Venum seems to have taken the MMA and boxing worlds by storm overnight. What started out as a small company that provided training gear for Brazilian Jujitsu competitions has turned into a massive force in the entire martial arts industry.

Venum has a tremendous amount of products for amateur and professional fighters alike. For example, you can buy rashguards, boxing gloves and more—all with the distinct Venum “Brazilian snake” logo.

You’ll also see Venum fight gear worn by many of your favorite fighters, including:

  • Lyoto Machida
  • Carlos Condit
  • Fabricio Werdum
  • Wanderlei Silva

And many more.

Recently, Venum has become one of the chief sponsors of the most famous professional MMA organization in the world: the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Venum Boxing Gloves

I’ve tried on several pairs of Venum gloves over the years and I’ve found them to be some of the best in the business. For one reason, Venum gloves provide excellent padding and support. Lesser quality gloves will typically wear out and develop weak areas that don’t protect your hands. Or the leather might degrade and start to break apart. Venum gloves typically stay together much better than most other boxing gloves.

Another factor that you’ll enjoy with Venum boxing gloves is the fit. These are some of the most form-fitting gloves on the market, so you don’t get that “cushion” feeling that you get from other gloves. They feel like an extension of your own hand, which helps you throw more accurate punches. They never feel awkward or heavy, and this has a lot to do with the way that they’re weighted.

Design and Development

Venum has a special team of sports scientists and engineers who develop their boxing gloves. Their primary research center is in Thailand, home to some of the best kick-boxers on the planet. This helps ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date technology and testing to support your gloves. When it comes to protecting your hands, you just can’t afford to use outdated gloves.


There’s just no mistaking a pair of Venum boxing gloves. All of their products are very distinct and feature edgy designs and patterns. From the military-themed Venum Camo boxing gloves to the elegant Venum Wave, you’re sure to find a style that matches your personality. Many other brands fall short when it comes to the design of their product, but with Venum you have a chance to make a statement every time you work the bags or step inside the ring.

Wrist support

Another element of boxing gloves that’s extremely important is the wrist support. Some companies really fall short in this department—resulting in wrist straps that slip or inadequate support. This is dangerous because when your wrist doesn’t line up correctly you can sustain injuries. You also sacrifice accuracy when you’re training with poorly secured gloves, and this can cost you dearly when it’s time to step in the ring.

These gloves, on the other hand, have excellent wrist support that never seems to come lose or slip. This is a highlight of the Venum brand.


One of the most common places that you’ll start to see wear and tear in most gloves is in the stitching. After thousands of punches, you may see the leather begin to stretch and the stitches begin to loosen up. Of course, this ultimately results in glove slippage.

However, the stitching in these gloves is tight and obviously well thought out. The stress-load of your punches isn’t distributed at the seams, and we feel like this was clearly part of Venum’s custom design.

If you’re in the market for a good pair of sparring gloves, then you should consider these. When you invest in a good pair of gloves, you’re ensuring that your career as an amateur or professional boxer is more safe and secure.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

One of my favorite pairs of Venum boxing gloves is the Venum Elite. A quick Youtube search will turn up dozens of videos with fighters training in these gloves. First of all, they’re super-comfortable and that’s one of the most important factors when choosing the right pair of bag or sparring gloves.

Another feature I like about the Elite gloves is the Skintex leather. This is a rugged material that won’t degrade as easily—allowing you to get more than your money’s worth from your gloves.

The Venum Elite gloves perform very well when it comes to absorbing the shock of your punches. I’ve seen fighters sustain deep bruises and even broken knuckles as the result of inadequate padding—not to mention cutting their training partners!

With Venum’s triple-density foam, you actually get three distinct layers of shock absorption. Your hands will feel more sturdy as soon as you slip them on, and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first punch or your 300th, you’re hands will feel safe and unencumbered.

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