promote excellent ventilation
  • Affordable price
  • After repeated uses, the interior lining degrades
  • Even at 16 ounces, the gloves feel snug
  • Less robust than other premium gloves
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Materials used for construction of the Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves

The PU-designed leather used to create the distinctive H5 gloves is of the finest quality. Polyurethane leather, popularly known as PU leather, is a synthetic leather created from thermoplastic polymers. 100% PU leather is entirely synthetic and is regarded as vegan. Because it is simpler to produce, PU-manufactured leather is less expensive than real leather.
PU leather is typically substantially lighter than actual leather, making it ideal for longer training sessions in boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports. The H5 gloves are great for training sessions because they are made of PU leather and are lightweight. Additionally, because these gloves are made of engineered leather, they can be quickly air-dried and cleaned with detergent and water in a matter of minutes.

Standout Features of Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves

Looking for gloves that are easy to adjust? The Hayabusa H5 gloves are perfect. They have a special stretch strap for quick changes during training. These gloves offer a good mix of flexibility, comfort, and protection, fitting between the Hayabusa S4 and T3 gloves.
You can choose from four sizes: X-Small (10 oz), Small (12 oz), Medium (14 oz), and Large (16 oz). There are five color options: Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Grey, Purple/Black, and White/Grey.
The gloves are made of strong PU-designed leather and have great padding. They can handle powerful hits, making them good for defense. The padding cushions harsh impacts well.
The material of the gloves is chosen for comfort. The outer part is tough and resistant to scratches, while the inside has plenty of padding for a comfy feel.
An impressive feature is the quick and easy adjustment for a proper fit without straining fingers. They also keep the thumb in a natural position for safety.
These gloves stand out with their unique stitching and coating, making them durable and shiny. They can be safely used for over a year without major issues.

In summary, the Hayabusa H5 gloves are affordable and stylish training gloves. They have good stitching, multi-layered foam knuckle protection, comfortable hand and thumb pockets, and breathable mesh palms, making them a balanced and long-lasting choice for athletes.

  • An adjustable stretch strap provides the ultimate fit
  • Splinting provides strong wrist support
  • Multi-layered foam for full knuckle protection
  • Hand and thumb ergonomics minimize hand strain
  • Ultra-smooth inner lining for excellent comfort
  • Built to endure your tough training sessions

Specifications of Hayabusa H5 Boxing Gloves

Size Range10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., and 16 oz
Glove TypeTraining
Wrist Protection2-layer splinting
Hand Protection5-layer knuckle padding
ClosureSingle adjustable stretch strap
LiningSoft nylon lining
MaterialPU-engineered leather
ErgonomicsErgonomic thumb position
PalmAerated Mesh Palm
ThumbWipe-away, ergonomic, attached
Grip BarFoam
Best ForIntermediate level

Size Guide

By following the size chart found on the official Hayabusa website, you can select the size that best suits you.

What are the alternatives to the Hayabusa H5?

If you are not excited about the Hayabusa H5 and are looking for a premium product, check out Hayabusa T3 or the Everlast Elite Pro for regular sparring.

Best Overall
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves are one of the best boxing gloves we recommend. They are built with the finest materials and best in class foam padding that offer incredible protection to your knuckles and wrists. The dual strap wrist support ensures that your wrists stay aligned & protected even when you throw bad punches. What really stands out is the inner fabric which feels smooth and keeps your hands cool and less sweaty.

If you are in the market for a new pair of boxing gloves that will stand up to the test, the Hayabusa T3 is a great pair of gloves to get.

  • Fantastic wrist support
  • One of the best-looking gloves
  • Premium quality end to end
  • They can get quite tight when you wear them on hand wraps
  • It can take some time to break into them as the foam is hard
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Good pick for training
Everlast Elite Pro Style Gloves
$44.99 $39.27

These Kickboxing gloves from Everlast Elite are very affordable even though they are made from the finest leather. Because the mesh palm is so breathable, you can practice longer with it!

The Everlast Elite boxing gloves are for those who take their kickboxing practice seriously. Both aerobic kickboxing and conventional boxing sessions benefit greatly from using these gloves. These training glove features ever shield and ever cool technology and is perfect for bag work, mitt work, fitness classes, and sparring

  • Long-lasting durability is provided by premium synthetic leather mixed with superb workmanship.
  • A full mesh palm guarantees comfort and breathability.
  • Modern ever shield wrist protection design with hook-and-loop fastening
  • Secure fit maintains comfort and protection under various hitting angles
  • Difficult to break-in
  • Velcro strap could have been longer
  • Feels fragile during heavy bag use
Longevity: less than 8 months with moderate use
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Style Guide

The Hayabusa H5 boxing gloves are a perfect blend of style and function, catering to both the aesthetic preferences and performance needs of boxers. With a focus on clean and precise stitching, these gloves boast an understated yet elegant appearance. The contrasting colors between the hand area and stitching create an eye-catching effect that’s both modern and dynamic. The incorporation of the Hayabusa logo is tastefully done, adding a touch of brand identity without overpowering the overall design. The choice of colors, including bold options like Black/Gold and striking contrasts like Purple/Black, provides boxers with a range of options to match their personal style. Beyond looks, these gloves also feature premium materials that contribute to their visual appeal. Whether you’re drawn to classic aesthetics or bold accents, the Hayabusa H5 gloves ensure you look and feel confident as you step into the ring.

How is the design of the Hayabusa H5?

The design of the Hayabusa H5 gloves is tailored to appeal to both traditional boxing enthusiasts and the MMA community. These gloves boast a medium-sized design, striking a balance between being too large or excessively small. With a comfortable breadth, your hand doesn’t experience any discomfort. Crafted from the same quality synthetic material featured in Hayabusa‘s T3 line, the gloves display a Swoosh design and the Hayabusa logo on the finger compartment. A soft, micro-suede-like material wraps around the thumb, extending to the front. The gloves bear the “Hayabusa” label on the back, while the elastic band, displaying the Hayabusa emblem, securely fastens the gloves with a thicker feel than most entry-level gloves. Quadruple stitching on the palm and robust mesh contribute to the gloves’ sturdiness. The grip bar, neither too small nor too large, strikes a good balance. The thumb incorporates ventilation holes and links to nylon. Overall, the H5 gloves sport a minimalist style, forgoing unnecessary and overwhelming design elements while maintaining a functional and sleek appearance.

Summary: Hayabusa H5 Boxing gloves

The Hayabusa H5 pair of gloves is without a doubt among the top options offered lately. They are quite inexpensive and highly recommended for MMA or boxing beginners or intermediates. The H5 gloves are among the most durable ones you can get, and they will unquestionably last you a very long time. These are the boxing gloves to acquire if you want nice gloves but are on a tight budget.
Since they have significantly more padding than typical gloves, they initially feel snug, but with continued usage, they become accustomed to your hands. Most importantly, the velcro straps are extra-large and unbreakable. Most days, you can box 12 rounds while removing your gloves in between each one. Some consumers claim that even after regular use, which they define as 5 times per week for a period of 9 months, resulting in 1,980 Velcro rips, these gloves will still hold up like new.
The fact that these gloves are substantially smaller than comparable 16-ounce gloves is a typical problem, though. A 16-ounce size will be inadequate if your hands are quite large. Another problem is that the material at the fingertips is loose and moves about while you are wearing them, which can be uncomfortable. The splint will help you and they do feel amazing when you strike the bag, though. Nevertheless, you’ll find that after using it repeatedly for a while, the 16 oz gloves will break in and you’ll feel much more comfortable using them.
All skill levels, especially beginners and intermediates, might profit from this product if you are a somewhat committed boxer or kickboxer. The Hayabusa H5 are the firm’s least expensive gloves. In comparison to other gloves on the market, it’s significantly less expensive. A pair of Hayabusa H5 gloves typically costs $99, though costs can change based on region.

About the Hayabusa Brand

Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. is a well-established fitness combat lifestyle company headquartered in Kingston, ON, Canada. Founded in 2006 by brothers Craig and Ken Clement, along with partners Luke Harris and David Zikakis, the company has become a leading player in the fitness, boxing, and martial arts equipment and apparel industry. Their product range includes boxing gloves, jiu-jitsu gis, rash guards, compression shirts, shorts, spats, and fight shorts, all of which are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.
The company’s inception was inspired by Luke Harris, a former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who was captivated by the exceptional gear used during his training in Japan. Impressed by the quality, he envisioned bringing the same level of excellence to North America, and thus, Hayabusa was born. With a passion for innovation and dedication to providing top-notch products, Hayabusa quickly gained popularity and expanded its presence globally.
One of the key factors that has contributed to Hayabusa‘s success is its commitment to delivering cutting-edge and consistent upgrades to its product line. Each release undergoes a thorough examination to ensure no important components are overlooked, resulting in gear that stands out in terms of performance and durability. As a result, Hayabusa has garnered a loyal customer base in the mainstream market.
Beyond their product excellence, Hayabusa has also focused on safety and injury prevention. Their gear is designed with the utmost care to minimize the risk of injuries. This emphasis on safety has further solidified their reputation as a trusted brand in the fitness and combat sports communities.
Today, Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. has firmly established itself as a leader in the fitness and combat lifestyle industries, thanks to its founders’ vision, dedication to quality, and commitment to providing top-tier products that meet the demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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