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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves is the next product in the new Venum line of gloves set. Vastly exceeding the quality of most other Venum gloves, this pair is built for more than hitting the bags. Don’t let the price fool you, these cost-effective gloves perform comparably to their more expensive Venum counterparts.

The renown of Venum as being one of the world’s lead suppliers of MMA/boxing equipment is well earned, and these gloves certainly speak for themselves in that regard. In this Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review, the features that make this glove will be evaluated and compared to the standard for gloves in this price range.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves
$89,99 $79.25

The Venum Elite Evo boxing gloves are an evolution from the Venum Elite range, which continues to be one of the most popular Venum gloves. The Elite Evos have been designed to be even more durable and withstand continuous intensive use. To provide optimized protection, the ergonomics of these gloves have been a particular focus in their engineering and construction.

The hand falls in a natural position, considerably reducing the risk of injury. Four layers of foam with different densities provide a high level of absorption with every impact. The high-end microfiber, imported from Japan, used to cover the glove gives the Elite Evo range exceptional durability, identical or even superior to that of a leather glove.

Fully assembled and constructed in Thailand by hand, the final product is unparalleled and incomparable at this price point.

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Venum Elite Features

  • Microfiber PU (Polyurethane) casing (made in Japan) for long life
  • Four layers of natural foam
  • Perforated palm: better breathability
  • Anatomical shape / Grip: optimized fist placement
  • Fully assembled and hand sewn in Thailand
  • Unisex – suitable for men and women
  • ~0.62 kgs item weight

Bescherming en vulling

For gloves designed as entry-level boxing/sparring gloves, this pair is surprisingly comfortable as it boasts a myriad of design features that increase overall comfort and decrease strain on both the hand and wrist. The reinforced palm and attached thumb help decrease the likelihood of injury, and also serve to make the glove lighter.

It’s not just your hands that will thank you for using these Venum Elite gloves, as your sparring partner will too. The SkinTex imitation leather is best compared to vinyl and is soft enough to not give brutal rashes to your sparring partner.

Quality and Durability:

These Venum Elite Boxing Gloves last like a champ. The Skintex surface is not as prone to friction and thus is less likely to wear out quickly. The reinforcing and advanced foam technology inside decreases the amount of overall shock that passes through the glove during blows, increasing its lifespan and providing comfort to you while you throw your punches.

A panel of high-density mesh is built under the wrist to help regulate heat and keep the inside of the gloves dry. For the price, this pair of gloves offers you durability, not unlike the more expensive models.

Venum Elite Design:

The Venum Elite boxing gloves sport a fierce look that is indicative of their purpose. The design shows that you mean business with no-nonsense features that prioritize utility and functionality above all else. The sharp-edged paint job along with the venomous fanged snake on the logo helps make these gloves distinct and something to be respected.

The gloves can be tightened with a velcro wrist strap that wraps over the end of the wrist. All of the foam built inside follows the triple-density design standard to achieve maximum impact mitigation.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are available in ~20 different colors and look great on any hands.

Venum Elite Gloves Pros and Cons:


  • Great beginners gloves
  • Seamless fabric on the surface of the gloves
  • No friction ensuring no chance of sparring injuries
  • Snug hand fit because of the intuitively built inner fit and wrist strap fit
  • Extremely comfortable when used with wraps
  • Provides a painless workout experience


  • Don’t stack up to the more expensive gloves in comfort, durability, and lightness
  • Not a pro-MMA pair of gloves
  • Good for the casual enthusiast who is not ready to spend money on an expensive pair yet


What size of Venum Elite gloves should I buy?

Glove sizes are measured in ounces (Oz). What size of a glove to wear is determined by two factors: your weight and the type of training you intend them to use. It’s always better to consult with your coach, but this is what fighters generally wear: weighting less than 120lbs (55 kg) – 10-12 oz gloves for training, 14oz for sparring; weighting 121-150lbs (55-68kg) – 12-14oz for training, 16 for sparring; weighing more than 151lbs (68kg) – 14-16oz for training, 16-18oz gloves for sparring.

What other equipment should I buy along with Venum Elite boxing gloves?

Boxing headgear En boxing shoes are must-haves for every boxer. Mouthguards, punch trackers, mitts, punching bags, and many more – have a look at the full list of best boxing equipment here

Can I gift the Venum Elite boxing gloves to someone?

These are great gloves to gift your loved one or friend, we also recommend checking what kind of boxing gloves they prefer. We have a list of non-boxing gloves ideas that can be used for gifting

How do I clean my Venum Elite boxing gloves?

There are preventive methods such as using hand wraps and drying gloves to reduce the stink in your gloves. There are also other methods such as the saltwater soak, the freezer method, or using glove dogs and disinfectants. For details, read our expert article on how to clean your boxing gloves.

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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review


Padding and Protection
Kwaliteit en duurzaamheid


Venum Elite Boxing Gloves has all the key factors that make a great glove. These aren’t MMA pro level gloves but certainly a tough pair and vastly exceeds the quality of most other sparring and bag gloves. If you’re into boxing and looking for your first ‘serious pair of gloves, these Venum Elite gloves are highly recommended.


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  1. Emailed Venum regarding gloves I bought back in February of this year, because they are already ripping at the seams. I haven’t heard anything back from them but would like to know if there is a warranty period or what can be done. I have pictures of the gloves if needed.

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