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Winning Professional Boxing Gloves Detailed Review

Gloves are frequently perceived as being used to protect the head by holding your hands up to block powerful blows. The main motivation, however, is to prevent injuries to the hand and wrist region. When you punch someone hard, your hand experiences a reactionary force that could harm you just as much as your opponent. Delivering a punch while wearing a good pair of gloves will feel vastly different from punching bare-knuckled which may result in a broken wrist.
Now that we have established the importance of boxing gloves for protection, you should know that not all boxing gloves are made equal. There are hundreds if not thousands of gloves in the market today and it is important to know which ones fit your needs the best.
In this post, we are reviewing one of the best gloves available in the market, the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. Japanese quality blended with path breaking design will ensure these gloves offer 360-degree protection for your hands and also protect your opponent from serious injury.

Product Description

Best Quality
Winning Professional Boxing Gloves 8oz (Black)

Winning takes quality to a whole new level, and their gloves exemplify this dedication. Unpacking these gloves, you'll immediately feel their premium craftsmanship. The leather's exquisite softness, durable laces, and elegant wrist support elevate them to one of the market's finest. Though slightly weighty, they provide exceptional hand protection with grade A padding. Notably, the unique thumb protection design safeguards both your opponent's eyes and your thumbs from serious injury. When it comes to quality and performance, Winning's gloves are truly magical.

  • High quality leather
  • Extremely comfortable during fights
  • Sturdy laces
  • These gloves are quite expensive
  • Extra padding might reduce impact on the opponent
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About Winning

Established in the 1970s, Winning is a well-known company that has built a reputation for itself as a leading manufacturer of boxing products. This Japanese based company is known for its quality and attention to detail and is a favorite among both professional and amateur boxers. Winning has always preferred substance and quality over style and this philosophy is reflected in all of their boxing products. Their investment in R&D is primarily focused on providing the best-in-class protection and comfort for their boxing customers.
While all of their boxing products are top notch, their professional boxing gloves deserves a special mention. I know some boxers complain about how plain and simple they look but once you put them on, their looks don’t matter. These are easily one of the best pair of boxing gloves in the world and your hands will feel special as soon as you wear them.

Features of Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

High-quality leather: The gloves are built with premium-grade leather that is both durable and soft to touch. These have a premium feel unlike some of the other gloves that claim to be built with genuine leather.
Hand-stitched: The gloves are hand-stitched for added durability and to ensure a snug fit, providing extra protection for the hands and wrist.
Padding system: The gloves feature a specially designed padding system that helps absorb the shock of punches, reducing the risk of injury to the hands and wrist.
Different weights and sizes: The professional gloves come in various weights and sizes, making it easy for you to find the size that fits best.
Velcro closure: The gloves feature a Velcro closure that allows for a secure and customizable fit, you don’t have to worry about your hands moving during a fight.
Superior protection: These gloves offer best in class protection for your hands. You can box with confidence whether you are in training or boxing in a professional competition
Attention to detail: Winning is known for its attention to detail and its commitment to producing high-quality products, and these gloves are no exception.

While testing in order to write this review for winning boxing gloves, our experts loved how these gloves felt.


Review of winning boxing gloves 8 Oz

  • Manufacturer: ‎Winning
  • Brand Name: ‎Winning
  • Country of Origin: ‎Japan
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎13.2 x 5.8 x 4 inches
  • Package Weight: ‎‎0.43 Kilograms
  • Part Number: MS200

Craftsmanship And Quality of the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

Winning is not a vegan-friendly company, but they more than make up for it with the caliber of their offerings. The skin of these boxing gloves is composed of top-grain, high-quality leather. Since cowhide and even goatskin are the most flexible, longest-lasting, and lightest types of leather, those are normally what this leather is made of.
It has a buttery texture and has been treated with leather conditioner to keep it supple and soft. Even though the leather is not very thin, it folds easily. Other gloves are either too stiff and thick in the leather or too flimsy and thin in the leather.
These gloves are expertly made with meticulous attention to detail. The stitching is flawless throughout and appears to have been automated. The ends are done and tucked in quite nicely.
These gloves’ cushioning is thick across your knuckles and the back of your hand before getting thinner at your wrists. The front of the wrist and the area around the palm are quite thin, but the back of the wrist still has some padding.
These gloves have the best lining available. It is much simpler to put on and take off these gloves thanks to their smooth interior. The glove’s interior is expertly stitched, with the lining attached. Once your hands are slid into these gloves, the interior lining is invisible.

Are Winning Professional Boxing Gloves Worth It?

Pillows is the nickname for the cushioning on the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. This demonstrates how soft, secure, and safe your hands will feel when wearing these gloves. You can punch hard while allowing your hands to move freely.
It has one of the best-attached thumbs that is straight, and, most importantly, they are lace-up gloves. They are more difficult to put on and take off than the velcro models, especially if you train alone or without partners, but your wrist will appreciate it.
The gloves’ padding is made of premium foam. Injuries are less likely because of its durability, density, and excellent shock absorption. These gloves were specifically created for sporting events. When entering the ring, boxers of all weight classes and skill levels can use these gloves.
Every serious combatant ought to have a set of these gloves. Despite the fact that these gloves should last you at least a year, However, if you work out frequently, it is always a good idea to replace your current pair once every six to eight months.

Considering all of these factors and the craftsmanship, Winning professional boxing gloves are worth their price tag!

Design of the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

Polyester and nylon are used in combination to make these gloves’ internal lining. The textiles and the leather are both produced in Japan. Three different colors are available for these gloves: black, blue, and white.
The white lacing complements the strip below the thumb area that is the same hue. Despite being soft, the laces are quite durable. They do not have the little plastic ends that are often seen on laces, but they may still be easily replaced if the ends start to fray.
For a product this size, these gloves have more padding on the inside than you might expect. The high quality of the material used by Winning means that the level of protection might even be on par with heavier gloves with more padding.

Overall, it’s difficult to find any flaws in the design, we felt that every step of the way when we were reviewing these Winning boxing gloves. It is easy to see that the stitching, leather, and lining are of the highest quality. The leather has a pleasant scent and breaks in well for long-lasting use in training.

Why The Winning Professional Boxing Gloves Stand Out

Experience unparalleled protection with the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. With their abundant padding, you’ll feel like you’re wearing pillows on your hands. These gloves are the epitome of protection and are perfect for training or competition. Durable and long-lasting, these gloves are a worthwhile investment for any boxer looking to protect their hands.
Not only will you feel protected, but you’ll also feel confident in your ability to punch effectively. These gloves are ideal for mitt and heavy bag work and will only get better with time. Winning is known for producing the best boxing equipment in the world, and their gloves are no exception.
No need to worry about hand injuries with these gloves. Even professional boxers, like Manny Pacquiao, trust in the protection offered by the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. Each and every product is made with exceptional attention to detail and quality at their own factory in Japan. With limited manufacturing capacity, they can ensure strict quality control and performance with each piece of equipment.


  • Comfort: 4.2
  • Durability: 4.0
  • Stability: 4.8
  • Flexibility: 4.5
  • Value for money: 4.4

Winning Professional Gloves: Size Guide

Reference Table: Boxing Weight Classes and Glove Size guidance (Amateur)

Class NameMen WeightSize of Gloves
Super heavyweight91+kgs / 200+ lbs12oz
Heavyweight81-91 kgs / 178-200 lbs12oz
Light heavyweight75-81 kgs / 165-178 lbs12oz
Middleweight69-75 kgs / 152-165 lbs12oz
Welterweight64-69 kgs / 141-152 lbs10oz
Light welterweight60-64 kgs / 132-141lbs10oz
Lightweight56–60 kgs / 123-132 lbs10oz
Bantamweight52–56 kgs / 114-123 lbs10oz
Flyweight49–52 kgs / 108-114 lbs10oz
Light flyweight46–49 kgs / 101-108 lbs10oz
Amateur Boxing Weight Classes & Glove Size: Men

Reference Table: Boxing Weight Classes and Glove Size Guidance (Professional)

Class NameMen WeightSize of Gloves
Cruiserweight90.7 kgs/ 200 lbs10oz
Light heavyweight79.4 kgs / 175 lbs10oz
Super middleweight76.2 kgs / 168 lbs10oz
Middleweight72.5 kgs / 160 lbs10oz
Super welterweight69.9 kgs / 154 lbs10oz
Welterweight66.7 kgs / 147 lbs12oz
Super lightweight63.5 kgs / 140 lbs12oz
Lightweight61.2 kgs / 135 lbs12oz
Super featherweight59.0 kgs / 130 lbs12oz
Featherweight57.2 kgs / 126 lbs12oz
Super bantamweight55.3 kgs / 122 lbs12oz
Bantamweight53.5 kgs / 118 lbs12oz
Super flyweight52.2 kgs /115 lbs12oz
Flyweight50.8 kgs / 112 lbs12oz
Light flyweight49.0 kgs / 108 lbs12oz
Minimumweight47.6 kgs / 105 lbs12oz
Boxing Weight Classes & Glove Size: Men (WBA)

Winning Professional Gloves Review




The Japanese take quality seriously and these gloves are yet another magical pair of gloves from Winning. The first thing you will notice when you unpack these gloves is how premium they feel. The quality and softness of the leather, sturdy laces and elegant wrist support make these gloves one of the best in the market today. While they might feel slightly heavy, they offer tremendous protection to your hands with their grade A padding. They also have a unique thumb protection design which protects opponents’ eyes and your thumbs from serious injury.



One of the best pieces of boxing equipment are the “Winning Professional Boxing Gloves.” These gloves may be considered pricey, but that is only because they are all manufactured to order and imported directly from Japan. They are outstanding in terms of comfort and quality. Winning gloves are the best in terms of the padding and protection they provide.
You won’t regret investing in these gloves if you take your boxing workouts seriously. For individuals who wish to spar, these are still among the best options available. In fact, these gloves are ideally suited for punching heavy bags due to the extra padding.
You will discover that these won’t become worn out no matter how hard you strike or how long you workout. When it comes to comfort, padding, and protection, the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves receive top marks. Invest in the best and take your boxing to the next level with the Winning Professional Boxing Gloves. We hope you buy and enjoy these gloves as much as we did when we tested them for writing this detailed review on Winning boxing gloves.

Other Boxing Glove Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Winning gloves good?

Almost all renowned boxing professionals and even some MMA professionals wear gloves made by the brand Winning. The pinnacle of gear, winning is the brand that rival brands strive to imitate. It is the brand at the top of the boxing chain. In the field of combat sports, Winning gloves are commonly recognized as the best boxing gloves.

How long do Winning boxing gloves last?

Boxing gloves are thought to have a lifespan of one to two years. Your gloves may become worn out after a year of intense training. Therefore, if you’ve been using the same pair of gloves for a while, you might want to consider replacing them.

What do Winning gloves feel like?

Winning gloves tightly encircle the wrists to provide a high level of support and security. Wearing these gloves makes you hit harder and more precisely while being easier on your hands. It has the shock absorption and padding of a 1-ounce boxing glove with the feel of a small glove.

What increases punching speed?

The best way to improve your punching speed is to practice bodyweight exercises that target the specific muscles that contribute to the snap of a punch, as well as speed-focused shadow boxing combinations and hand speed drills.

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