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What size boxing gloves should I get?

This is entirely dependent on your weight and what type of boxing you intend to do. If you are at a loss about what size is appropriate for your weight, consult this boxing gloves guide.

Where can I buy boxing gloves?

There are MMA and other contact sports stores all over the world, though it might be an idea to shop at a store that specializes in your preferred style of fighting. For example, a general sporting goods store might not be the best place to buy Muay Thai gloves. Websites like and manufacturer websites allow you to purchase name-brand gloves without having to seek out local stores.

How do I choose boxing gloves?

You must assess what type of boxing you intend to do before picking a type of glove. After you’ve settled on a type of glove, you’ll want to compare leading brands for their positive traits such as comfort, safety, and durability. Once you’ve worked out your budget and decided what traits are more important to you, then you can begin your search. Try brands like Fairtex, Hayabusa, and Cleto Reyes for starters.

What brand of boxing gloves is the best?

Every boxing glove has its place, and there are many good brand choices including Cleto Reyes, Fairtex, and Rival. But if you want to get an idea of what a perfectly crafted boxing glove looks like, take a look at a pair from Winning

What size (oz) boxing gloves should I use for training?

Typically if your weight is 150lb – 180lb you’ll want to wear 14-16 oz gloves. For more info check the boxing gloves size chart here.

How much do boxing gloves cost?

With boxing gloves, you get what you pay for. Sure, there are pairs of gloves available for as cheap as $20, but they will not perform when compared to a pair of Hayabusa or Winning gloves. As a first-time boxer, a budget-friendly estimation would be that your first pair will cost you about $40, but you might eventually graduate to higher quality gloves that can cost $100 or more.

What boxing gloves are best for beginners?

Beginners are probably not ready to drop $100 or more on a pair of gloves, so a good rule of thumb would be to look for any gloves that are priced from $40-$80. Gloves in that price range will give you the quality you need to get started boxing without breaking the bank.

O que são as melhores luvas de boxe for a heavy bag?

The company “Title” makes an excellent pair of heavy bag gloves that are perfect for anyone who wants nothing less than the best in the way of bag gloves. If you’re looking for something entry-level, make sure that the gloves are described as heavy bag gloves in their specifications, since bag gloves are built differently than sparring gloves.

What are the boxing glove sizes for youths?

Youth boxing gloves are generally lighter so often you will see boxing gloves that weigh around 10oz advertised as youth boxing gloves.

What is the difference between gloves designed for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai?

Everything from materials to the type of padding can differ, and they’re all dependent on the aspects of each sport. For example, Muay Thai gloves have room for clinching and grappling due to the nature of that martial art. Since MMA is also grapple oriented, their gloves are of similar construction. Boxing gloves make no apparent accommodation for grappling and are merely designed to cushion blows and provide wrist support

O que são as melhores luvas de boxe for training?

If you’re confused about what to buy for your training pair, this simple top 10 boxing gloves list should put you on the right track. All you need to worry about is whether or not the glove has a snug fit, how much shock the padding protects your hands from, and how the glove performs after extended use. Reading boxing gloves reviews online can be quite helpful.

O que são as melhores luvas de boxe for sparring?

This question demands a bit more detail since the preferred style of glove differs from person to person. Sparring gloves are usually lighter than their bag glove counterparts, to more efficiently simulate the lightweight of competition-grade gloves. The most important factor here is wrist support and safety since the decreased padding might increase the likelihood of an injury. This is especially important if you are considering “Mexican style” gloves like the Cleto Reyes gloves since that style features decreased padding.

General maintenance questions

How do I clean boxing gloves?

There is a variety of ways to clean boxing gloves, with some being more accepted than others. The most common method used is called the “Freezer method”, where the gloves are put into plastic bags and left in the freezer overnight. Another good idea is to occasionally spray your gloves with antibacterial spray. You can find all boxing gloves cleaning methods here.

Can I put boxing gloves in my washing machine?

Absolutely not! You should never, under any circumstances put your boxing gloves in the washing machine. They were severely damaged or destroyed by the end.

How do I take care of boxing gloves?

One of the main ways to preserve your boxing gloves and protect them from damage is to store them in a cool dry place. Wet and warm places are environments that encourage the growth of bacteria that can either damage or destroy your gloves. When putting your boxing gloves away, consider stuffing them with something like a crumpled newspaper to avoid the buildup of moisture. You could also purchase a pair of “Glove dogs”, which are special inserts designed to absorb moisture from the inside of your gloves.

How long do boxing gloves last?

This is where the importance of glove design and materials comes into play. Depending on the quality of your glove, it will be made of synthetic material, false leather, or real leather. There’s a considerable selection of synthetic materials, with some being of better build than others, so generally, boxers feel more comfortable with real leather.

How do I break in new boxing gloves?

This question is both easy and difficult to answer. The simple answer is to just use them until they break-in, though some gloves are reportedly very difficult to break in and require special circumstances. In any regular case, simply using the gloves regularly will break them in.


Gloves of choice for famous boxers


What kind of boxing gloves did Mike Tyson use?

Mike Tyson used what is known as “old school” heavyweight Everlast gloves. The gloves were reported to weigh around 8oz.

What boxing gloves does Floyd Mayweather use?

Floyd Mayweather uses top-level gear by choosing Winning brand boxing gloves as his gear of choice.

What boxing gloves does Manny Pacquiao wear?

Manny Pacquaio wears the famous Cleto Reyes “Mexican style” gloves. Considered by some to be an acquired taste, these gloves provide a unique experience to boxers that some find fantastic while others simply can’t enjoy it or make it work.

Miscellaneous questions

When were boxing gloves invented?

The boxing glove was invented in 1743 by a man named Jack Broughton. While early prototypes of boxing gloves are likely littered throughout history, this man set the standard.

How do I wrap my hands in boxing gloves?

The process of putting on wraps is quite easy. All you do is run the loop at the end of the wrap down your thumb and wrap across your wrist, palm, and then diagonally across starting from your wrist and ending at your palm. You’ll also run the wrap through your fingers a few times before you’re finished. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing when wrapping your hands, so beginners are advised to seek out an instructor or watch this tutorial video before wrapping on their own.

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