Cheap Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves Review

Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves Review

These Everlast pro gloves are definitely one of the cheapest boxing gloves I’ve ever seen. Probably that’s why they are very popular these days. Plus they are the best selling gloves on Amazon, and it seems like at least one guy in every gyms owns a pair of these boxing gloves. So I decided to borrow a pair from my friend and to make a review for you guys, and hopefully help you to decide whether you should buy these gloves or not.

* I wear Everlast Pro Style 16oz boxing gloves. I’m 5.8 tall, I weight around 155 pounds, and I have medium size hands.


About Everlast Brand

Everlast is a household name among boxers. Even people who don’t box can usually identify Everlast as a very well-known boxing gear manufacturer. Everlast has a great selection of products with prices ranging from $10 to well beyond $100.

As is true with any other boxing glove, you’re going to get out of it what you spend on it. Such is the case with the Everlast Pro Style training gloves. While they sport a low price of only $24 and have a great deal of pros, they are not without their cons.


[section label=”Quality”]


The Everlast Pro Style gloves do feature a couple of interesting features, such as the Thumb-lock and Ever-Fresh technologies. The thumb lock simply ensures that the thumb is in the proper place during strikes, while the ever fresh helps prevent that awful smell that boxing gloves get after extended use. While some consider these gimmicks, they do provide some saving grace to the otherwise mediocre quality of the gloves.

Pro Style Boxing Gloves-Black 16oz (PR)

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[section label=”Durability”]


According to testimonials, the synthetic leather performs adequately for a while, though the glove eventually suffers wear and tear damage (especially after constant use). It’s not to say that this glove doesn’t hold up, but it isn’t likely to be your go-to glove for years to come.

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[section label=”Protection”]


These cheap Everlast pro style gloves will protect your hands just about as much as you’d expect a double layered “Sandwich” of thin foam can. The foam follows the shape of a fist and is also lined across the wrist to help encourage proper punching form, but it detracts from the fact that the front of the glove lacks adequate protection, thus making it hazardous to train with these gloves for extended sessions.

Also, from the pictures above, you can see that the strap is really short and it doesn’t secure the wrist. It feels very loose and moves around inside the glove, even with the hand wraps on.

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[section label=”Design”]


Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

This pair of gloves is designed in a manner synonymous with almost all other Everlast gloves. The Large rectangular Everlast logo is displayed on the wrist, and the gloves are available in the classic black, blue, and red colors. The palm of the glove has an interesting mesh design, but many who have used the glove say that it does not provide the cooling that its design implies.


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[section label=”Reviews”]

Amazon Customer Reviews

“Their over-all quality is quite good and even the velcros are done well…However…(read more here: Everlast Pro Style Gloves Review)”

“I own one pair of gloves of 12 OZ, i have to say that this gloves are more than great, and i’m not a fan, why i say this:…(read more here: Everlast Gloves Review)”

“Very nice protection for heavy bags training. Nice grip also….(read more here: Everlast Pro Style Review)”

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